iWhite Instant

blogAs a tea and coffee drinker myself, I often find myself with teeth envy a lot of the time, especially as so many celebs at the moment have perfected that pearly white smile. The Amazing Blog girls have been trying out a teeth whitening kit designed by iWhite to try and get our grins as striking as those individuals that caused that teeth envy in the first place…

iWhite is a gradual and gentle whitening solution due to its lack of peroxide, which is ideal if you have sensitive teeth, this often happens as we age or as we expose our mouths to things like fizzy drinks and sweets. It only takes 20 minutes so isn’t a hassle to slot into your morning and evening routine. There are lots of kits out there which require a much longer setting period, so that’s an issue iWhite have successfully avoided. The product is composed of 10 thin and flexible trays which are designed for a comfortable fit. I think it really depends on how badly stained your teeth are before hand, but don’t expect immediate results. It’s the kind of product that needs patience, and eventually you will be presented with those pearly whites you were after.

This is a great set if hygiene is important to you as it contains a new and revolutionary whitening gel which has been clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective. There is an 8 shade scale you can compare with, and our testers at The Amazing Blog noticed an increase of about 1 or 2 shades after the first 5 consecutive days, but if you stick with it you may see stronger results. The product is based on a unique Filmo-Crystallized Calcium technology and this is what encourages the speedy whitening effect. I am a big drinker, tea that is… My teeth aren’t naturally white either, so this is perfect for giving them a little gloss and boost of sparkle. I also have sensitive teeth, and the formula that creates this product helps to strengthen them and make that sharp sensation when eating ice cream, a little less unbearable. Both the front and the back of your teeth are whitened with this set so no strange patches to get your smile noticed for the wrong reasons.

You can read more about the iWhite on their website here and you can purchase the product at Boots and various good pharmacies  online here.