Riad Of Aromas - Sensitive Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog we’re lucky enough to be constantly trying out new products, but sadly, we come across the occasional cream that irritates our skin. When we’re feeling a little sensitive, it’s a relief to find products designed to treat exactly that. Free from chemicals, alcohol, and all of the other skin drying nasties, Riad of Aromas is the answer to all our prayers.

Riad of Aromas takes pride in concocting the cleanest skincare, perfect for treating sensitive skin of all kinds. The range of botanical ingredients in their products treat a plethora of problems that trouble our complexions throughout the seasons. Of the three products we tried, we couldn't find fault with any of them. Their Cherry and Juniper Berry Gentle Hydrating Cleanser not only smells divine, but it removed our make-up with ease, leaving us with a soothed and hydrated face.  It easily wipes away the grime of the day, whilst maintaining your skin’s natural PH, ideal for those who struggle with breakouts. We followed with the Hydrating Neroli & Rose Maroc Hydration Bio Mist Toner. Rich in Omega 3 and other natural oils, the mist has a wonderfully cooling effect on the complexion, perfect for spritzing on a hot summer day. Last but certainly not least, we tried the Jasmine and Prickly Pear Replenishing Face Cream, which is great for combating even the driest of skin. The subtley scented cream left our skin feeling rejuvenated, plumped and youthful.

For those looking to calm and soothe your skin, Riad of Aromas is a real luxury treat. You can buy their products here, prices start at just £16


Herbal Legend - 'Philtre de Bellis' Hand & Body Cream

After trying so many luxurious lotions, skincare and bodycare products at The Amazing Blog, sometimes we want to go back to basics with our routine. Since our skin has been in need of some TLC lately, we reached for the anti-ageing 'Philtre de Bellis' Hand & Body Cream from French brand, Herbal Legend, for some much needed moisturisation.

The lotion utilises natural medicinal herbs like Organic Bellis Extract that are free from pesticides, so sensitive and dry skin can find instant relief. The lightweight, silky texture makes application a breeze, and your skin will feel moisturised without being weighed down. Its subtle Asian Jasmine scent makes it the perfect unisex product as well, so both men and women will enjoy the lotion and its benefits. We loved how the cream made our skin feel, and have absolutely no complaints about the formula. We noted that Herbal Legend stands out in comparison to popular aromatherapy products, since the botanicals in this lotion are new and exciting, giving customers a fresh experience. This is definitely a cream to look out for if your skin craves natural hydration.

You can buy the Herbal Legend Hand & Body Cream here for €22. Sadly, it's not available in pounds just yet, but we think it's worth the purchase.

Oppo Ice Cream

The Amazing Blog team will never turn down a sweet treat, especially frozen ones as the weather gets warmer here in Chelsea. Too many artificial sweeteners can weigh us down, so when want something a bit more natural we reach for Oppo ice cream as a healthier alternative with the same great taste.

Oppo began when brothers Charlie and Harry Thuillier decided to travel 1000km along the Northeast coast of Brazil via kite buggies powered by the wind. When they started running out of food, they started eating local coconuts that gave them hydration and healthy fats and protein. With their new passion for natural ingredients, they returned home and thought about how coconut milk could replace unhealthy fats in traditional desserts, like ice cream.

After some research and failed first attempts, Oppo has grown into the company it is today. There are three ice cream flavours – Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate Swirl – in the collection, and each one is made with a superfood ingredient for added benefits. All of the flavours are sweetened with the natural, zero-calorie stevia leaf instead of sugar and cream and virgin coconut oil. These are ice creams you can feel great about indulging in.

Oppo ice creams are sold at participating Waitrose stores, so check their stockist list to see if your nearest Waitrose sells Oppo. 

Friday Favourites - Gluten-Free Snacks Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love enjoying delicious snacks throughout the day to keep us focused and energised. For our readers with dietary restrictions, we understand that quality gluten-free snacks are not always easy to find. To solve this problem, we made it our mission to search for gluten-free products that taste great and won’t harm your body. Here are our top four favourites out of the products we discovered. 

All of the snacks from The Foods of Athenry ere a big hit here at the office, especially the cookie shots! They make a variety of delicious treats, many of which are gluten-free, so your whole family can enjoy their yummy snacks. The Foods of Athenry is a family-run business based in West Ireland. Their gluten-free snacks include a variety of different breakfast cereals, cookies, crackers, flapjacks, grab & go bars, biscuits, cakes and scones. Their gluten-free products are certified by the Coeliac Society, since all of the snacks have the crossed grain symbol on the box. Since some of their products do contain gluten, they avoid cross-contamination by using two separate bakeries. You can shop all of their gluten-free snacks here, where you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of products. 

Perhaps the most nutritious item on our list, we loved the healthy olives from Urbangrains. The two varieties we sampled were the Black Kalamon Olives and the Green Olives. Both olive flavours are organic and are marinated in olive oil and oregano. Since they’re harvested by hand and are delicately prepared without being processed, the quality is top-notch. We could tell the difference in taste between these olives and other types of olives you might find while at the grocery store. They were a satisfying snack on their own, although they would complement a plate of cheese and crackers if you’re in need of a larger snack. Head here to get a few packs of these Greek olives for £3.

Everyone at the office agrees that a yummy chocolate spread is the perfect finish touch on top of a biscuit or piece of toast. Our new favourite chocolate spreads are from Jim Jam’s, a family-owned business that strives to eliminate all of the hidden sugars found in many common spreads. All of the spreads made by Jim Jam’s are gluten-free and contain no added sugar, so you can rest assured knowing you’re providing your family with the highest quality available. The side of each jar contains an easy “choccie milk” recipe, so you can enjoy the spread in more than one way. At the office, we tried the Milk Chocolate spread and the Hazelnut Chocolate spread, and we highly recommend them both. Find out which retailer nearest you sells the Jim Jam’s spreads here. A few popular places from their list are The Co-Operative food and TK Maxx.

Last but certainly not least, we enjoyed the double chocolate gluten-free cookies from Angelic Gluten Free. Each one contains less than 75 calories, have around 30% less fat in comparison to other gluten free cookies and are made with dairy-free chocolate chips. Plus, they have the same amount of taste and flavour you’d expect from cookies with gluten. We loved how perfectly portioned each cookie was; they weren’t too big or too small. They came in a package that made them easy to serve and share with others, or you can keep them to yourself if you’d rather. Head to the Angelic’s website and use their store locator to find the shop nearest you where you can purchase the cookies.

Opatra Dermisonic

Here at The Amazing Blog, proper skincare treatments are highly valued. We generally stick with our standard cleanse, tone and moisturise routine daily, but sometimes we need something more advanced, similar to treatments we might receive from a beautician. Professional skincare device brand Opatra has the solution for a more advanced skincare regime that has professional results, but done in the comfort of your own home. It is with their revolutionary DERMISONIC skincare set.

The DERMISONIC combines five key elements into one multi-tasking device. These include: Ultrasonic therapy to increase the production of collagen, vibration massage to accelerate blood circulation, Ion+ electrical charges to remove impurities and dead cells, Ion- electrical charges to allow skincare products to penetrate into the skin more effectively and LED light therapy for anti-ageing benefits. When I tried it I was particularly impressed with how easy it was to use, plus how quickly I felt it working on my skin.

Before using this device, you'll need to cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply the appropriate cream or serum. The three different light options – red, green and blue – all offer a different benefit. The red light brings anti-ageing technology, the green light assists with providing anti-pigmentation benefits and the blue light helps acne suffers with its anti-bacteria wavelengths.

The main feature of this clever kit is their DERMISONIC device, with four buttons to operate the system according to your skin, along with a charger and cord. It also contains protective eye-wear, cotton squares for cleaning the device as needed and a serum (mine was the Dermiserum AntiAging). What we like that it offers a  'salon treatment at home' option and we'd certainly suggest it as a must for anyone who has regular salon facial - just think how much money you'll save!

Pick up your own DERMISONIC device here for £295.