Sparcel - Vitality Box

Sparcel Horizontal PictureAs the January blues are now coming to an end and our New Year’s resolutions are well underway, some of us at The Amazing Blog  are continually on the quest for a healthier lifestyle. Bearing this in mind we have searched out something rather special. We have discovered the Vitality Box, an organic detoxifying spa treatment by Sparcel. It is a blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit and Juniper which help get your lymph system flowing in order to enhance your body’s natural detox process. The Himalayan salts alone are loaded with Calcium, Potassium and Iron which are necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.

 The Vitality Box is only one of five other detox boxes; Vitality, Relax, Smile, Ache and Cold+ Flu. Sparcel also offers customers the opportunity to request detox boxes tailored to their personal needs.

 These Natural Organic Spa Detox Treatments are delivered on a weekly or monthly basis to the luxury of your home. ‘Prepared by hand with love’ Sparcel products are created with 100% Pink Himalayan Salt, Olive and Sunflower Seed oils. 

 The Sparcel box includes a full body scrub and body or foot soak, an organic cotton muslin t-bag, natural loofa and organic wash cloth. Also included are tips and instructions for a clean lifestyle from The Book, which was written by Linde, the creator of Sparcel. The Book explains the foundation and philosophy for all Sparcel products.  The box sets are great gifts for both men and women since they are unisex. Sparcel products can be found here with the Vitality Box at £12.50 weekly or £14.00 for a monthly subscription. What a great way to kick start the New Year with a cleaner, revitalised you!