Christmas decorations - Friday Favourites

It’s that time of year where the competition of who puts on the best Christmas show starts to really heat up, so to keep you at the top of the game we at The Amazing Blog have rounded up our favourite alternative Christmas decorations.

Nkuku’s 2016 Christmas collection definitely has the wow factor, the extensive collection can be used to decorate the whole house, with delicate draping jewels to baby baubles; we love the classic yet cool feel of the collection. The items in the range all ooze glamour and sophistication, and we love that you don't need to worry about going to all different shops to find what you need. Our favourites from Nkuku's collections are the Talini geometric decorations, with a basic gold wire creating diamonds, stars and squares shapes, they give a young modern twist to your tree. We also love the Hani wreaths, a twist on the usual green leafed ring, these versions are made from a ring of baubles and add a glamourous touch to your door decorations. 
The whole collection can be found here and starts at £9.95 for a set of 3 or 4.

You can't really argue that the staple decoration is always the Christmas tree, whether you have only a small space for a miniature or a large gap for a giant, Twilight Trees are an elegant alternative to a real Fir. Without the hassle of finding the best of the bunch, clearing up the leaves or throwing it away when needed, these LED trees bring the glam needed to match the presents underneath.  The trees are hand crafted to a high standard and are simple and alluring. A range of sizes for any type of room are available and being battery operated means they are easy to fit. For a stylish tree to last more than just one Christmas we recommend Twilight trees.

They start at £72 for the ‘Mini LED Cherry Tree’ which is perfect for a small decoration or as a gift and are available here.

KeepThisCracker mono designs.jpg

No Christmas dinner is complete without two things; Brussel Sprouts and Christmas crackers! If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative or if you’re tired of the usual Christmas jokes and mini presents of main stream crackers then the re-useable cracker from Keep This Cracker is perfect. The crackers are square shaped and larger than most shop-bought crackers, meaning you can choose the perfect present to place inside. The crackers come flat packed and ready made to pop into shape, attach the snap and fill with custom gifts. The crackers come in a variety of colourful designs to suit any table theme and the shape is halved so when pulled it doesn’t tear to be easily be made up again and again. All you need to do is choose the perfect offering for your dinner guests and fill the cracker, good example are theatre tickets, jewellery or nail varnishes. 

For a cracking addition to your dinner decorations you can purchase your Christmas crackers from here for £15.95

To finish off the table decorations or to make your house that bit cosier we love Lime Lace’s Christmas candles. This year Lime Lace offers a beautiful, minimal trio of Bronze trees, a candle plate and copper pipe candle holder. The metallic colour theme mirrors this years’ fashion trends; the bronze Christmas tree candles are sophisticated show stoppers, yet are small enough to have them scattered around the table and the rest of the room. For a table centre piece, the mirrored circular piece has a Rose Gold edge, simple yet great to place candles or your own Christmas decoration. If you’re looking for a unique candle display the copper candle holder adds a modern twist to the table centre; add your own coloured candles to match how you’ve decorated the rest of the room to bring the whole look together.

These candles are a perfect compromise if your space is small, or to add the final Christmas touches to your festive home, you can purchase here from £23.00 to £46.00.

Raw Garden eyeshadow and Serene Light skin perfector - Rouge Bunny Rouge


Here at the Amazing Blog it isn’t a surprise to anyone who reads our blog how much we love cosmetics here in the office. We are constantly searching for new products to sample and we have found a new brand we all are keeping an eye on which is the Rouge Bunny Rouge.

First impressions we loved the products that were sent to us - we received the Raw Garden eyeshadow palette and the Serene Light which is a skin perfector.  The eye-shadow palette arrived in a sleek and sophisticated circular shape box with all black packaging that looked luxurious and high end.  There are four rich colours in the eye-shadow palette, a pink highlighting colour, a grey colour, rosewood and an aubergine colour. The shadows in the palette are stunning colours, they are highly pigmented and once applying to the eyelid because they are silky and creamy formula it is very easy to blend the product which makes it easier to work with. We also loved the fact that each shadow is enriched with argan oil, and the texture is light and seamless, not feeling heavy on the eye.

If you are looking for a product that will instantly refresh your complexion you need to try the skin perfector. It is suitable for all skin tones and you apply before you put on your foundation and use it as a primer or apply and wear this only. The perfector is a light creamy formula, and for an effortless look you can apply to the skin using your fingertips, foundation brush or a beauty blender to apply to your face evenly. Not only will it brighten your tone it will provide a flattering finish and diminish any fine lines.  There is a key ingredient that provides your skin with an illuminating effect which is the Diamond core powder; overall it will provide you with a natural glow and healthy skin tone.

 You can grab both products, the Raw Garden eye-shadow you can get here for £45 and the Serene Light skin perfector is available here for £44. 

Hydrogel Mask - Gold Collagen

At The Amazing Blog, we understand skin can easily feel dehydrated and tired-looking. There is nothing better than a good mask to give your skin a second life. Gold Collagen's Hydrogel Mask is perfect to refresh your skin and keep its youthfulness.

Gold Collagen offers a wide variety of different products but the product we were lucky to try is their Hydrogel Mask. The mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which gives a better texture and radiance to your skin, as it’s been developed through scientific studies and clinically tested to ensure the highest efficiency and performance. In fact, Hyaluronic Acid is an active ingredients which helps hydrating the skin.

When using the mask you can notice an immediate cooling effect, leave on 20 to 40 minutes so the skin gets all the benefits of the mask. The mask is made of botanical antioxidants such as tea tree and red algae, Pearl extract and Glycerine. Together, with Hyaluronic Acid, these ingredients have a youthful and healthy effect on the skin. Once the mask is at a good temperature, it melts, moisturises and regenerate the ingredients into the skin. This technology reflects the skin natural renewal process. All Gold Collagen’s product are the result of innovation for better skincare, so you may want to use other Gold Collagen products to complete your skincare routine.

Treat your skin with Gold Collagen and buy Hydrogel Masks here for £ 19.99 a pack of 4 masks.

24K Gold Edition - Imperio Lusso

We’re all lovers of all things luxury here at The Amazing Blog, and so when we discovered Imperio Lusso’s 24K Gold edition Eau de Parfum we knew we had to try it.

Imperio Lusso Italy’s perfumery history may be short, having been created in 2012, however the family which makes up the brand have been creating products for centuries. The Imperio Lusso brand exudes luxury and Italian glamour, and the perfume bottle and packaging aesthetics don’t let it down. The bottle comes in a box covered in a gold silk fabric encasing a glass rectangle bottle. The first thing you notice is the gold flakes floating in the liquid, an interesting and elegant touch which we love.

The fragrance itself is a light, every day, wearable scent, the top notes of Lime, Tangerine and Peach combine for a fresh yet opulent fragrance. We love that it’s not a strong overbearing smell, and it's perfect to spritz all over when you’re on the go. As well as the Gold edition, the perfume comes in a White edition, with the same scent just a new exterior design.

Experiment a touch of Italian glamour from Imperio Lusso’s 24K Gold Edition here for £ 84.70.

Post Shave Cooling Mask - Barber Pro

Post Shave - Photo Blog.jpg

At the Amazing Blog we are always on the lookout for new beauty trends for both women and men. We are all familiar with the various at home facials and face masks designed for women, so we were thrilled to discover Barber Pro's great addition to a good male pampering session. A creative alternative to a cold towel, we introduce the new modern way, which is: the Post Shave cooling mask.

Enriched with natural ingredients including tea tree, this cooling mask is a 15 minutes ready to use treatment. To use this product, simply place the sheet mask to cover the entire face and neck after shaving or after trimming  your beard or moustache. This will cool and soothe whilst nourishing and hydrating you skin. You will notice any redness will be reduced. At the end of the facial treatment remove the mask and massage any excess into your skin. After using this product your skin will feel fresh and hydrated plus this product is infused with anti-aging collagen.

Post Shave Cooling Mask from Barber Pro is 15 minutes that will make a difference to your skin. You can grab your cooling mask here for £ 4.95 for an individual mask.