Moana - Moisturiser

laras tuesdayAs many of you know, we adore supporting companies and using products that are natural, organic and environmentally friendly.  Many organic products are similar, not only in their use, but in their ingredients as well.  Moana is a skincare company offering the typical skincare line with a unique twist: their use of marine extracts for facial improvements.  And all of us here at The Amazing Blog are swimmingly excited to try it!

The Natural Skincare Company’s Moana offers a variety of skincare solutions ranging between moisturisers, serums, face masks and cleansers.  It is no surprise Moana is housed beneath the Natural Skincare Company, as they share the mutual goal of creating the best possible products while maintaining ethical practices in the creation of 100% natural and organic products.  This New Zealand based company includes natural botanicals from their environment, marine extracts and their revolutionary skincare ingredient, Red Seaweed.   Red Seaweed, which is a key ingredient in all Moana skincare, contains the extract glycan which encourages the body to further produce collagen. Aging and wrinkling are caused by the bodies decreasing development of collagen over the years. The rare ability of Red Seaweed doubles Moana skincare as anti-aging moisturisers, face masks and other anti-aging remedies. Moana is highly commended by The Natural Health Beauty Awards 2014.

When I tried Moana's moisturiser I was not disappointed by Moana’s distinctive formula.  This ‘Pure Drop of Youth’ completely stimulates the skin naturally, with its uses of Algae Extract, Aloe, Fruit Oil and most importantly Red Seaweed.  Unlike many moisturisers I have tried, Moana moisturiser does not simply sit on-top of the skin but massages deeply into the skin, leaving a soft and smooth finish.  Though it is thoroughly absorbed, the moisturiser does leave behind a refreshing scent that reminds me of the ocean.  With such rejuvenating powers from natural ingredients and marine extracts, Moana is still only £48 for a 30ml bottle here.