Friday Favourites - Cookbooks

With a weekend of dinner parties ahead of us, what better way to spend an early evening than flicking through a plethora of new cookbooks for some heavenly inspiration. Here at The Amazing Blog, we want to share with you some of the most mouth watering  new cookbooks that have just launched.

Honey & Co  is a tiny restaurant hidden in the backstreets of Central London. It lures you in with their talent of baked goodies. Bringing food from the Middle East, husband and wife team Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich founded Honey & Co. which specialises in the most yummy selection cakes and desserts.

However, now you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to get these delicious desserts, as Sarit and Itamar have launched Honey & Co cookbook. With recipes such a spiced carrot and walnut cake, raspberry and rose kadaif nests and apricot and elderflower jam just to name a few. Our favourite has to be cranberry, orange and almond caramel cookies. A simple and easy recipe and which had everyones taste buds going as soon as we opened the oven. Honey & Co: The Baking Book by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich is published by Saltyard Books in £25 hardback. Alternatively you can buy online here from The Book People. Also available as an eBook. 

As fruit goes with seasons so does cheese and reading through the pages of A Year in Cheese cookbook by Alex and Leo Guarneri we discovered so many things we didn’t know about this amazing source of calcium, we were left amazed! Alex and Leo take us on a journey through the seasons, explaining little gems like why you can’t have a proper goat’s curd in the Winter.


Their eye catching pictures will help you to spring from this damp February into a lustrous Summer with the freshness of their mozzarella and ricotta recipes.  And when it gets colder and all you want is to stay at home having dinner with your closest friends, the gruyere and reblochon menu suggestions will be the perfect choice. The recipes are so easy to follow that once you finished you just can't wait to start cooking again! If you want to explore the world of cheese then look no further. The book is available on White Stuff here for £20.

The finalist contestant Luis Troyano from The Great British Bake Off in 2014, decided to share his culinary knowledge publishing his very own book; Bake it Great. It is not a random collection of recipes but a proper baking course that guided us from the fundamentals. Starting from fillings like jam and custard, Luis teaches us how to cook the perfect bases for our little gastronomic accomplishments.

Here there is a recipe for every palate, we only had to open the book and whatever creation came up, we were only too happy to wear our aprons and start baking. We particularly liked the Butterscotch meringue tart and the traditional Empanadas. What we really liked was that at the very end of the book Luis listed few of the best shops where to find some of the harder to find ingredients. Buy your copy here a £13.60 for the hardcover and £10.79 for the Kindle edition.

Hosting a party and need a little inspiration for canapes? Look no further as the Clink Canape Cookbook has got it covered. Behind this cookbook is a heart-warming story, as it is created by Alberto Crisci founder of Clink Charity. This charity aims to reduce re-offending of prisoners through training and rehabilitation giving them new found culinary skills. These are then put into use at the Clink Restaurants in LondonWalesCheshire and Surrey.

The Clink Canape Cookbook Front Cover.jpg

Alberto has compiled a collection of over 100 different canapé recipes from the friends, ambassadors and also from the prisoners at the Clink. With delicious recipes like mushroom and stilton tartlets, peach with cured ham bruschetta and smoked eel and beef terrine with horseradish; this cookbook is sure to get your taste buds tingling with delight. Grab the Clink Canapé Cookbook here for £14.99

Sally Clarke founded her legendary Notting Hill restaurant in 1984, pioneering seasonal fine dining and British cuisine. Now she celebrates it's thirty year anniversary by writing her own cookbook, 30 Ingredients. This book captures Sally’s love and passion for simple cooking.

30 Ingredients by Sally Clarke, published 10 September 2015 - cover image.jpg

The recipes are surrounded by Sally’s favourite thirty ingredients that she loves to cook with. There are so many delicious recipes with salad of duck breast with balsamic-roasted peaches and shallots to baked tomatoes with garlic and herb crumbs, you honestly wont know where to start! For more cooking inspiration, click here to get your copy at only £19.99.

Balance Active Formula - Dragons Blood Collection

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have tried every product under the sun to shield our ever ageing skin. However, when we came across Balance Active Formula The Dragons Blood Collection, so we were interested to see how it performed. 

There are three different skin products within the collection starting with the Eye Lift Balm, Face Lifting Cream and Serum. We found that whilst using the Eye Lift Balm, The cooling formula instantly felt tighter around the eyes, uplifting your eye area as well as smoothing out the fine lines. When trying the Lifting Serum we were pleasantly surprised of the texture on the skin. Quick to dry and non-greasy, you could definitely feel the change after applying. Last but not least, Dragon’s Blood Lifting Cream helps smooth the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. The cream instantly absorbed, leaving it feeling completely hydrated.

You may first be a bit baffled by ‘Dragons Blood’ as an ingredient otherwise known as Croton Lechleri. But rest assured it is actually a flowering plant traditionally used as medicine in South America. The ingredients are also combined with Liftonin -Xpress an element which helps prolong and protect the tightening and lifting of the skin.

To take your next step forward to a better hydrating skin complexion, get the entire collection here at Beauty and The Bunch or alternatively in TK maxx stores separately; Eye Balm £10.99 Face Cream £10.99 and Serum £11.99.

Shea Innocence – Triple Butter Whip and Mocha Vanilla Candle

We think that Shea Butter is the skin's best friend. It's regularly used as a key ingredient in many skincare products, as it helps to moisturise and leave you with a soft and smooth complexion. So when The Amazing Blog came across Shea Innocence, we just couldn't resist trying the range out. With a wonderful selection for both the skin and the home, Shea Innocence uses a fusion of natural ingredients to keep you looking beautiful and feeling relaxed. We were delighted to try their Triple Butter Whip and Mocha Vanilla Candle.

We'll be the first to say that the market is chock full of body butters for dry, oily or sensitive skin, but with Shea Innocence Body Butter, we're pleased to see that they have taken a natural approach. This product is fantastic for the whole family as its list of ingredients is simple and 100% natural, using only organic Shea Butter and Essential Oils. We tried the butter with Almond Oil and it was perfect for keeping our skin hydrated. Mango Extract and Sweet Orange Oil give a divine scent that's hard to resist, and leave our skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. 

The same care and love Shea Innocence uses in their body butter range clearly goes into their Candles. In a mini tin, their Mocha Vanilla Soy Candle offers a delicious bouquet of fragrant Coffee Beans and sweet Vanilla, perfect for a relaxing night in. What's more, its comforting scent that lasts longer than usual because Shea Innocence use nothing less than the best quality soy wax rather than artificial paraffin - so no more burnt smell once the flame is out.

The Mocha Vanilla Candle and many more are available here at £6.00. Discover the other fragrances and get the Triple Butter Whip for only £10.95 here.

Scott Cornwall - Precolour Protein Spray

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love a ‘good hair day’, but daily heat styling and dying your hair can do a lot of damage, leaving it looking dull and dry. Thankfully for us, professional hair expert and pioneer in the field of technical hair colour, treatment and advice, Scott Cornwall, has launched his brand new Precolour Protein Spray.

This leave-in conditioning treatment with double action results helps strengthen and protect distressed, dry and damaged hair. Many of us here in the office experiment with hair colour, so this is the perfect product for helping us on our way to healthy, stylish locks. Specially formulated with Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to fortify strands, Argan Oil to deeply condition and leave hair looking smooth, and Coconut Oil to help moisturise, nourish and tame frizz (something almost impossible in this unpredictable winter weather), Scott recommends using the spray before applying any colour or chemical treatments to prepare and shield. An added bonus is the wonderful fragrance, which leaves your hair smelling as luscious as it looks.

If you cannot wait to try it, we have good news, it costs just £5.99 and you can find it on Scott Cornwall's website,  online at Boots or in selected Boots stores.

ZEOS For Men - Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime

The daily stresses of urban living can take their toll on your skin, so it's essential to treat it well to keep it looking healthy. Here at The Amazing Blog, the men in the office believe that a good grooming regime will kick start your day. With ZEOS For Men Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime we can keep ourselves looking fresh, no matter how hard we're working.

The ZEOS range consists of four products to help the skin feel smooth and replenished. Using natural ingredients to help clean deep into the pores, the Face Wash will definitely give you a clean and fresh appearance. The Hair and Body Shower Gel kills two birds with one stone, removing the excess dirt and odour from your skin and hair, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead. The range also includes a Face Scrub which gently exfoliates and restores your skin, helping to lift those pesky dead skin cells which often make you look a little tired. Our favourite from the range, however, is the Face and Body Moisturiser. Enriched with Shea Butter, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your morning routine, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple all day. What's more, the range contains natural Vitamin B5 which helps to keep the skin feeling hydrated, and feeling brand new.

Try out ZEOS For Men Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime, and knock the effects of city living on the head. Visit their website and grab the Face and Body Moisturiser for £8.95, the Face Scrub for £7.95, the Face Wash for £7.95, and the Hair and Body Shower Gel for £4.95.