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Scence Natural Skincare - Natural & Nourishing Body Moisturiser Balm

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At The Amazing Blog we’ve certainly tried our fair share of beauty and skincare products (in fact, it’s near 4k featured product post!) Week after week we find ourselves still impressed by the new products that arrive for us to try. Most of the time we are just amazed by how cutting-edge and innovative the products really are. However, today we’d like to go back to basics with an organic, eco-friendly packaged and simple to use brand Scence Natural Skincare Products.  For those of you less familiar with the brand, we recently featured their natural deodorants here.

Handcrafted in Cornwall, Scence offers products for people who care about what they put on their skin, and how they impact in the world around them. The founder, Krista Taylor, knew she wasn’t alone in her feelings towards the single-use plastic conflict and created her range of vegan-friendly, all-natural products in fully compostable and recyclable packaging. Sence was born.

We put the Scence Natural & Nourishing Body Moisturiser Balms to the test. Made with coconut oil and mango butter, the moisturiser balm comes in 8 different fragrances, we tried 5 of these each is curated using different natural essential oils. The first two that we had to try were Clary Sage and Earth Spice. They both had quite earthy scents that we felt were perfect for the nights as they draw in and as we gravitate towards the winter equinox.  The stand-out amongst the balms was the Summer Citrus scent with hints of orange and bergamot - this was our hot favourite. Best of all none of these scent combinations are overpowering, instead, they are subtle and light. We love the stick format of this body balm, it simply glide it over your skin after showering and it melts right in. It also creates a soft barrier to the skin without feeling greasy or thick. For those who have sensitive skin, why not try the body balm which is Jojoba Balm and unscented. And finally the After Sun Balm which makes the perfect addition to your travel bag, this has the lavender, peppermint and roman chamomile essentials oils, this healing combination also smells divine.

The fully compostable and recyclable packaging beautifully complements the all-natural ingredients. It’s important to care just as much about what goes into the ingredients as what the product is packaged in, and we love that Scence noticed that. If you would like to purchase a Natural & Nourishing Moisturiser Balm from Scence, they are available here for £12.

Løwlander Winter IPA Beer

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At the risk of igniting your fire, The AmazingBlog  is going to mention the ‘C’ word - no, not that one, but with a certain type of pie and pudding now gracing the supermarket aisles, we feel we can mention ‘Christmas’ without too many crossed expletives being hurled into the atmosphere. Too soon? Ok, what if we mention the aftermath of that certain season which will be with us before we know it? Still too much? Ok, let’s expand this to a more general point of what happens to our Christmas Trees once they have decorated our homes so splendidly? Recycling is of course the go-to choice, but what if we were to tell you that you can now actually be drinking your redundant branches in a new beer brought to you by Løwlander, in their delicious new Winter IPA Løwlander are quite literally bottling unwanted trees and turning them into an amazing white nectar, affording us the opportunity to enjoy the magic of a certain season all year round!

Løwlander we’ve featured before see here and we’re always impressed with their stylish branding and delicious offerings.  The spruce beer is actually not a new concept, but perhaps in our more enlightened times, the sustainability of such a beverage is ever more poignant. The process appears to be quite a simple one - taking the neglected needles off their branches, brewing them up with those stalwarts of the drinks menu, juniper berries and literally turning waste into something extraordinary - a light beer who’s citrus and hoppy aroma naturally recalls evergreen forests, and much more besides. Aligning the perfect botanical normally saved for the gin label, with the pine needles delivers all kinds of interesting characteristics, and at 5% alcohol, we have a libation to suit all palates.

Being around £2.70 for a 330ml bottle, the cost is also something to celebrate, and at the moment only available from online suppliers, of which there are many – give Beer Wulf  or 31 Dover a try, or indeed Løwlander themselves. If you enjoy an evening at The Botanist or Harvey Nichols in London, why not search out a festive tankard, as it sits proudly on their drinks menu. Scrooge would be proud, and he may have enjoyed the prospect of ‘Christmas Past’ a little more had a bottle of Løwlander’s finest been included!

PuraVida Bio

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As our readers know, at The Amazing Blog we always veer towards good all-natural products. But, even with all the natural products we use, toxins still find a way to get into our skin through polluted air. We know that we’ll never leave the hustle and bustle of the city, but is the city air messing with our skin? Enter PuraVida Bio with their skin detox line. The Detox Serum, Detox Mask and Anti-age Balm all offer a perfect remedy to polluted skin. Anti-pollution skincare is one of the fastest growing areas in beauty and is something we’re all keen to try more of.

PuraVida Bio is an Italian brand of organic skincare that was started after identifying a need for high quality, innovative skincare products for all age ranges that are also completely safe and effective. We particularly like how they break down the ingredients that they use in each product with a purpose for each one. What makes this brand ‘different’ is that all their products are made with certified natural organic ingredients which are transformed into precious plant Lysates. The ingredients are provided by Alce Nero approved Italian farmers who cultivate under strict guidelines for organic farming. These are then go through a method of biotransformation into certified Lysates through an active process of natural fermentation (called ‘elision’), which strengthens all the antioxidants revitalising all the ingredients used. You can read more about this here.

We were sent three of their key products to test. The first of which was their Detox Serum, which is a concentration of anti-pollution active ingredients. It contains extract of Malvasia grapevines which maintain the correct level of skin microflora and speed up natural detoxification. The serum can be applied alone or before a moisturiser or balm, but we saw the best results when using together with their Anti-age Balm.

The Anti-age Balm we enjoyed using, light in texture, easy to absorb and the fragrance has a delicious powdery sweetness (the beetroot extract?) The extract of beetroot helps bind vitamin D on the skin, essential for toning and hydrating the skin. This is a long lasting formula that goes on working for 24 hours as it’s powerful antioxidants, ceramides and fermented angelica oil protect the skin and keep it toned and uniform. The vitamin C stimulates the renewal of collagen and combats the formation of age spots.

Our favourite of the three products is hands down the Detox Mask. It comes in these perfect single-use travel pods that are so easy to throw in a carry-on bag if you’re traveling. The PuraVida mask is the fastest way to detox your skin. Just apply the mask to the face and neck and leave for 15 minutes, once a week. It’s rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamin D, which is necessary for proper skin hydration.

All products are natural, gluten free, nickel tested no parabens or artificial preservatives and are not tested on animal. They are also approved by ICEA, one of the most important institutes for ethical and environmental certification. If you would like to remove some of the effects of pollution from your skin, the PuraVida Bio Detox products  can all be purchased here. The 50 ml Anti-age Balm is €32. You can purchase the 30 ml Detox Serum for €45 and the pack of 4 (8ml) Detox Masks retails for €22.

Regenovex - ActiFlex and Gel

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As most of us at The Amazing Blog are regulars at the gym or do our morning run, we’re no strangers to muscle soreness or the odd joint problem. Tired of having to put off training when suffering from injury or stiffness, we were happy to make the discovery of the brand Regenovex that have produced Regenovex ActiFlex and Regenovex Gel, for aiding joint and muscle pain.

Regenovex products are thoroughly researched by a team of experts who have designed blends and formulas to end your joint issues. Both the Actiflex capsules and the Gel contain their unique patented Bionovex® oil, which is a marine oil with its origins in New Zealand’s Green Lipped Mussels. The Green Lipped Mussels used in Bionovex® Oil are harvested and sourced only from the clean, clear and fresh waters of New Zealand. Both products are also rich in hyaluronic acid, ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid), an Omega-3 fatty acid.

Regenovex Actiflex capsules are suitable for everyone (except those who are either  pregnant or with shellfish allergies). The pack come with 30 capsules that are free from artificial colouring, preservatives and yeast. The composition enhances collagen formation, and supports muscle and bone functions with a lubricant and cushioning effect to restore flexibility. It is recommended to take one capsule a day, or if it’s your first time you can take 2 a day for the first 10 days.

Similarly, Regenovex Gel has a similar effect but is topically applied, and can deliver up to 80 applications in just one small 40ml dispenser. It is ideal for immediate a joints pain relief and has a cooling and soothing effect. We recommend carrying it on your kit-bag to apply after training, massaging the gel into joint areas that hurt. Enhance your muscle and bone performance with the Regenovex ActiFlex capsules here 30 capsules for £25.00, or get your bottle 40ml Regenovex Gel  here for £10.99. Both are also available in Lloyds Pharmacy Stores nationwide.

Clockface Beauty - Foot & Leg Scrub and Foot & Leg Balm

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The Amazing Blog office is always buzzing with activities so much so, that we often forget to take time out to indulge in a bit of pampering (i.e. a relaxing foot massage). That why we love the way The Clockface Beauty, have created a ‘little bit heaven on earth’ with their two Foot & Leg Scrub and Foot & Leg Balm home-spa products.

Clockface Beauty is a mother-daughter luxury skincare brand equipped with organic natural products for guaranteed skincare results. Sarah Thomas, the founder of Clockface Beauty started to become concerned about what she used on her skin as it dramatically changed while she was pregnant with her eldest son. With help from her mother, Karen Horsely, they created a multi-tasking skincare brand that is 100% natural, ethical and proven. Clockface Beauty also prides itself on being sustainable and organic with transparent product labelling.

The Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Scrub is undoubtedly a unique product with its versatility, as it doubles up as a foot scrub and hydrating shaving conditioner. The scrub works quickly and effectively to remove dead skin cells and everyday toxins while tightening, firming, toning, smoothing and adding vitamins to the skin. The scrub has a light pink colour and appears foamy. It has a slightly sweet smell of neroli which is awakening and fresh. Unlike ordinary scrubs, it has fine salt granules which making it safe for exfoliating your legs and feet and the infused butter ensures your skin is not stripped of its oils leaving the skin moisturised after rinsing. Great for massaging onto tired feet to refresh and revive. To use as a conditioning shaving cream, apply before shaving and then rinse off afterwards with warm water. This scrub contains Himalayan pink salt, mango and avocado butter, neroli, ylang ylang essential oils.

As they say two is always better than one! And to accompany the delicious Scrub is the Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Balm, this is unmatched with Its uplifting, revitalising and refreshing treatment. Winner of the 2019 Mama & Baby Awards it is fortified with a range of essential oils, avocado, mango butter and vitamin E this is the ultimate treat for tired feet.  The balm hydrates, soothes, smoothes and moisturises legs and feet. The antioxidants help fight off the signs of ageing and fatty acids heal the skin from within. The balm resembles melted butter in texture and colour although slightly viscous. It has a zesty aroma combined with jasmine, frankincense and may chang.It is not lumpy, greasy or sticky and it simply smoothly glides on the skin giving your legs and feet a hydrated glow. We suggest using this after the Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Scrub for a calming and soothing double effect. Plus the balm is ideal for softening hard feet because of its excellent moisturising properties.  

Both the Scrub and the Balm are vegan, 100% and suitable for all skin types. NB: Both products state that they are not suitable for people who have a nut allergy. Foot & Leg Scrub is 120ml for £34.00 here and the Foot & Leg Balm is 120ml for £37.00 here.