London Craft Week 2016

Do you like arts and crafts? We at The Amazing Blog sure do, and we are definitely going to attend London Craft Week. Join us at Craft Central and experience the magic of craftsmanship and true creativity.

From 3rd to 7th of May, Craft Central will be showcasing exceptional craftsmanship from around the world through a journey-of-discovery program, featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands. Discover and witness how world’s most respected makers and artists develop scents of famous fragrances, polish and cut diamonds, hand paint porcelain and shape silver. Meet renowned ceramics, glass engravers, violin makers and see Chinese calligraphy being performed live!

All arts and crafts enthusiasts are surely going to enjoy five days full of imagination,individuality and passion being performed live across Central London from 3rd to 7th of May for free! . For more information on the event visit London Craft Week's website.

Day Cream and 10-in-1 Hair Oil - Nurture Replenish

We at The Amazing Blog know that our readers are women of all ages, so we like to feature a variety of products that cater to different needs. That’s why we were happily surprised when we came across a range of products that are specifically tailored to the needs of women during and after menopause. Unlike other products made for mature skin and hair, the Nurture Replenish line focuses on nutrition supplements alongside complementary beauty products, all containing phytoestrogens to help replenish levels of oestrogen. We were given the chance to try out the Day Cream SPF15 and the 10-in-1 Hair Oil.

The Day Cream SPF15 contains Lipobelle Soyaglycone, the most active form of phytoestrogens available. It stimulates the production of collagen and prevents degradation, to improve skin density by up to 17%, whilst reducing lines and wrinkles. It also contains Vitamin E to improve skin texture as well as starflower oil to increase flexibility and pro-vitamins B5 and B3 to reduce epidermal water loss. The fragrant 10-in-1 Hair Oil contains a blend of natural oils, vitamins and phytoestrogens to moisturise, boost shine, provide colour protection, improve texture and manageability, and prevent breakage.

Restore balance and replenish your body with the Nurture Replenish Day Cream here and the 10-in-1 Hair Oil here.

Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask – Bee Good

Here at The Amazing Blog, our beauty cabinets have been getting a little cluttered with all of the products we’ve been using. It’s times like these when we really appreciate multi-purpose products like Bee Good’s Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask.

This skin-perfecting face and body enzyme treatment mask works to prep and hydrate the skin to maximize the effectiveness of any skincare regime. It works in 4 different ways: as a facial complexion booster, a weekly scalp treatment, a hand rescue remedy, or an SOS mask. The ingredients are a blend of British bee products and British botanicals including: Natural alpha hydroxyl acids (which gently exfoliate the skin), Natural waxes (such as jojoba and sunflower), Propolis, Bisabol (which calms and balances the skin), Plant oils (rich in Vitamin E), and Wildflower honey that’s high in anti-oxidants and amino acids. These potent ingredients target challenged or hormonal complexions as well as ageing and dehydrated skin from scalp to feet.

This miracle all-in-one product is available from Bee Good here for £39.95.

Stojo Collapsible Cup

Here at The Amazing Blog, we live very busy lives. More often than not, we are taking our things on-the-go and running out the door. For times like these, it’s very important to us to have things that are functional and practical at the same time. For this reason, we were extremely excited when our good friends at Bear & Bear sent us the Stojo Collapsible Cup.

This cup is designed to eliminate waste from disposable coffee cups while being super-compact and portable. The unique design allows for the silicone body of the cup to collapse down to a two-inch disc that can be stowed in your bag or your pocket when you’re busy being busy. The rigid lid is leak-proof and the cup also features a rigid thermal sleeve that slides onto the body of the cup when in use and slots into the bottom of the collapsed cup when not in use. It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean!

If you’re trying to eliminate excess waste from disposable cups, try out this nifty travel cup here for £15.

Adnams Ghost Ship Crisps - Fairfields Farm Crisps

If you’re looking for crisps with a difference, we at The Amazing Blog think we’ve found them! Fairfields Farm Crisps has teamed up with local brewers Adnams to take the concept of a pint and crisps to the next level. Introducing the Adnams Ghost Ship crisps, a pale ale flavoured crisp that makes for a “hauntingly good snack”.

These crisps are definitely like nothing we’ve tasted before, they have a subtle malted barley flavour that pairs perfectly with a cold pint. We also think they’d be perfectly suited for dipping into a light tzatziki sauce, as the distinctive bitter beer flavor would be brightened with the refreshing qualities of yogurt and cucumbers.

Fairfields Farm has built its reputation on great tasting, quality crisps with local flavourings, and these Ghost Ship pale alecrisps don’t disappoint. Pick up a packet or two from a local deli or farm shop nationwide, or at an Adnams store.