Organique - Endorphin Serum and Rejuvenating Serum

Here at The Amazing Blog, we often find ourselves in need of an energy boost midweek. When our skin needs a little rejuvenating, we reach for Organique’s Rejuvenating Cranberry Serum and Chocolate Endorphin Serum. These two products are just the treat our skin needs to get us through a long week.

If you need a bit of relaxation to regain your energy, the Chocolate Endorphin Serum is the perfect solution. Using a complex called Stimu-Tex®, the Serum improves microcirculation and restores the skin’s lipid barrier. A little goes a long way, and the serum absorbs easily into the skin. After a few minutes, the serum left our skin feeling smooth and soft. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate? It is hard not to feel relaxed with the smell of cocoa coming from nourished skin.

For a little rejuvenation after relaxation, the Rejuvenating Cranberry Serum is the way to go. This serum uses the ABI Complex to stimulate collagen production and protect skin cells from damage. It also comes with a dose Vitamin C to stimulate skin healing and leave you feeling energised. The Vitamin E in the serum also works for anti-ageing and leaves the skin feeling tightened and strong.

If you feel your skin needs a bit of a boost to make it through the week, Organique’s Chocolate Endorphin Serum is available here and Cranberry Rejuvenating Serum can be bought here for £17.50 each. 

Natura Siberica - Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub

We are all guilty of wanting to lose a few extra pounds without the workout, and here at The Amazing Blog we are no exception. While this may seem an impossible dream, we were pleased to discover that the Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub from Natura Siberica can actually help to lift skin and shed some of our extra weight. Count us in!

While we may have been skeptical at first, we were glad to discover that this Body Scrub lives up to its promise of smoother and more toned skin. The scrub is packed full of all sorts of unique Siberian ingredients such as Wild Juniper and Organic Meadowsweet that are super concentrated with vitamins and minerals. The product not only exfoliates, but actually enhances your skin’s natural immunity to toxins. Wild Harvested Milfoil helps to improve your body’s contours and make you look slimmer by increasing skin firmness and elasticityArtic Raspberry Seed Oil and Wild Mint stimulate the skins natural metabolic process and leave your skin rejuvenated. The bright scent of the scrub combined with its relaxing effects leave the skin feeling as if we’d just had a professional spa treatment.

If that wasn’t enough, the Icy Sugar Body Scrub is free from Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic Dyes and GMOs. The wild-harvested Siberian ingredients all hail from local communities. You can use this product with peace of mind knowing that its production support small Siberian tribes.

If you find yourself in need of a spa day that leaves you a bit thinner, the Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub can be bought here for just £11.59.

ZV2 - Day and Night Serums

Here at the Amazing Blog, as the only man in the office I am often nagged at to take care of myself better. Skincare doesn't tend to be at the top of my list, an attitude that I'm sure is shared by most men. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we received the ZV2 Spray on Serums.

ZV2 have created two advanced serums for both Day and Night, each contain a dose of high powered ingredients. They compact all of this into an ultra-fine mist spritz that simply melts into the skin. Quick and Easy! The perfect product to ease me into somewhat of a skincare regime. 

The ingredient list has a plethora of goodies and vitamins, carefully selected for their intensive action on the skin. The serums use Sensfeel technology, an active ingredient designed to stimulate the male pheromones, increasing his manly attractiveness via a totally natural process – I’m sold! 

ZV2 Day serum additionally provides broad-band AV protection from sun damage and other optimum performance ingredients, whereas ZV2 Night provides lasting nourishment and hydration, as well as fixing the imbalances caused by external factors during the day. After a few weeks of using this, I will admit the ladies were right on this one. I've noticed a big improvement in the look and feel of my skin, no dry patches in sight.  

ZV2 serums retail at £52 each, start taking care of your skin and order yours here. You won't regret it.

Alternative London Tours

We are aware that many of you will be flocking to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, but here at The Amazing Blog, we wanted to give you another option. Something a little… alternative.  Alternative London is an off-the-beaten track experience that offers a variety of unique and informative London tours.

Art Enthusiasts in particular will love the London Street Art tour, you have the option to explore the East End either with a walking, biking, or evening tour. The art itself is enough to take your breath away, we are particularly intrigued by the Graffiti Workshops. Think of it as an art class with an edge, finally, education we can get excited about. 

The guides are extremely helpful and informative. Their knowledge of the art, culture and history comes from their close ties to the community, and background as street artists themselves. What better way to learn than from the experts. If you find yourself working up an appetite after touring the wonderous street art, then try out their Food & Drinks Tours that take you to a few of the best pubs in the East End.  After all, no London tour is complete without a pint of lager. 

The Alternative London Tours are the first in London to run on a pay as you go basis. The tours are available this weekend at Spitalfields Market, each lasts for roughly two hours. Book your own Alternative London tour on their website.

Soigne Nails - Barbe A Papa Range

Bright colours are perfect for this time of year. Whether you’re on the beach, or strutting around the city, we’re firm believers in making a statement with our bold beauty choices. The girls at The Amazing Blog are big fans of Soigne polishes, and their Barbe a Papa range of summer colours are perfectly in keeping with our bold and beautiful ethos.

With a large range of luxurious colours in their core collection, the French brand has introduced three new shades for summer 2015. Of the trio, we were excited to try the Framboise Bleue shade. A tropical greeny blue, the hue would look wonderful on an island getaway – what better to coordinate with than the crystal ocean waters? As we’re not currently on a tropical island escape, we’ve had to settle for jazzing up our typing hands in the office. Still, the shade adds a wonderful pop of colour, and looks fabulous with the light, cream clothes that we often sport at work.

Paired with their Oxygen Base Coat and Gel Effect Top Coat, we were left with fabulously glossy nails that looked professional even after our shoddy paint job. Housed in the ultimate opulent packaging, the indulgent polishes are free from carcinogens, as well as containing 85% plant-sourced raw ingredients.  Chic and environmentally friendly, we can’t think of anything more we’d want from a manicure.

Add some Parisian sophistication to your manicure with the Soigne summer collection. Pick up the beautiful Framboise Bleue shade here for £11, as well as the Oxygen Base and Gel Effect Top Coat here for £13 each.