Sobe Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil

sobepure BLOG imageDespite a lot of attention over the last few years, oils are by no means a new product in the beauty industry. In fact, they’ve been around for centuries and there are hundreds of varieties to meet every skin and haircare need. But lately more people are returning to the traditional beauty ingredients and using oils in their skincare routine. With essential oils having such great benefits for the skin and body, we at The Amazing Blog,  are always on the lookout for any fantastic products that contain essential oils. So in our plight to find the perfect beauty oils, we have been testing out Sobe Pure Oil. Sobe is a new beauty project by You Can Group, inspired by oriental philosophy, working with food elements from the deep-rooted Japanese tradition. They believe in the concept of food nourishing both your body and skin and therefore created a series of natural cosmetics made from effective recipes of essential oils and natural ingredients.

We had the pleasure to try out their Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil, an oil packed with antioxidants with hydrating and smoothing properties. The rice bran is thought to have firming, protective and nourishing qualities with the Mandarin having a stimulating and draining effect which can help with water retention and prevent cellulite. This means the oil tackles signs of skin ageing and gives your skin a new shine.

It comes in stylish frosted glass bottle with a pipette in the lid for easy use. A few drops on the skin is all that’s needed for you to feel the effects once it’s been rubbed in. With it being an oil, you may think that it would be very greasy but it’s not at all. It absorbs into the skin leaving it soft and silky. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and very luxurious, like you have just had a spa treatment. I absolutely love this oil, never have I thought to use pure oil on my body, but I have been converted thanks to the fantastic results. I think it’s an all year round product, but particularly in the oncoming Winter months, when the skin is drier and may need a quick pick me up.

Sobe Pure Oils and other cosmetic products are available to purchase from their website, with the Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil retailing at €29.50 for a 15ml bottle.