'The one'

When choosing my beauty products (according to the girls in the office I should say ‘male grooming’, but whatevs) I always take particular notice of the ingredients. Anything with the word ‘paraben’ in is instantly rejected, any companies that are STILL using these in their products shame on you! Recently I have started using Skeen products, in particular their Salicylic Unclogging Jet treatment and you know what...I think it might be ‘the one’. This product is like having a beauty specialist in your bathroom every evening. A daily treatment formulated to correct problem-prone/oily skin it contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid and works to unclog and tighten pores, smooth and refine skin texture, regulate sebum production and effectively mattify skin.

As all men know ‘size doesn't matter’ and ‘good things come in small packages’ etc etc, and this is the perfect example. As well as downsizing your washbag the power contained in this little yellow tube could be just the thing to keep you spot free. Go to Skeen or Space NK to order up your new best friend.