Marvis - Travel Kit and Toothpaste Dispenser


The Amazing Blog believes that the oral hygiene is the most essential element of our morning and evening routines. Recently, we learned about Marvis, an Italian toothpaste company that dates back to the ‘50s. Ludovico Martelli bought the brand in the ‘90s, with a vision of creating a toothpaste brand to surpass the traditional concept of toothpaste. This is certainly something he has achieved, with five innovative flavours ranging from classic strong mint, Amarelli liquorice, cinnamon mint, ginger mint, and jasmine mint. Rather an unusual set of combinations I’m sure you will agree! Initially designed for smokers, we were particularly interested in the strength of their toothpastes, with intense cleaning power and strong flavours to leave your mouth feeling fresh.

We tried and tested their handy Zip Bag with Toothpaste and Brush and Toothpaste Dispenser. The Zip Bag is made from rubber, particularly useful as it is waterproof and easy-to-clean. Inside the bag, we found an 85ml tube of Classic Strong Mint toothpaste. Since we’re mint-lovers, we were more than pleased. There’s nothing like the traditional punch of mint to leave your mouth feeling fresh. We can confirm that is it indeed “strong”- the minty tang stayed with us even after our morning coffees. Not only toothpaste with a formidable taste, but the formula itself is equally standout, intensely fighting against tooth decay, tartar and plaque for a pearly white smile. Encased in a charming tube that adds a bit of luxury to our bathroom cabinet, the kit also contains a sleek black toothbrush, meaning that it is equally ideal for travelling.

The last goodie we tried was their Toothpaste Dispenser. This dispenser is made of porcelain and is a great help to get the last bit of toothpaste out a tube. We didn’t realise how much toothpaste we were wasting before using this product. All you have to do is pop the tub into the top, and twist the metal handle. To try these innovative products for yourself, you can purchase Marvis’ Zip Bag with Toothpaste and Brush here for £17.50 or the Toothpaste Dispenser here for £17.50.

Mount Olympus - Lemon Goat's Kefir + Mojito Water Kefir

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We’ve found searching for an alternative to traditional cow's milk kefir somewhat difficult, and the ever saturated kefir market is a minefield for both new and old kefir drinkers. Add to that the plethora of other healthy drinks, and you're probably equally as confused as us, at The Amazing Blog. Personally, I’m a goats milk drinker; therefore I was very happy to discover that Mount Olympus, a brand that prides itself on produces a range of different kefirs, also include a goats milk one! They kindly sent us two of their signature products, the Lemon Goat's Kefir and also a Vegan Water Kefir.

Conceived on the slopes of Mount Olympus (hence the name) by Greek founder Kostas Kapelas, whose background is as a holistic health therapist. Kostas' ethos is to work with small-scale and family-based Greek manufacturers, to produce the finest organic, natural and sustainable kefirs. Mount Olympus is against artificial stimulating hormones and antibiotics or any other additives. Additionally, while many kefir products on the market contain non-vegan ingredients, Mount Olympus provides kefir waters for the vegan consumer too, so here there is something for everyone.

If you’re not sure what kefir is, then you're probably not alone. Kefir is formed from lactic acid bacteria and yeast which is fermented (more commonly in milk), to provide a consistency similar to thin yoghurt. Milk based kefir is rich in fatty acids and has lower lactose levels than traditional cow's milk, making it easier to digest for our lactose intolerant friends. Typically, kefir of the dairy variety is made from cow, sheep, and goat's milk. It has been proven that goat's milk is easier to digest, and makes a smoother curd when fermented. So what is the added bonus? Drinking kefir restores microbiomes, which know to help heal troublesome skin conditions, such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

We tried the Lemon Goat's Kefir which is delicious with its zingy flavour with a light citrus twist. We particularly like that the 100% natural ingredients come from local producers and suppliers and that this kefir contains Greek free-roaming goat's milk, kefir cultures, frozen lemon juice, stevia with inulin (a prebiotic). Many argue that this beverage is better for you than yoghurt, as goat's kefir contains live probiotics, billions of active bacteria, and is 100% preservative-free. We recommend keeping it refrigerated, as kefir is best enjoyed when chilled. Ensure that you shake it well before opening, to enjoy the full benefits of this healthy and tasty drink. For stockists of Mount Olympus’ Lemon Goats Kefir 300ml in the UK visit here.

Alternatively, as some members of our team are dairy intolerant, the Mojito Water Kefir 310ml proves to be a great alternative. As Mount Olympus explains, there are two kinds of kefir, water and milk. Water kefir is made from ‘good’ bacteria and as the name suggests, it’s fermented in water. We tried the ‘Mojito’ flavour, made from filtered water, sugar, frozen lemon juice, spearmint, mint & lime aroma, and vegan kefir cultures. It’s a refreshing taste with all the added benefits of 29 strains of live probiotics and billions of active bacteria, all critical for a healthy gut. It is also low in calories, 100% preservative-free, and contains 100% natural ingredients. Other beneficial ingredients include a wide range of organic acids, lactobacillus bacteria, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. The ‘Mojito’ Water Kefir has a natural fizz, making it a fun non alcoholic drink to sip on. As with the Lemon Goat's Kefir, the ‘Mojito’ Water Kefir is best served chilled, for optimum probiotic power. For stockists of Mount Olympus’ ‘Mojito’ Water Kefir 310ml in the UK visit here.

Munchy Seeds


Now, if our science lessons had begun with the kind of information and all around yumminess The Munchy Team provide, there is an enormous chance that we at The Amazing Blog wouldn’t have doodled quite so much and actually learned something. We’re fans of Munchy Seeds and in the dim and distant past, have written about some of their other products here. What we particularly like about ‘seeds’ is that they’re both nutritious and delicious. Whilst we don’t want to get preachy about the benefits of zinc and magnesium, we all know that the benefits of ‘munching’ on seeds compared to the equally beguiling pear-drop are manifold and preferable.

The rich nutrient content of these nuggets of nature is why they are an effortless source of all those vitamins our bodies need to boost our levels, especially as we get older. More energy, higher brain function and an effective metabolism all go to keeping every part of us performing. In this day and age, when many of the essentials are stripped out of a processed diet, we need to be keeping up the levels … and what better way than through the consumption of these delicious alternatives?

The Choccy Ginger seeds had to be tried - although we’re particularly fond of dark chocolate and ginger, so it was already a win-win situation. The revelation, therefore, came in the form of how good the Omega Sprinkles tasted - and the knowledge that we were topping up those fatty acids, essential in keeping arteries clear and the heart pumping.

The Salted Caramel and Choccy Apricot offerings need little marketing here, suffice to say they didn’t disappoint and were consumed in an indecently fast period. But of course, each little bag of goodness leads us directly to researching and tasting more and more. This, of course, can be done through the easily accessible website of The Munchy Seeds, run by Mrs Munchy (Lucinda) and her husband Crispin who we are presuming is known as Mr Munchy.

If you prefer to work the cardiovascular system a little more effectively, with a higher intensity trolley dash, then why not hit the supermarket aisles where the whole range is widely available. They come in handy packed lunch size bags, or larger sized tubs when the need requires a bigger scratch! Pricewise you are looking at around £6 for a Snack Pack of 12, or around £5 for a 475ml tub from the Munchy Seeds Website, with similar prices for the relevant sizes through supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.


Ancient + Brave with their True Collagen and Cacao + Collagen

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It's rare to find a brand with such a passion for inspiring healthy living. Ancient + Brave have captured our attention at The Amazing Blog, encouraging us to take control of our lifestyle choices, no matter the amount of time we have to do so. We're in no doubt that their ethos has had a similar impact on others - by combining naturopathy and cutting-edge innovation, the company's ambition of creating delicious and nutritious products certainly will inspire others to look into their lifestyle choices more deeply. We were also fascinated by the Brave Method, combining intermittent fasting and Ancient + Brave products, to create a simple lifestyle strategy that draws back to the eating patterns of our ancestors.

Conceptualising the Brave Method, founders Annelie Whitfield and Kate Prince used their combined knowledge of naturopathy and entrepreneurial techniques to redefine the fasting regime. No longer must we only drink water to avoid calorific beverages, as Ancient + Brave's products are suitable to consume during the fasting period, providing optimal fat burning, while ensuring that we ourselves, do not burn out. Annelie's story is particularly interesting, as a former stunt woman, who suffered a life-threating injury, she began her nature quest after receiving healing treatment from bone mending monks in Sri Lanka. She chose to develop her newfound knowledge, by spending five years in a back-to-nature barefoot existence, studying indigenous medicine in Costa Rica. It is here that she unearthed the medicinal benefits of coffee and cacao - hence the introductions into her product lines. Upon her return, she teamed up with Kate Prince, who used her entrepreneurial nouse to help innovate a new lifestyle brand, to fuel health and performance simultaneously.

As you can imagine, we were excited to try their products, especially those of us who were collagen novices. The True Collagen powder proved to be a simple way of easing us into the collagen world, a product packed with 100% hydrolysed grass-fed bovine collagen (a welcome addition in comparison with many other products), and high in crucial nutrients to replace proteins. Like all of the Ancient + Brave products, True Collagen is also suitable for those following a paleo diet. True Collagen is both odourless and tasteless, meaning that we can boost our level of amino acids by drinking it on its own, or within a beverage of our choice. Ancient + Brave recommend using 2-4 teaspoons for a potent amount of collagen and suggest adding it to a smoothie of your choice.

Secondly, we tried their Cacao+ Collagen product, a delicious hot chocolate alternative that is antioxidant rich thanks to the use of organic Peruvian cacao. Other ingredients include cocoa, grass-fed bovine collagen, beetroot, cinnamon, carob, Siberian ginseng and baobab (all of which are organic), and a touch of pink Himalayan salt. Together, these ingredients act as a potent delivery system of collagen, that still tastes delicious. In one serving, you can expect 2000mg of nourishing True Collagen for a fat burning and energising hot drink. We recommend mixing it with hot plant-based milk, or it can be made using hot water too. What more could we ask for on a cold Autumn morning?

If you too would like to give collagen a go, purchase Ancient + Brave’s True Collagen 200g for £27 here and the Cacao + Collagen 250g for £22 here.

Somnex - The Sleep Event, 12th-14th October 2018


There really is nothing better than feeling well-rested. However, while discussing the topic, we at The Amazing Blog found it quite unsettling to find out that the sleep we actually deserve isn’t what we get. And we’re not the only ones, a total of ‘30% of the UK population suffer from poor sleep most nights,’ according to Sleep Advisor, Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council. So, what can we do to get our desired rest?

Luckily for us, this autumn, the world’s first dedicated sleep show SOMNEX launches at the Old Truman Brewery in London. Bringing the sleep industry and sleep deprived population together for a three day event, from the 12th (for corporate and press attendees only) until the 14th of October 2018 (all welcome on the 13th and 14th). It features expert advice, new products that improve our sleep, and interactive experiences that enhance our daily encounters with our beds. There are also different workshops dedicated to help even the most troubled sleepers, with meditation classes, yoga and napping to name but a few.

Somnex 4.JPG

With the help of professional sleep experts, families and individuals will get guidance through different sleep stages, offering information about the importance of sleep for everyone. Furthermore, the links between sleep and performance on the field, or in the workplace, are drawn in order to underline how it influences our daily lives.

This all sounds really fascinating and who doesn’t want to get in-depth information about how to get the ultimate sleep? The real highlight of the show for us, is the knowledge about how to reduce snoring! These are just a few of the reasons everybody should wander through the gates of pillow heaven to experience the ultimate 3-day relaxation paradise.

Somnex 1.JPG

In addition to wonderful cures for a relentlessly snoring partner; they also offer pre-bookable one-to-one sessions in order to discuss sleeping issues further. For the beauty sleep seekers, the event offers mindfulness, a beauty bar, skincare solutions and professional massages. With over 100 different companies that all tackle the same issue: giving people the sleep they deserve, the range of products and tips they offer are endless. If you’re interested in spending a once-in-a-lifetime experience surrounded by well rested people, head to the SOMNEX website to get further information about workshops and schedules. You can hold your golden ticket for a reasonable price of only £15, making it a dreamlike investment.