Booster Brow, Booster Lip - Bardou


Eyebrows and lips are two important facial features that as women we like to take extra care with, which is why at The Amazing Blog we were excited with the products we received from Bardou.

Bardou is a British brand that specialises in luxury haircare products and styling. With the success of their haircare range, they are now exploring the beauty industry with their new cosmetic range.  Their new Booster Brow that has recently launched is a one-step brow gel that is available in four shades including blonde, auburn, brown and black/brown as this product is suitable for all.  Don’t leave it another day longer if you’re not happy with your eyebrows whether your tired of the product your using as its smudging and doesn’t last as long as you wanted or you haven’t find the right product to achieve the brows you desire ;why not try booster brow you can have defined shape brows in just two minutes.

 If you’re looking for a natural long-lasting brow application that won’t disappoint and will leave your brows defined and smudge free this product is right for you.   It is recommended to apply on clean and dry eyebrows and to make sure there is no product over this area. Less is more with this product as you want the brows to look natural, it is best to fill the brows in using a light stroke technique working in the direction of the hair growth. Once you have the desired amount filled in you want to use the brush that is supplied to blend the product in and distribute the colour evenly to get the best result.

Selfies are the new obsession everyone can’t get enough of them, but one thing that has become popular in the female community is the desire to have bigger fuller lips and one product that will enhance and plump your lips to get the perfect pout is the Booster Lip.   Not only will this product enhance and plump this area and give them a volume boost that will last up to four days of applying this semi-permanent product will smooth, hydrate and moisturise and will keep your lips looking good. This product is a good lip care to have in your cosmetic collection as it has beneficial nutrients in the ingredients such as honey, plus another key feature is this product is paraben free.

You can boost your lips in under two minutes using this lip booster  to get the look you want, how to apply this product you directly use the booster lip onto the area with the easy use of the brush tip provided, just wait five minutes to work its magic and then apply lipstick on.  

We were pleased with the results of these products and you can grab the booster brow here for £25.00 and the booster lip here for £15.00. 

Hand Lotion, Hand Cream, Hand Wash, Candle - The Handmade Soap Co

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Winter season has arrived and whilst it’s cold outside it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. Here at The Amazing Blog we understand the bad effects coldness can have on our skin. It’s better to be stocked up and avoid getting dry skin… rough as cracked hands have never been pretty. The Handmade Soap Co is perfect to keep your skin smooth and soft for the cold seaon.

The Handmade Soap Co specializes in products from bath to body, lips and hands, from soaps to lotions and butters to balms. Not only skincare products but they also have candles and diffusers with their own different fragrances. The four ranges are grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass and sweet orange as well as a men’s collection to suit every single one. The products are handmade with care and uses natural ingredients from plant and mineral extracts to create skincare collections suitable for anyone and all skin types.

The two hand lotions we received included the Lemongrass & Cedarwood which has a strong scent that leave your hands smelling gorgeous for hours, it is a light liquid creamy formula for your skin to absorbs it and keep your working hands feeling soft throughout the day. The second hand lotion was the Grapefruit & May Chang which has a fruity fragrance, really nice refreshing scent, easily absorbed to keep your hands moisturised.

Each range has their own stamp and signature which we at The Amazing Blog, really appreciated and even more liked the idea of this packaging. The next product we received was part of the Lavender range: a Hand Cream infused with a combination of lavender, rosemary thyme and mint. The lavender and mint are quite overpowering in a good way as it really shines through and smells so gorgeous it makes us want to eat it.  

The Hand wash from the Lemongrass and Cedarwood range also has a strong fragrance like its hand lotion but it compliments it really well. It is refreshing to use and we advise you to use the hand lotion after as their combination leaves your hands feeling smooth and soft with a lovely scent.

Finally, you can never have too many candles in winter time, when it’s cold and raining outside the best thing to do is cosying up in the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot cuppa, watching television and of course with nice scented candles… As each range has their own candle and diffuser it really adds more value and a unique touch to each collections. We tried the candle from the Sweet Orange collection an we loved it.

These are the perfect products to stock up for winter time and would make lovely gifts too. You can purchase the Lemongrass hand lotion for £14.95 here , the Grapefruit hand lotion for £12.95 here, the Hand cream from the Lavender collection here for £11.95 and the Hand wash here for £12.95. Last but not least, you can purchase the Sweet Orange candle here for £15.95.

Daily Exfoliating Cleanser and Night Treatment – Altchek MD

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we have come across countless anti-ageing creams and serums, yet not many that have preventive as well as corrective qualities. That’s why we are really excited to share these products, by Altcheck MD, with you that do provide these anti-aging aspects: the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser and the Night Treatment.

The Daily Exfoliating Cleanser is a preventive cleanser that reduces the visible signs of aging by revealing clean and smooth skin. This preventive cleanser does in fact work thanks to its micro-polish particles and calendula extract balances, which softly exfoliate your skin whilst also moisturising it to calm irritation. As it’s a daily exfoliating cleanser you can apply it every morning or evening by massaging it in for 30-60 minutes. For maximum results we recommend using the Night Treatment, as it helps restore and replenish your skin overnight to smooth lines and increase firmness. Finally the antioxidants included improve protection against environmental stressors. After washing your face with the daily exfoliating cleanser, apply the night treatment on to your face with a massage until absorbed.

Try this preventive and corrective routine with the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser for £12.50 here and the Night Treatment for £14.50 here.

Vegan Lean Protein - Strippd

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle all year round is important not only for appearance wise, but mentally and physically too. Here at The Amazing Blog  we understand how difficult this can be; it is easier said than done and especially in the winter season. We have found a product created by Strippd that had been designed especially for women to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle this winter.

At The Amazing Blog we appreciate this brand taking the time to design proteins for women by keeping their needs in mind. Exercising can be a chore at times especially for business women living a crazy and exhausting lifestyle. Strippd has a new premium range of Whey and Vegan proteins and supplements which are suitable for women of all ages. The products help improve your overall wellbeing, and make you feel amazing inside and out, but also boost your energy and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Being consistent and maintaining a good lifestyle you will see the results in your outside appearance such as your skin, nails and hair . It keeps you healthy and glowing. We were lucky enough to try the Vegan Protein which is a plant based protein that boosts your metabolism and enhance your immune system. The product is available in three different flavours including mixed berry, vanilla and chocolate which are all delicious. You can also add some ice to your drink to keep it chilled make it taste more like a milkshake or a smoothie.

Look after your body and your mind with Vegan Protein by Strippd and buy your favourite flavour here for £ 20.00.

Styling Feature - Friday Favourites

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In a blink winter season will be approaching us shortly, and the weather will slowly take a change for the worse in the UK. This means one thing for us women are hair will be affected! Here at the Amazing Blog we are huge fans of keeping are hair looking stylish.  We have a few products we have added to our styling guide for you this winter: John Masters Organic, Oribe, Davines and Zerreau.

It’s essential to keep your hair in good condition; John Masters Organic is the first brand we recommend to give your hair the ingredients it needs. It can be hard to keep your hair styled throughout the day with out it flattering down; we suggest trying the Volumizing Foam it’s a lightweight mousse that will give your hair the volume and lift its needs with a soft hold without leaving your hair dry and hard.  This product is suitable for all hair types, you can use on damp or dry hair, plus it works well to start from the roots to give the extra volume to your hair and then blow dry for a long-lasting effect.

The second product is an organic Hair Spray, it is natural plant-based hair spray that has a sweet fragrance that compliments the hair well, and it also gives your hair a flexible hold without affecting its natural texture and no flaky residue.  You can style this product with damp or dry hair; it will add natural volume and lift throughout the roots.

Avoid having unflattering hair this winter and grab the Volumizing Foam here for £28.00, and you purchase the Hairspray here for £24.00. 


The second option to our hair guide is a Texturizing Spray, from the brand OribeFor bigger, better hair this product is the perfect hair spray essential to build incredible volume and lift. In comparison to other hair sprays in the market this product will not leave your hair dry or hard, it will do the opposite this product absorbs oil to your roots and will leave the texture soft and silky.

All you need to do is shake and spray for a sleek hairstyle that will last day and night and give you the volume and shine to your hair that you desire.  This product arrived in a sophisticated packaging it compliments how well the product works for your hair texture.

If you want to have a silky but sleek hairstyle then this is the product for you, you can purchase this here for £39.00 in the 300ml size, it is also available to purchase on Amazon too. 



The third option to our guide is a Perfecting Hairspray by the brand Davines this product is an essential to your hair kit, when you are styling your hair and want it to remain in a certain style through the day and night. It’s a medium holding spray that is designed to hold your hair together but still have natural movement with out any excess residue.

This product is suitable for all hair types, it is recommended to use this product on dry hair only. If you want a quick easy fix this product is for you it dries very quickly and adapts to all hair types.

Grab this long-lasting hairspray here for £22.80.



Last but not least on our styling guide is the new revolutionary technique Towel Off by the brand Zerreau. This is a new haircare innovation it is a shampoo foam that cleans and refreshes your hair without water, how crazy is that? All you need to have is a towel to remove any excess foam and magically your hair is brand new again.

We were sent two different options the Apple Shampoo Foam and the Strawberry Shampoo Foam. This product is perfect for when you are on the go you can use this anywhere or anytime it requires zero water, but the bubbly foam removes any gels, wax, grease and any oil and odours from your hair.  It’s fast and easy to use plus it doesn’t leave your hair sticky it does the opposite you hair will feel soft and fresh again.

This product is unlike others in the industry it is a new hybrid it isn’t a leave in product or a dry shampoo but it has the magic of a wet shampoo plus the convenience of a dry shampoo and on the plus side the fragrance is very fruity and leaves your hair smelling eatable.

Grab this new styling product that is travel side ready, and fast to use you can purchase the products in stores such as Sainsbury’s and Superdrug for the retail price off £6.29 each. The Strawberry foam is available here, and the Apple Foam you can grab here.