Carrot Banana Peach

Aloe Skins and its packagingThis Friday, The Amazing Blog has something a little more unusual to share with you, our lovely readers. Ever heard of food in clothing before? No, not food on your clothing, but actually in it. We think that this might be the start of a new textile trend for 2014. Carrot Banana Peach adds an interesting combination of milk and soybean fibres into the contents of their clothing collection. Milk Butterfly TopFor this Vegetable Cashmere to be produced, the drained oils are converted to a fibre through a detailed and careful process, which keeps the inherent proteins and nutrients intact. Keeping all the essential nutrients in the fabric means that it is gentle and soft on the skin and there isn’t the chance of irritation like some people may find in other materials. This process creates a wonderfully smooth and breathable piece of clothing, which is lighter and even better than cotton and cashmere and a has the added bonus of being completely machine washable. The actual clothing is stylish and comfortable and makes a perfect yoga or Pilates wear. Carrot Banana Peach offers a unique MILKDAL fabric which incorporates Cleopatra’s bathing ritual's main ingredient, milk. Its restorative properties and the inclusion of modal to the mixture, makes MILKDAL a perfect match for those sensitive to synthetic fabrics.

Milk WrapThe fashionable collection ranges across yoga, fitness, rhythmic and dance gear. These garments are made from banana, aloe vera, bamboo, milk and soybean. These plant fibres are all specifically chosen for their properties that create comfortable, natural and soft clothing which has flexibility,  thus ideal for stretching movements. We really like the style of the clothes and would happily use them for casual wear as well as for their sporty purpose. We like the idea of slipping these on and head straight to the sofa for some ultimate relaxation time.  Plus these natural foodie clothes offer the possibility of encouraging us to do exercise because they are so comfy and flexible! You can visit the website here to have a look at their range and everything they have to offer. Search for colours and sizes that suit you and then get your yoga cap on. Prices from £28.50.