Renouve - Anti-Aging Every Day Defense Hand Sanitizing Serum

Living in London and using public transit, it is no surprise that we here at The Amazing Blog find ourselves in need of a good hand sanitiser to carry with us through the day. All too often, however, we find our hands cracked and dried by the time the day is up. We, therefor, couldn’t have been happier to receive Renouve Anti – Aging Every Day Defense Hand Sanitizing Serum. This revolutionary product is the world’s first anti – ageing hand sanitising lotion made with collagen stimulating peptides, and our hands couldn’t be more thankful.

Renouve is exactly what you look for in a hand sanitiser, killing 99.99% of bacteria while remaining alcohol free. Even more than that however, Renouve is clinically proven to firm skin and diminish wrinkles. After using this serum just a few times each day, the skin on our hands felt tighter and younger.  Renouve does this using palmitoyl tripeptide – 5 which stimulates collagen production in your hands.  Needless to say, after using a sanitiser that cleans, moisturises and gives us skin that feels and looks younger, we’ll never use generic again.

Renouve Hand Sanitizing Serum comes in six unique colours to match your mood and can be purchased here for £22.00

Kahina - Lip & Face Balm

Here at The Amazing Blog, we often cart around a multitude of beauty products in our handbags, so that we’re ready to strike whenever a bout of dry skin or frizzy hair attacks. Unfortunately, the abundance of products can often become a little weighty, so we always appreciate travel sized and multi-purpose products. Kahina’s Lip & Face Balm falls into both those categories, so, naturally, it has become a staple in our bags this summer.

Packaged in Kahina’s signature sleek, black glass packaging, the pint-sized balm is perfect for an on-the-go beauty regime. Its soothing blend of natural, powerhouse ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory Calendula, Sea Buckthorn Extract and Olive Oil, help to soothe and repair dry skin and lips. On first glance, its honey hue doesn’t look like the type of product you’d like to smooth onto your skin. However, the oily concoction gives just the right amount of moisture when blended into the skin, leaving it feeling perfectly nourished and not at all greasy. It’s the perfect addition to any packing list.

Pick up this little jar of wonder elixir for £34 here. It’s certainly worth splashing the cash when it makes your skin feel this fantastic. 

Triumph & Disaster - No Dice Sunscreen

With the hot summer we’ve had so far, everyone should have a sunscreen they can wear every day, but all too often it seems that sunscreens are designed for a single day at the beach and are too harsh for day-to-day use. Triumph & Disaster created No Dice Sunscreen to combat this problem, and we at The Amazing Blog couldn’t be happier.

No Dice Sunscreen SPF 50 replaces the harsh chemicals found in most sunscreens with natural actives like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are easy on the skin and less irritating than other chemicals used to repel UV rays. Not only does No Dice include ingredients that are less irritating, it also contains green tea and jojoba esters to actively moisturise and serve as antioxidants.

You can apply this sunscreen with confidence knowing that it meets all global SPF and broad spectrum testing standards. As an added bonus, No Dice is non-greasy and feels light on the skin. We were able to wear it without feeling weighed down all day, and unlike most sunscreens it has a mild and pleasant smell

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself from the harsh sun this summer, Triumph & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen SPF 50 can be bought at Selfridges for only £36. Simply apply every two hours and take on the day with confidence.  

Indian Superfood Pop-Up

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re always exploring food markets, and feel that there’s nothing better than discovering a delicious treat on the streets of London. With that in mind, you can be sure that we’ll be heading down to London’s latest pop-up stall, Indian Superfood.

Every Sunday during the month of July Gurpareet Bains will be serving up some delectable lunchtime dishes sure to satisfy one's appetite. Taste his signature Chicken Curry with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Goji Berry Pilau, often recognised as the ‘world’s healthiest meal’, or nibble on Spicy Marinated Prawns. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a treat for you this weekend. 

This pop-up will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of Gurpareet Bains bestselling Indian Superfood cookbook. Awarded Chef of the Year in 2011 at the Curry Awards, Bains's cookbook includes a variety of cuisines designed to tantalize the taste buds in a healthy way. If interested Gurpareet Bains cookbook can be purchased here RRP £12.99. 

If you’re looking for an exciting foodie adventure this Sunday, head down to Brick Lane to try out some of Gurpareet's famous dishes. The pop-up will be located outside the entrance to the Backyard Market, Old Truman Brewery E1 6QL. Fingers crossed it keeps running for longer than the month of July! We say "go check him out" because we want him to stay throughout August, September, etc. :)

Niyot Lipstick - Striptease

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love styling our summer outfits with on-trend accessories.  We believe that adding a bright pop of colour is a wonderful way to spice up your look. The easiest way to do this is often through make-up, and so we were delighted to receive a beautifully bright Niyot lipstick, the perfect summer accessory.

Launched by London based make-up artist, Toyin Cayoi, Niyot Beauty boasts a wonderful range of products and colours, from nudes to berry hues, with mattes and cream formulas. We were delighted to embrace the brights when they sent over their juicy pink shade, Striptease. Fabulously creamy and hydrating, this Niyot lippy is brilliant for summer wear. It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t catch in the crevices of your lips, an issue that can be hugely noticeable with more neon shades. One of 12 crème lipsticks in the collection, we’re keen to try out some of the more natural shades. In the meantime, however, we are happy to be sporting a hot pink pout.

Sadly, the brand isn’t yet available in British currency, but watch this space, and in the meantime, their site ships internationally. Pick up the Striptease Crème Lipstick for $25 here, and embrace brights this summer.