Pana Chocolate

Everybody loves a sweet and simple treat every once and awhile, and we here at The Amazing Blog, are no exception. When we received samples from Pana Chocolate, we were enthusiastic to sink our teeth into the variety of unique qualities and flavours that this company has to offer.

Pana Chocolate may look like ordinary chocolate, but the taste and ingredients are far from the norm. When you take a bite, the treat becomes a soft delectable that melts in your mouth and provides an unexpected burst of flavour. Not only is the taste unique, but the ingredients and the way it is made makes Pana Chocolate truly one of a kind.

Pana Chocolate is handmade in Melbourne Australia. The company takes pride in the fact that their chocolate is raw, vegan and gluten free. It also has no dairy or soy, making it truly accessible to everyone. It includes an array of all-natural ingredients such as organic nuts, goji berries, coconut flakes and pure 100% essential oils. Unlike most chocolate, Pana Chocolate isn’t treated at high temperatures, and the organic contents give the chocolate a gooey and soft taste. Overall, this scrumptious treat is tasty, organic, all-natural and delicious. What could be better?

Pana Chocolate comes in a variety of flavours, from plain 80% cocoa bars to cinnamon and rose. The price of each bar varies from £6.50-8.50 and can be purchased at Nature Intended stores in the UK or through their website here.  

The Handmade Fair

Who loves pompoms and crafting? Well, we here at The Amazing Blog love channelling our inner artistic ambitions. When we are not busy plugging away at the office, we are oftentimes caught up with our own crafty hobbies. You too can experience your own creative adventures at The Handmade Fair this weekend at Hampton Court Palace.

Featuring the one and only crafting queen Kirstie Allsopp, The Handmade Fair will be an overall celebration of all things artistic, stretching as far as knitting to upcycling. The main event at the fair is dedicated to The Handmaid Fair staff and their attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for the most pompoms laid together from end to end. If you want to be a part of potential pompom history, you can participate at the event or make your own string of 3 pompoms, attach your name, and drop them off at your local HobbyCraft store. So, whether you want to show what you know, learn something new, or just want to see pompom history be made, The Handmade Fair is sure to be a fun filled event.

The fair is from the 19th through the 21st of September, from 930AM to 6PM everyday.  A general admission ticket can be purchased at the door for £12.50 per adult and £10 per child. Full experience tickets can be purchased online for £29 per adult and £26 per child. The full experience ticket will gain you entry to the event, a workshop, participation in the Grand Make, and the chance to hear a speaker among various crafting experts of your choice.

If you are interested in getting crafty and becoming a part of “World Pomination” history at The Handmade Fair,  purchase Full Experience tickets here and general admission at the event.  

Potion Shop - Love Potion Skin Bracer

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are always on the lookout for the most essential skin products that will keep us looking fresh and feeling smooth. Luckily for us, The Potion Shop sent us their Love Potion Skin Bracer, and now we can’t stop using it.

Thanks to the essential oils and anti-bacterial properties, unlike a toner, the bracer does not contain any added alcohol. Not only does Potion Shop make an effort to provide the most enjoyable experience for you and your skin, but they care about the environment as well.

Keeping the well-being of our beloved planet in mind, Potion Shop is always willing to take the extra step to think green. The products are packaged in reusable cardboard or PET plastic and glass, meaning they are all fully recyclable. Every time they make a delivery, Potion Shop collects old bottles and jars to donate 5p to the ‘Boot out Breast Cancer charity.’ Each product is made in England and are all organic, use no parabens, SLS, glycol or M1 (methylisothiazolinone). Among four different bracers that the brand has to offer, the ingredients of Love Potion include pure hydrolat distilled from Bulgarian rose petals (hence the name Love Potion), aqua, damascene, and pelargonium graveolens rosa. Whether it is day or night, the skin bracer is intended for use after you wash your face and before you moisturise. To apply the bracer, simply use a damp cotton ball and smooth over the face to rejuvenate and tone the skin. It is refreshing, it smells delicious and it leaves your skin with a wonderful and even finish. If you’re looking for a specific type of care for your skin, Potion Shop has a variety of products to offer for skin types of all kinds.

 Purchase the Skin Bracer here for £18.00 and other Potion Shop products here.

Alassala - Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Being the curious beauty enthusiasts that we are, we at The Amazing Blog love experimenting with unique beauty products and techniques. Having already fallen for organic UK brand, Alassala in the past, we were eager to try their intriguing new product: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay. Upholding Alassala’s 100% natural ethos, this ethically produced powder may just be the answer to all of our beauty needs.

Rhassoul Clay has been a multi-tasking beauty tool for centuries. Used to treat a multitude of skin and hair dilemmas, we were impressed to discover that the clay mix can be applied as a natural all-in-one detoxifier, cleanser and softener. With this vast collection of uses, it’s a sure-fire way to declutter your bathroom cabinet. All we needed to do was add few drops of Alassala Moroccan Organic Argan Oil and mix with water, and we were left with a silky smooth clay paste, reminiscent of a luxury spa treatment.  The natural oils allow the soft scrub to treat your skin and hair without any irritation, a quality that we can’t get enough of. Providing care for a variety of skin types, the clay gently absorbs impurities and excess oils from skin and hair, leaving us with baby soft skin, and lusciously smooth locks. Enriched with calcium and potassium, among other beauty boosting minerals exclusively sourced from the Atlas mountains, the product improves skin clarity, elasticity and texture as well as reducing dryness, flakiness and blemishes. The benefits of the clay treatment seem to be endless.

Used by the Royal Family of Morocco, we can certainly see how this natural Moroccan treatment is fit for a queen. You can purchase the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay here for £12.99, and you can shop the rest of the Alassala beauty collection here.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Raw Garden Palette in Chronos

Here at The Amazing Blog, we can’t get enough of Rouge Bunny Rouge. From eyeliners to face powders, everything we’ve tried has filled our beauty loving office with delight, so we were over the moon when they sent over their new limited edition Raw Garden Palette in Chronos. A selection of five beautiful metallic shades, it’s the perfect palette to have in your arsenal this autumn.

Although you can create a variety of looks with the shades, the selection was created with a smoky eye in mind. Envious of the smoky looks that graced the weekends’ LFW catwalks, we were keen to get creative with these divine hues. Of the five beautifully pigmented shades, we particularly enthralled with the lightest peachy shade, appropriately named ‘Champagne Pewter Highlighter’, as well as ‘Aged Bronze,’ a sumptuous olive colour, which blended together perfectly to create an autumnal sultry look. Adorned with a delicate hummingbird motif, all five colours are designed to complement any eye colour, and every one of them blended like a dream so that mastering our smoky gaze was a breeze for everyone in the office, from novice to expert. To put the icing on this deliciously metallic cake, the five pans are magnetic, so that if you aren’t happy with one of the colours, you can swap it out for your favourite Rouge Bunny Rouge shadow. Although, we can't see why anyone would want to part with any of these gorgeous shades.

If, like us, you can’t wait to start dusting these beautiful hues over your lids, then head over to the Rouge Bunny Rouge website, where you can purchase the Raw Garden Chronos Palette for £43.82.  You can also browse the rest of Rouge Bunny Rouge's make-up delights here.