Sass+Co - Volcanic Sea Salt & Coconut Scrub


Body positivity is crucial, and one we should all take steps in embracing with acceptance and love. Sass+Co’s philosophy is one to live by – 'respect for others and respect for oneself.' It’s as simple as that. In the digital age, it’s hard not to get caught up in comparisons between one another, as many of us have  witnessed the dreadful public celebrity body shaming! We support wholeheartedly Sass+Co’s mantra that 'beauty has no limitations'The Amazing Blog applauds this company’s dedication to building confident women through this body care product.

Inspired by the earth goddess Pachamama (revered by the indigenous people of the Andes), Sass+Co's natural Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub is the perfect bathroom treat for everyone. This Australian brand invites the unconventional and creates products aligned with their mission: Raw and honest. The product is vegan, cruelty-free, contains zero palm oil and nanoparticles, and even has sustainable packaging.

The vital earthy fragrance of the scrub is both light and natural and aids relaxation at the end of a busy day. The sea salt crystals add a gritty consistency to exfoliate, while stimulating blood flow and detoxing the outer body. Additionally, its properties also help heal psoriasis and eczema. The lemon peel essential oil improves circulation and brightens dull skin, and the coconut husk and hemp seed oil moisturise any dry and rough areas. The scrub also reduces cellulite and is anti-ageing. What can't this product do? To learn more about the scrub’s ingredients, and the associated benefits, click here. After using this product, our body felt invigorated and noticeably softer. We think that this could easily become an essential part of our body care routine.

You can purchase a 250g tub from their website for $35, or alternatively, you can purchase the product in a handy 70g resealable pouch for $12 here. For UK customers, there is also an option to pay via PayPal. Happy shopping!


Eleni and Chris facemasks : Glow, Detox, Hydration

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If you keep up with us here at The Amazing Blog, you'll know we're fans of the Scandinavian hair and skincare brand Eleni and Chris So naturally we were thrilled that we get to review all three of their new Sincell Face Masks. These sheet masks are perfect for a quick and easy pick me up for any age or skin type and can be easily catered to your skincare needs, whether you need some added Glow, a Detox, or a bit more of a Hydration boost.  

What makes these sheet masks stand out amongst the crowd are the pure ingredients that are only found in the dreamlike landscape of Scandinavia. Your skin will quickly crave unique ingredients like the cloudberry extract found in the Glow Sincell Mask, which is renowned for its ability to increase cell production by 22% within 24 hours to smooth your skin tone, leaving you with nothing but a natural glow. Scandinavian glacier water and SEA3Oil are two more key ingredients carefully sourced in Scandinavia and then infused in the ultra-fine fibres of each mask to retain the delicate osmotic balance of your skin.

The Detox Sincell Mask is also packed with grapefruit, oat and liquorice root extracts, which protect your skin against all those toxins and free radicals. Last, but certainly not least, the creamy Hydrating Sincell Mask is sure to bring back that much needed moisture that the winter weather has sucked away. The apple extract, cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid and sage leaf extract will instantly rehydrate your skin while also improving its ability to keep that moisture in its place.

These user-friendly sheet masks go on dry skin; no water necessary means one less step. These sheet masks give a great creamy consistency, they also don't contain any fragrance or mineral oils which is a huge plus. Leave on the face for 15-20 minutes, remove and gently massage any excess into the skin. Eleni and Chris recommend using the mask 1-2 times a week for good results. If you’d like to get your hands on these revolutionary sheet masks first, you can purchase them individually for £9 or a 6-pack for £49 here.

Friday Favourites For Younger Looking Eyes

Taking care of your eyes and the delicate skin around them is The Amazing Blog’s number one rule for a younger looking face. Bags, wrinkles and dark circles can all make us look much older than we are, so it is of the utmost importance that we look after this sensitive and telling area.  As such we have created this little post to show you some quick and easy ways you can turn back the clock and bring some brightness back to your beautiful eyes.


The first on our list of handy tips has to be Nuxe who have released three different products in its Nuxelence range.  The first is the multi-award winning Anti-Ageing Night Care which acts as a Detox. This product recharges the skin by repairing mitochondrial DNA and detoxifies cells at night.  The Second product is the Eclat which has a unique anti-ageing formula, with passion flower and Hyaluronic Acid. This product targets skin cells at their core so that they maintain their optimum energy levels. It made skin seem years younger and helped bring back a radiance, which in turn made our eyes appear brighter and shinier.


Finally, there is the Eye Contour, which has an instant perfecting action. The contour has been specially designed to stimulate the unique curves of the eye area. The distinctive metal alloy applicator enables the exact right amount of product to be deposited onto the skin, as well as immediately help to give a refreshing and decongesting sensation that brightens the eye area The Eye Contour has a unique blur technology and contains light-reflecting golden pearly particles to help illuminate the eye area. The three in one treatment, which has an astounding ten patents, reduced visible signs of fatigue and ageing in only four weeks!

If you don't believe us, then you only have to look at the extensive research that Nuxe has carried out examining the effectiveness of their product. 90% of women found that the luminosity of their eye area was brightened, 84% found that the contour area was smoothed, 77% said they looked younger, and dark regions were reduced for 81% of women using the system. These are products that have been proven by women for women

You can purchase the Nuxellence Detox here for £48, buy the Eclat here for £48 and the Eye Contour is available here for £38.


Unfortunately, as we age our hair begins to thin, and this includes our lashes and brows which can become patchy and grow sparse. It’s such an apparent tell-tale sign of the ageing process, but seems to be one most forgotten. However, by using the Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum by Nouveau Lashes, you can give a fuller appearance to both your eyebrows and your eyelashes.

The product can achieve these amazing results because of its complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives. The serum also contains strong anti-oxidants which help defend the delicate hairs from damaging factors such as pollution. If immediate effects aren’t enough to persuade you to buy this fantastic product then maybe the fact that it acts as an unrivaled primer before applying mascara will. The conditioning effects help to pre-lengthen the lashes and help exaggerate the impact of everyday mascara.

You can purchase the product here for £19.99


Now, for a temporary fix as well as longer-term benefits to your skin, you have to try Fabulift Fabulous Eyes and their Advanced Serum. The serum helps to soften and eradicate lines around the eyes.  The serum contains two key ingredients that help to plump, smooth and diminish unwanted wrinkles. Peptide complexes, Argireline and Syn-ake, directly target expression lines and help to soften them up. Hyaluronic Acid helps to plump skin and reduce the look of lines due to its moisture retaining properties.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, you just have to apply a small amount onto your finger, roughly the size of a grain of rice, and dab it gently into freshly cleansed and dry skin surrounding the eye. This product is a real miracle worker it provides amazing results in an instant. Try it, your eyes will thank you.

You can purchase the Advanced Serum here for £29.99 and say goodbye to crow’s feet. It’s honestly like botox in a bottle.

With these amazing eyes products in your skincare collection, you are guaranteed to finally have the radiant, younger-looking and healthy eyes you have always wanted. All of the products are easy to use and will definitely perfect your skincare routine.


The Detox Mix - Ibiza Superfoods

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to take care of ourselves and feel good in our bodies. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we received The Detox Mix from Ibiza Superfoods!

This blend of algae, grasses, roots and herbs promises to cleanse, purify and alkalise the body. Rich in fibre, protein, iron and calcium, this pouch of 200g can be used for over 30 servings. You can mix 1-3 spoonfuls to water, juices, smoothies or yoghurt on a daily basis for a thorough cleanse. The 6 key ingredients are Taiwanese Chlorella, Nettle Leaf (for the purification process), Beetroot (a fantastic source of Iron), Yacon Root (a source of probiotics), Alfalfa (a fibre-rich green grass), and Fennel (to support digestion and elimination). This “Be Calm & Clear” blend will boost your vitality all day long and will give you the energy to get ready to enjoy the summer! Ibiza Superfoods, a 100% organic brand founded by the nutritionist Verity Smith, offers other products such as an Acai Berry blend, a selection of detox juices, and some fantastic retreats in sunny Ibiza. If you run out of ideas of how to use your blend, take a look here and try one of the recipes on the website.

Get ready for summer with The Detox Mix available here for £29.95.  

Senspa - Bath Salts

Here at The Amazing Blog, we appreciate the importance of a good long soak in the bath once in a while, with all our lotions and potions! So when Senspa sent us a bag of their 100% natural Himalayan Bath Salts we couldn't wait to turn the taps on.

One of the most important aspects of bath and shower products is the smell. If something dissolves into the water to give off a gorgeous fragrance, it’s immediately 10 times more appealing. So, when we opened the Senspa salts, we were blown away by the intensity of the Lavender, Rose and Cedarwood fragrance and were immediately hooked. This on its own can be intense but pour under hot water and it’s a delight, filling the bathroom with a sweet floral fragrance. Made with 100% Himalayan salts and mined by hand, they are premium grade pure and unrefined and considered to be the purest in the world as they contain upwards of 84 minerals and trace elements. These include calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium which are all released when mixed with warm water. The bath salts can be used in handfuls for daily bathing but if you fancy removing the toxins from your body in one go, the whole bag (500g) can be used for concentrated use. Soaking for 20 minutes is recommended before rinsing any residue off. We highly recommend a soak with Senspa especially after a long and sweaty commuting day. These salts take away any impurities that you may have and leave the skin feeling soft, fresh and infused with rose and lavender.  Best of all, afterwards you'll simply feel like a new woman!

 You can purchase your own Senspa Himalayan Bath Salts here for £5.95.