Eden Organic Care - Avocado Oil

NEW BLOG IMAGEAs you already know here at The Amazing Blog we are always looking out for quality natural oils as these are the best for our skin and hair, and as everything about this Eden Organic Care  Avocado Oil  is healthy and organic, we love using it. The oil is produced from cold pressing the avocado fruits and collecting the unrefined oil, the product is completely natural, containing only 100% pure and organic avocado oil so you can be sure that there are no extra chemicals involved. Avocado oil is rich in amino acids that prompt the production of collagen and fatty acids which are nourishing. Sterolins, which can reduce sun spots and also vitamins A, D and E which help soothe dry or itchy patches and maintains healthy skin.

These natural, nourishing properties make the oil ideal for hydrating split ends and damaged hair, treating scalp conditions like dandruff and reducing wrinkles by enriching the skin and smoothing its appearance. The oil is absorbed by the skin quickly, so there is no greasy layer left on the skin, instead it feels softer and looks healthier after just one application.

We have also been able to use the Rosehip Oil which works to repair skin cells, improve blemishes such as acne and stretch marks, hydrate dry skin and improve its elasticity. Rosehip Oil is a very good alternative for those who have sensitive skin. Like the Avocado Oil, this product is 100% organic pure rosehip oil, a little goes a very long way. I recommend using two or three drops and massaging it into the skin in small circular motions, the oils are lightweight and non-greasy, so they will absorb into the skin quickly without the nasty residue left behind. Make sure you always have clean hands though, you don't want to be rubbing dirty oil into your skin.

The products come in a 100ml bottle with a pump to distribute the oil without the risk of spillage or waste. If you want to try these fantastic oils yourself then visit the Eden Organic Care website where you can purchase the Avocado Oil for £14.99 and the Rosehip Oil for £16.99.