Potion London - The Beauty Formula

While we’ve been succeeding in maintaining our healthy lifestyles at The Amazing Blog, some of us felt that there was still something missing from our diet. Eating the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables can only do so much for your body so that’s where incorporating food supplements like The Beauty Formula from Potion London into your diet can make a difference.

Health and wellness brand Potion London have sought out to make a “healthy lifestyle that little bit easier”  with their range of health and beauty supplements that targets your specific health goals from within. We‘re already fan of this brand and have written about their Hyaluronic Complex here Their supplement lines address anything from gut and immune system health. After trying two Potion London products (the aforementioned Hyaluronic Complex) we conclude that Potion London has made it very easy to choose which supplements to complement any diet and lifestyle.

This we think is perfect for anyone with weak or brittle nails and with it’s combination of  19 different vitamins and minerals. The Beauty Formula is specifically aimed to support strong and healthy hair, skin and nails with the Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E enriched in the formula. All of which contributes, supports and maintains your cells’ optimal maintenance and formation.  These along with the other vital ingredients in this supplement will help to leave your nails healthy, complexion radiant and hair luscious. If you want a supplement that targets all three of these areas, then one capsule of The Beauty Formula taken daily with food will be the one for you. To purchase 60 capsules or a two month’s supply of The Beauty Formula for £25 click here. Also available is a subscription service to get the supplement delivered every one or two months for an added 20% discount. I’m a particular fan of addressing any hair, nail and skin issues by starting from within and Potion London nail it!

LighterLife - Fast 5:2

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Eat low-fat foods. Exercise more. Skip meals. Don’t skip meals. Fast. We have all been given different suggestions for weight loss, but which ones actually work?

Here at The Amazing Blog we do not generally approve of dieting; however, LighterLife Fast 5:2 products provide a healthy way to lose or maintain weight through intermittent fasting.

Normally when we hear the word “fast,” we run for the hills because who wants to limit the amount of food they eat?

Intermittent fasting generally involves cutting calorie intake to around a quarter of what you would usually eat for just two days a week. The rest of the week you can eat how you always eat.

Why should you try this you might ask? Intermittent fasting is perfect for shedding a few pounds or keeping your weight in check. Plus, it’s easy and nutritious without the hassle of cooking, food shopping and calorie counting.

On each fasting day, you will be consuming 600 calories while still getting 100% of your recommended daily allowances of key minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. With LighterLifeFastpacks, you have a choice between savoury meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Pasta Carbonara, Porridge, four shakes (vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate) and four meal bars (nut fudge, crispy peanut, cranberry & raspberry and toffee).

Our executive editor tried it for a week and was quite impressed that she didn’t feel hungry, even after consuming only 600 calories. She had a combination of all of the Fastpacks and her favourite was the bars. She felt they really stopped her snacking. She wasn’t so keen on the soups and shakes, but she did enjoy the porridge and pasta carbonara.

If you think this is a great way to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, you can purchase a box of four Fastpacks exclusively at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland for £7.99. A box of four is enough for one day of fasting. If you aren’t sure whether this product is for you, you can receive complementary media trials to sample the products first hand and then make your decision!


The Beauty Detox Solution

The Beauty Detox Solution Book blog image [New] Here at The Amazing Blog we firmly disagree with faddy celeb style diets. We know that eating one type of food for two weeks while standing on one leg is never going to give us a healthy body. If anything, it has been proven that these crash diets lead to you gaining more weight in the long run despite losing a few pounds initially.

We know that a healthy lifestyle, including eating the right foods and regular exercise, is the only way to beat your body blues. So we were very pleased when we came across Kimberly Snyder’s book The Beauty Detox Solution, a diet that is not a fad, but a way of rewriting your lifestyle habits and getting you eating food that is good for you.

We really liked that the first part of this book explained how our bodies really work, and why silly diets do not do any favours for our health. Did you know that just like primates we are designed to live off a diet consisting of mainly plant based foods? Kimberly then explains that we should be eating lots of Alkaline Rich Foods, in order to maintain optimum health.

The next section is our favourite part. It explains what types of things we should eat to keep us looking beautiful. There is a great list of all the types of food that have wonderful beauty boosting properties, and I have to say we have stocked up our cupboards!

The final section is dedicated to the healthy living plan consisting of three distinct phases Blossoming Beauty, Radiant Beauty, and Pure Beauty, the first of which is designed to cleanse your body of the bad things you have eaten, and to introduce healthier alternatives that have health and beauty boosting ingredients.

The book contains a whole host of delicious recipes specifically designed for each phase of the programme so Kimberly really makes these diet changes easy for you. These changes are not a calorie restricted diet, but instead are based on the principle that if you eat the right foods, at the right times, in the right order you help out your body’s digestion and in turn you can lose weight. This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get healthier and look after their bodies, and this plan is even being followed by celebrities such as Drew Barrymore!

If you are interested in revamping your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then this book should really be on your bookshelf. Kimbery Snyder’s book, The Beauty Detox Solution is available on Amazon for £7.00, and you can find out more information and articles about her beauty detox on her website.

The Collective

A few weeks ago the folks at The Collective treated the gang at The Amazing Blog to the most delicious yoghurts we've ever had. The Collective's yoghurts have been the perfect mid-morning snack, and for some of us who always rush in the mornings, our breakfast. I've never been a big fan of yoghurts, they've always made me feel heavy and very full. I decided to give The Collective's a try as I loved the packaging straightaway; and oh well... let's just say that I've stocked up on these delicious yoghurts already. Based on a New Zealand recipe,but produced in England using West Country Milk, these scrumptious yoghurts are avaialable in a variety of fresh fruit flavours as well as Russian Fudge. The Collective's yoghurts are smooth and creamy, they melt in your mouth and tehir taste is intense and simply delicious. Their taste is unbeatable. All the yoghurts contain probiotics (cultures A, B and C), are gluten free, have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and only contain a 5% of fat... almost guilt free! My two favourites were the Russian Fudge and Passion Fruit ones.

Were awarded two Gold stars by the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2011, the highest award given to a fruit yoghurt, as well as being named the Top yoghurts and desserts launch in 2011 by The Grocer Magazine.

The Collective's fantastic and unbeatable yoghurt range is available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado, Wholefoods, Nisa and Booths.


Organic Burst

Summer seems to be fast approaching and if you are anything like me you are still struggling to achieve that perfect bikini body. No matter how healthy you try to eat or how often you go to the gym, your body is insistent on holding onto those pesky extra pounds. I have constantly struggled to find something that would help me lose that last bit of weight that is always the hardest. Thankfully, my coworkers at The Amazing Blog introduced me to the Organic Burst Acai Berry Capsules.

Organic Burst Acai Berry Capsules are a completely organic supplement to one’s diet. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I have certainly noticed a difference in myself. While I had initially hoped they would have an influence on my weight loss programme, I did not realize how many other areas these capsules would benefit. Since I have begun taking two capsules in the morning and two at night I have noticed that my skin has improved and is much more clear and moisturized than ever before. My energy levels have also increased and I am not as lethargic during long work days as I once found myself to be ever since I started with the Acai Berry capsules. What's more, the capsules are filled with antioxidants and contain large amounts of Vitamin E which prevent premature ageing of both skin and organs.

I was interested to learn that the use of Acai berries started in the Brazilians’ diet centuries ago since they are high in dietary fibre and are a natural source of Omega-3. Organic Burst picks all their acai berries locally  and the vegan capsules are 100% pure and not an extract. In addition, there are never any harmful pesticides or chemicals used during their farming or production which ensures that they are organic and very healthy (this is what made the Organic Burst brand of acai berry capsules more appealing to us at The Amazing Blog compared to others on the market). All in all, I have been thrilled with the results of the capsules and do not plan to stop using them any time soon. For £18.90, you can purchase a 90 capsule bottle on their website here and be on your way to not only the perfect swimsuit shape but also a much healthier body inside and out!