Kneads Must - The Kneader

kelsey wednesday2We at The Amazing Blog are strong believers in the importance of taking time to pamper yourself. What better way to treat yourself and loved ones than with The Kneader massage tool. I willingly admit that I do not have the best posture, so I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. We had fun testing this product out in the office, and my shoulders and neck were certainly thankful!

The Kneader was designed by professional massage therapist, Una Tucker. She could not find any massage tools to recommend to her clients to use between sessions, so she created her own! The Kneader is easy to use and comfortable to hold. I have smaller hands, so I like to use the holes to get a better grip. However, you can also grasp the outside of the tool if you have larger hands. The upper arch is thicker and great for stroking movements or slow rubs. The curved sides are good for deeper movements in smaller areas. The lower arch is more defined and works really well around the shoulder blade area. When practicing Kneader techniques on eachother in the office, we did discover one must be certain to not apply too much pressure!  I am personally no massage pro, so I found the instructional DVD and booklet especially helpful.

The Kneader is unique because you can use it over clothes. This is a great solution for those longing for a massage but feel uncomfortable with bare skin. This Mother’s Day give the gift of a good rub! Mums everywhere will love taking some time to relax with the Kneader massage tool. You can purchase The Kneader here for £20.00. Through the month of March, enjoy 20% off in honour of Mother’s Day.