Borealis Sandalwood Moisturiser for Men

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We recently featured a post on Borealis, regarding a collection of their wonderful products for women, which you can read about hereIt’s now only fair to tailor a post to our male readers, so they too can learn about some skincare products that will protect their faces out in this cold weather. As The Amazing Blog’s resident male, I've been lucky enough to try out their rather nice Borealis Sandalwood Active Daily Defence Moisturiser for men.

This product fits into the 'natural' ethos of the brand as much as any other of their skincare range. It’s quite a rich cream, so may not be suited to everyone's tastes, as you can definitely feel it on your skin for a while. However, I really like how moisturising this cream is and how it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day which is especially good whilst it is this cold. The ingredients include a blend of organic starflower, rosehip, coconut, aloe vera and sunflower oils. There is also organic cocoa and shea butter, which help to enhance the blend, creating a cream that is rich yet soft and light. Although I don’t have any wrinkles (yet!) to test results on, the moisturiser has the added bonus of helping to minimise wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines, making it the perfect product for men of all ages.

The pump system makes it really easy to apply and store, which, in my opinion, is well suited to some of us lazy males! Thus there’s no fiddling to get the product out and no chance of spilling it.  The smell is very mellow, which is great because some products claim to be unisex but still have a flowery essence which I don't find too appealing. The woody notes of sandalwood, rosewood, clove and orange help to create a good balance, making it smell pleasant without being too overpowering. An important note to remember with this product is that you should keep it in a cool place, so the essential oils aren’t affected. This moisturiser has been really helpful in revitalising my skin and I would definitely recommend it as it lasts and lasts... You can purchase a 50ml bottle of this moisturiser on the website here for £18.75.