Buckingham Palace Summer Opening 2016

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are patriotic to the Royal family and often imagine what lies beyond the golden gates! That is why we couldn’t miss the Buckingham Palace Summer Opening from the 23 July to 2 October 2016.

Every year you have the chance to discover an exclusive exhibition, and this year’s exhibition is dedicated to the Queen’s 90th Birthday, titled Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from the Queen's Wardrobe! You will have the opportunity to discover different outfits that she has worn during her life and that you may already have seen in official events. The exhibition will take place in the State Rooms of the palace where The Queen and Royal Family often manage royal business and affairs of state. For more information or to purchase your tickets for the exhibition and State Rooms, have a look here.

In addition to the State Rooms, you can also have access to The Royal Mews to admire the Royal Household Department and the different means of transport used by the Queen and her family in all of their official travels. From the Queen’s horses, Cleveland Bays to the famous Windsor Greys and the Gold State Coach you will have the chance to have a look at all of the treasures of Buckingham. Book your visit of The Royal Mews here for £9.30.

Finally, the next stop is The Queen’s Gallery, a space dedicated to exhibiting art collections and treasures from the Royal Collection. The current exhibition: Masters of the Everyday: Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer is about Dutch Artists of the 17th century and includes works from Gerrit Dou, Gabriel Metsu, Jan Steen and Pieter de Hooch, and Johannes Vermeer. Tickets are available here for £10.30 and visit all these rooms for £41.10.


Ocean Mist & Hair in the Sun - Sachajuan

Ocean swims, basking in the sun, balmy nights are all on our minds here at The Amazing Blog as we dream of summer. However, we also cringe at the prospect of trying to maintain our hair during the warmer months, often having to contend with frizz, dryness and colour fade. This is why we love the Professional Haircare range from Sachajuan, especially their summer hair products Ocean Mist and Hair in the Sun.

Whether you are at home experiencing a milder British summer, or are lucky enough to be travelling to a warmer clime for a holiday, you will most likely need a product that can protect your strands and look after its style. Hair in the Sun is sunscreen for your locks! Featuring a UV filter, this hair styling product protects hair from the sun and also helps to maintain the integrity of your hair style whilst outside in the summer sun. While Ocean Mist creates effortless beachy waves, delivering the volume and natural curl that comes after a day by the ocean – bliss!

Achieve effortless beach-babe hair with Sachajuan, with Ocean Mist for £20 here and Hair in the Sun for £20 here

Hydra Cell Active Collection – Elizabeth Grant

At the Amazing Blog, we know what it is like to be disappointed by the appearance of our ageing skin. For that reason, when we discovered the Hydra Cell Active Collection from Elizabeth Grant, we were very excited to try it. This is because we are aware that as we age, we lose the capacity to produce Hyaluronic Acid, making our skin look saggy and wrinkled.

This new hydra cell active line will hydrate your skin enough to help plump it up and nourish the aspect of your skin that makes it firm by incorporating three types of Hyaluronic Acid. With this new line, you will have access to your own intensive Hydra treatment in a 55 ml bottle, a day and night face cream in a 100 ml bottle, and an eye cream in a 50 ml bottle. The day and night cream tighten and plump the skin thanks to the combination of tri-Complex hyaluronic, which protects the skin from dryness. This cream will also decrease the appearance of deep wrinkles conducive to smoother and radiant skin. Though, the trait we thought to be most special about this product is that the collagen in it helps to improve deep facial contours.

The Eye cream, as its name implies, reduces the appearance of ageing around the eyes thanks to its wrinkle-fighting ingredients that help reduce lines under eyes. Just like the cream mentioned above, the blend of tri-complex Hyaluronic moisturises skin for more elasticity. With this eye cream, you will no longer have tired eyes! Finally, the last touch of this line is the active treatment, which helps obtain younger looking skin. This hydrating skin treatment re-establishes the appearance of plumpness, gives volume to the skin, and leaves it feeling lifted.

Try this new Hydra Cell Active line, you can purchase the intensive treatment for only £29.99 here. The eye cream is available to purchase here for £76.34 and this for the 50ml here.  Also you can grab the day and night face cream here for £21.93.

SKINERGIE and BEAUTY SHOT - Daniele de Winter

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to nourish ourselves with healthy food and exercise. However, sometimes we need a little extra support from supplements to get the best from our bodies. That is why we were eager to try the range from Daniele de Winter, just in time for the warmer months.

For skin that is smooth and blemish free, SKINERGIE works from within, supplying the body with a boost of antioxidants and Omega 3. The supplement also protects the skin from harmful UV damage through its high antioxidant content, and improves overall health and vitality through its unique blend of proteins, enzymes, antioxidants and Omega 3. This product comes in pill form, coming in convenient daily sachets. While if you are looking to boost your beauty with a supplement that can be taken as a drink, the BEAUTY SHOT will deliver similar benefits to the SKINERGIE supplement, whilst also increasing your body’s ability to create collagen through ingredients such as Marine Collagen and glucosamines. In addition, the drink includes superfruits such as raspberry, blueberry and acai berries to help build up your skin’s defence from aging and stress.  These are just some of the many benefits that can be experienced from supplementation through the Daniele de Winter products.

Achieve beauty, health and vitality from the inside out with Daniele de Winter SKINERGIE for £79.40 here and BEAUTY SHOT for £84.50 here

Quinoa & Sprouted Snack Bars - PERK!ER

Here at The Amazing Blog, we can get a little greedy and hungry at times. But with summer fast approaching we need to think about keeping our bodies in shape! So you can imagine how happy we were when we came across the new British brand, PERK!ER, and their delicious healthy snacks!

We had the chance to taste their new plant-based Quinoa & Sprouted Snack Bars. All created with a blend of nutritious ingredients and based on the well-known superfoods Quinoa: a natural source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, Cacao: known for its antioxidants properties, Chia: to help to get that a glow and boost the brain and Goji Berries: a source of Vitamin A perfect to get healthy-looking skin & immune system. The bars are also rich in antioxidants and omega 3 to save us from our morning or afternoon lull! The range includes four different bars: the Quinoa Bar Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed; Quinoa Bar Cacao & Cashew; Quinoa Bar Goji & Cranberry and the Sprouted Oaty Cranberry & Cashew Bar. Our favourite is the Cacao & Cashew bar (probably due to our addiction to anything chocolatey) but there are all very tasty and will give you a shot of energy to keep you going until the next meal! Suitable for vegetarians & vegans, free from gluten, dairy and wheat, you can now enjoy a snack without guilt. A special mention for the lovely colourful packaging that comes just in time for summer, the perfect addition to our beach bag!

Grab the PERK!ER Bars here from £16.20 the pack of 18 bars, you can also purchase these from your local supermarkets such as Asda and Sainsburys.