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Les huilettes - Mon huilette night

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After a long and tiring day, we at The Amazing Blog can’t think of anything better than taking off our makeup and applying a soothing night serum. What makes  a night serum stand out for us from other skin care products is that they’re jam-packed with ingredients that nourish and brighten your skin while you sleep. We can never get enough of serums, as each one has specific properties to enhance the skin, such as anti-ageing from les huilettes we are referring to, of course, their very special mon huilette night serum. 

The brand was started in France in 2015 by two long-time friends, Pascale Gal and Claire Auzouy. Gal was a pharmacist with a degree in Aromatherapy while Auzouy had a background in luxury gastronomy. Gal desired to ‘return to a simpler beauty, essential and without sacrifice, summed up in a few principles and gestures’. The pair combined their unique experiences to start a cosmetics company that is 100 per cent natural, vegan, and botanical. Les huilettes is also committed to the environment and partnered with Up2green Reforestation, a French nonprofit organisation that helps replant fruit trees in communities affected by deforestation. 

The Mon huilette night serum is made for all skin types to smooth and enhance your skin’s suppleness. Overnight, it leaves your skin looking more radiant overnight and repairs any signs of anti-ageing such as wrinkles and skin dullness. The formula of a ‘plant synergy of essential and vegetable oils to be effective without fluff’makes the night serum stand out. Essential oils like Italian helichrysum have an anti-inflammatory benefit while myrtle and bourbon geranium have therapeutic aromatherapy effects to enhance positive well-being. Argan and avocado oils deeply moisturise and plump your skin while prickly pear cactus prevents the formation of premature wrinkles and lightens dark circles. These elements result in a light-feeling oil serum that melts evenly into your face and neck and doesn’t make you feel greasy. 

A little goes a long way, and you only need 3-5 drops per use. You should purposely but gently massage the serum into your freshly cleansed face for optimal results. However, for extra pampering and an at-home massage, we suggest you watch their serum application video here . On top of it all, rose and white flower leave a tangy and therapeutic scent on your face to relax you before bed. You can join ‘tribe of huilettes’ and amp up your night skin care routine by purchasing the mon huilette night (15ml) here for 45€

Friday Favourites- Lip Products

While skin care is very important, a lot of people forget to give their lips the TLC that they deserve. Although a good lip balm is a must, sometimes we need a little extra help to keep them moisturised, protected and plumped. For this week’s Friday Favourites at The Amazing Blog, we rounded up four NEW lip must-haves to use in your weekly lip care routine.


MYJ  - Knightsbridge Lip Mask

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The first step to any successful lip care routine is to make sure you have even foundation before applying your favourite gloss or lipstick. MYJ’s Knightsbridge lip mask does just this! It rejuvenates and moisturises lips for a plump and naturally-pink pout. Infused with hibiscus extract and other natural minerals, the Knightsbridge Lip Mask created to help improve the natural lip colour by regenerating skin cells. 

For this exfoliation, apply a layer of the lip mask to clean lips. Wait 5-10 minutes before wiping away and you will see a difference in your lips’ texture. After a few weeks of using the mask for MYJ’s recommended twice-a-week usage, we found lips were suitably moisturised and more kissable than ever before! For only £10, you can purchase a 15ml container of the lip mask here. We think that this is a must-have for having smoother and hydrated lips.


Jane Apothecary -  Restoring  Eye and Lip Serum

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We all know how important it is to incorporate a serum to your skincare routine but have you ever tried a serum that targets your lips?  This was a new on for us too!  Jane Apothecary’s Restoring Eye and Lip Serum provide that extra step to aid your lip care routine. Made in Spain, the serum is infused with only natural oils and extracts such as raspberry seed, sesame, grape seed, rose hip, chamomile and calendula that work beautifully together to tighten and minimise damage to your lip contour especially from the dreaded free radicals. The added infusion of the calming lavender, bergamot and geranium oils also adds a hint of aromatherapy healing  when you apply this serum to your lips.

For optimal results, we suggest applying a small amount of the Jane Apothecary’s Restoring Eye and Lip Serum to the lips after the removal of the lip mask (above). After patting the excess, continue the next steps in your routine. Even though the serum bottle is 10m, a little goes a long way with this deliciously rich serum. To purchase the Restoring Eye and Lip Serum for £32.67 click here.


Lavera -  SOS HELP Lip Balm

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Lavera’s SOS HELP Lip Balm is the perfect lip balm to protect and moisturise chapped lips for all year round. Since 1987, Lavera has developed and produced all its products in Germany using only  100 % natural formulas. With over 300 natural ingredients and actives, each product is made to the highest specification ensuring the quality of their products. The SOS HELP Lip Balm itself is made with their production of ground liquorice root to provide a calming and anti-inflammatory relief to even the most irritated lips.

In addition to being vegan and gluten-free, the lip balm contains no mineral oils or silicone to keep the skin’s natural skin barrier intact and nourished. Other extracts infused into the balm made from plants like the Echinacea strengthen and protect lips from getting dry and chapped. After applying the Jane Apothecary Restoring Eye and Lip Serum, we recommend applying a small amount of SOS HELP Lip Balm to help retain the moisturising effects. Purchase a 100 mL tube of the balm on here for £5.36

A.T Antao  -The Luna Trio

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Finally, while we’re all for a natural pout, sometimes we want a little pop of colour to enhance an outfit. The latest Chinese brand to hit the UK is AT Antao with one of their hero set of products which are their The Luna Trio. This pack of three mini lipsticks that come in three different highly-pigmented shades of red, all presented in a rather glamorous gold box. When A.T. founder Teniya Tao launched the brand in 2014, she aimed to market the brand on a global level by developing products that were highly effective yet non-toxic. The Luna Trio, like other A.T. products, are strategically developed with partnership with European laboratories to ensure these standards. Although the lipsticks when applied are matte on lips, the Vitamin E and jojoba and avocado oils which are infused into the formula, gives the lipsticks a creamy, effortless application.

A.T. also claims that their lipsticks contain lower levels of lead compared to other lipsticks in the market. So you can still have a bold lip without it having to be toxic to your body. These nourishing ingredients hydrate lips while still giving you a bold, matte look. The first lipstick in the trio, 519 Chili, is a coppery red that is great for a more subtle pop of colour. The next lipstick in the trio in the shade 520 Corail leaves lips covered with a gorgeous coral sheen. If you want a ‘true red’ colour, 521 Antao Red is a dialed-down version of the tone to great for putting together a more casual look.  After completing our suggested lip care routine, apply your favourite shade on moisturised lips for a finished lip routine. The Luna Trio is available for purchase for £33.90 on the AT Antao website here

Follow our suggested lipcare routine here with our #amazingfinds and it’s sure to leave your lip truly kissable!

Living Nature - Sensitive Skin Range

Unsurprisingly, in today's modern world, around 50% of women suffer from sensitive skin, whether caused by diet, hormones or other external elements. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have searched for a gentle skincare product to save us from skin irritation, redness and blotchiness. We're pleased to report that Living Nature have come to our rescue with their range of Sensitive Skincare

Of the range's four products, our favourite was the Sensitive Night Moisture. Fragrance and allergen free, it's clinically proven to help soothe sensitive skin. The gentle moisturiser contains Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Harakeke Flax Extract and Avocado Oil, all of which help to provide deep overnight nourishment and cell renewal, without being too harsh on the skin. The cream is perfectly PH balanced and works with your Sensitive Hydrating Toner to nurture and soothe. After a few uses, we noticed our skin no longer looked so blotchy after cleansing, and there was certainly less of that horrible tight feeling. When applying the rich cream, our skin felt instantly gratified, and it simply melted into our visage with ease, noticeably restoring hydration and elasticity. We often find so-called ‘sensitive’ products end up irritating our complexions, but Living Nature has restored our faith.

Don’t suffer with skin sensitivity; get your own Night Moisture here for £26.50, and check out the rest of the Sensitive Skin range here.

Lucy's Lotions - Body Butter & Rejuvenating Night Oil

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could tell your skin how to behave? Here at The Amazing Blog, we're often plighted with bad skin days. More often than not, they make their unwelcome appearance when we're heading to an important meeting or daunting first date. Thankfully, Lucy Gordon, founder of Lucy’s Lotions, felt the same way, and she has created a collection to help us finally take charge of our complexion woes.

When Lucy was younger, she spent her weekends creating unique skincare blends with her aunt, who is an aromatherapist and herbalist. Suffering from acne later on in life, this gave her the drive to create her fabulous vegan Vitamin E and Grapefruit Range.

From the range, we tried the Rejuvenating Night Oil and Body Butter. The Rejuvenating Night Oil contains a luxurious blend of 6 oils, including Argan and Avocado Oil. These oils promote cell renewal and help soothe and repair damaged skin. Smoothing the oil onto my face in the evening, it was fantastic for brightening my complexion. During winter, my hands became particularly chapped too, so I decided to experiment, massaging the oil onto my mitts. It was such a great discovery - it sunk right in and the tiny cracks on my hands were all gone the next day! The Body Butter contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, which reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, soothe damaged/sensitive skin and intensely hydrate. I use the butter after shaving my legs for a wonderfully soft and soothing finish that smells divine.

Want to banish those bad skin days? Head on over to the website and purchase the Rejuvenating Night Oil for £26.00 here and the Body Butter for £16.00 here.



Eden Organic Care - Avocado Oil

NEW BLOG IMAGEAs you already know here at The Amazing Blog we are always looking out for quality natural oils as these are the best for our skin and hair, and as everything about this Eden Organic Care  Avocado Oil  is healthy and organic, we love using it. The oil is produced from cold pressing the avocado fruits and collecting the unrefined oil, the product is completely natural, containing only 100% pure and organic avocado oil so you can be sure that there are no extra chemicals involved. Avocado oil is rich in amino acids that prompt the production of collagen and fatty acids which are nourishing. Sterolins, which can reduce sun spots and also vitamins A, D and E which help soothe dry or itchy patches and maintains healthy skin.

These natural, nourishing properties make the oil ideal for hydrating split ends and damaged hair, treating scalp conditions like dandruff and reducing wrinkles by enriching the skin and smoothing its appearance. The oil is absorbed by the skin quickly, so there is no greasy layer left on the skin, instead it feels softer and looks healthier after just one application.

We have also been able to use the Rosehip Oil which works to repair skin cells, improve blemishes such as acne and stretch marks, hydrate dry skin and improve its elasticity. Rosehip Oil is a very good alternative for those who have sensitive skin. Like the Avocado Oil, this product is 100% organic pure rosehip oil, a little goes a very long way. I recommend using two or three drops and massaging it into the skin in small circular motions, the oils are lightweight and non-greasy, so they will absorb into the skin quickly without the nasty residue left behind. Make sure you always have clean hands though, you don't want to be rubbing dirty oil into your skin.

The products come in a 100ml bottle with a pump to distribute the oil without the risk of spillage or waste. If you want to try these fantastic oils yourself then visit the Eden Organic Care website where you can purchase the Avocado Oil for £14.99 and the Rosehip Oil for £16.99.