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The Bluebeard’s Revenge – The Ultimate Hair Tonics for Real Men

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At the risk of being labelled 'a touch predictable’, we at The Amazing Blog couldn’t resist the obvious parallel with our favourite theatrical pastime - that of Panto … ‘Oh NO We Didn’t/ Oh Yes We Did’ etc, when Bluebeard’s Revenge presented us with two of their different Ultimate Hair Tonics for us to try. As regular readers will know we’re fans of this brand, and recently featured their Soap Stack Kit here.

You only have to read the information on the bottles to get a very clear idea that Bluebeard’s Revenge are a company with a cracking sense of humour, is clearly welcomed in the market place with razor burn weary men flocking to try the various products on order to sort the daily assault on our fac es. But be reminded, Bluebeard himself makes it very clear that this range is absolutely only for the REAL man- the kind of man who can wear lace down his chest, but still works the machismo vibe without apology or explanation - who has time for that when there are ships to be plundered and adventures to be had? 

However, we are here to tell you about both their Ultimate Hair Tonics for Real Men The Classic Blend and The Cuban Blend which are stand alone products in themselves and sit right up there with the best of them. The Classic Blend pays homage to traditional barbershop finishes, while the Cuban Blend offers an altogether more exotic, Caribbean-inspired fragrance. Both are oil-free making them ideal for all hair types, and head massages and can even be used as a cutting lotion or to break down product. Both have delicious fresh fragrance The Classic is more citrus/fresh whereas The Cuban is a tad more exotic. As a brand that has Men’s Grooming awards coming thick and fast, it is small wonder then that this range is going from strength to strength. Bluebeard’s Revenge have priced themselves very competitively, and offer much in the way of a total grooming regime to keep us boys in tiptop shape whilst we navigate our daily lives in search of that treasure chest - elusive though as it continues to be. Both these products have vegan friendly ingredients and are available online at an accessible price point of £9.99 for 200ml all from Bluebeards Revenge themselves!

Topp Box - A Monthly Subscription For Men

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We are huge fans of the monthly subscription boxes at The Amazing Blog, but we know it can be hard to find the right one for you as the internet is awash with potential options. As great as it would be to subscribe to them all unless you have a bottomless pit of funds it’s a little fiscally unfeasible.  However, having spent a long time scouring the internet, we think we have found the Holy Grail for male subscription boxes, Topp Box. It’s the perfect blend of premium male beauty products and cosy accessories that will leave you feeling pampered and prepared. 

Each month Topp Box will send you an assorted box with 4-5 products selected to suit you and your needs. The boxes are filled with premium grooming and lifestyle products from top brands. The box we received contained a talc-free men’s body powder from Fromonda, an S5 Skincare Resilience Mask, a Henri Lloyd ocean Mineral Spray Sun Defence Cream, a Pits and Bits Rinse Free Body Wash, and a pair of delightful socks from TOPPSOCKS. It’s hard to choose a favourite item from the box, but we are especially fond of the sun cream which had an amazing scent. For only £16 a month it is a steal as the retail value of the box would come to over £40.00; four out of the five products were full size. 

This is the perfect way to treat yourself, it also makes a great gift, and with Christmas around the corner, it’s a fabulous present that keeps on giving. Click here to sign up to the subscription box of your dreams. 

Braun - Waterflex Shaver

The holidays are fast approaching, and here at The Amazing Blog, we are always looking for the next best product to buy our loved ones. For those with a special man in your life, search no more. Braun’s Waterflex Wet & Dry Shaver is the perfect gift to keep your man looking clean-shaven and well groomed.

Braun prides itself on producing products that consumers want and need. Its entire product development process is consumer-centric. The company brings in hundreds of participants to discuss new trends, ideas or products in areas of both male and female grooming, which means everything they design is designed specifically with your needs in mind.

The Waterflex Wet & Dry Shaver is a perfect example of this. Its 33° pivoting shaver perfectly adapts to every contour of the face. No longer will you look over at your man and see tiny hairs along his jaw line that went unshaven. Its foil shavers use sideway movements on the skin, giving him a more through and comfortable shave. 

The Waterflex Wet & Dry Shaver is also functional both in and out of the shower, which means it is 100% waterproof, can easily be cleaned, and can be used at any time.

Check here to see the list of retailers that sell Braun products and their prices.

Man's Best Friend

After my recent arrival at Amazing PR, some products were sent to me. I’ll be honest, as someone in their 20’s, and therefore at the prime of his manhood, I thought that this was the kind of thing I might use later in life, maybe in my late 30’s, when I’d past my peak. I’ve never used these things before; never liked them but, I thought, why not give them try?

The products I received were Bulldog Natural Skincare products: Face Wash, Moisturiser, Face Scrub, Shave Gel and After Shave Balm. I thought the whole male grooming market was completely useless and that there was no point in using them. However, after trying the fabulous Bulldog Natural Skincare products, I’ve definitely changed my mind.

I’ve been using them for some days now and I can actually feel that my skin is softer and healthier. This morning, when I arrived at work I asked the girls to touch and feel my skin; they loved it, they loved it so much that they almost started kissing me; they think I didn’t realise but I did.

All Bulldogs products have the same citrus smell and just the right hint of lemon. Like me, you might find yourself spending more time in the bathroom, indulging in a bit of male grooming. In fact, I’m spending so much time in the bathroom at the moment I’m beginning to annoy my flatmates.

My favourite product was the Face Scrub, I’ve never used an exfoliator before and I loved the feeling of the little balls against my skin. I’m a man of routine, and I often find it difficult to find new products that do what they say on the tin which might be why I found it difficult to use the Shave Gel when I’m used to using my regular foam. Although, I have to say that I loved the After Shave Balm and the silky-smooth finish it gave my skin. And so, having being converted to the benefits of male grooming, I can safely say that Bulldog Natural Skincare range really is a man’s best friend.

'The one'

When choosing my beauty products (according to the girls in the office I should say ‘male grooming’, but whatevs) I always take particular notice of the ingredients. Anything with the word ‘paraben’ in is instantly rejected, any companies that are STILL using these in their products shame on you! Recently I have started using Skeen products, in particular their Salicylic Unclogging Jet treatment and you know what...I think it might be ‘the one’. This product is like having a beauty specialist in your bathroom every evening. A daily treatment formulated to correct problem-prone/oily skin it contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid and works to unclog and tighten pores, smooth and refine skin texture, regulate sebum production and effectively mattify skin.

As all men know ‘size doesn't matter’ and ‘good things come in small packages’ etc etc, and this is the perfect example. As well as downsizing your washbag the power contained in this little yellow tube could be just the thing to keep you spot free. Go to Skeen or Space NK to order up your new best friend.