Notting Hill Carnival

Before you know it, it will be back to work again after this summer bank holiday weekend! However, don’t feel down because here at The Amazing Blog we have an event that’ll make this a weekend to remember, as The Notting Hill Carnival is coming to town!

The Notting Hill Carnival, well known as Britain’s biggest street party, has taken place annually on the streets of Notting Hill, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 1966. It will start at 9am on Sunday 28th August until 7pm and the same time on Monday 29th of August. It will be the perfect opportunity to dance, get crazy or just to dress in a comical outfit.

This carnival is also a fabulous day for the whole family, with an exuberant Parade for Children led by the carnival team with various music styles and breathtaking performances. On Monday, it will be the Grand finale with 60 bands in crazy costumes. Music is the most important part of Notting Hill Carnival, so expect to hear traditional and contemporary sounds like Soca & CalypsoReggaeR&BFunk and House music. Live stages will feature local bands but also international artists.

Head on down to The Notting Hill Carnival, a free event for all to enjoy.

Rejuvenating Powder Serum and Rich Rejuvenating Moisturiser - Bath Spa Skincare

At the Amazing Blog we all know the importance of having a good skin care regime to keep your skin looking youthful. So when the Bath Spa Skin Care was delivered at our office we were looking forward to see how these products work.

We was lucky enough to receive a new product the rejuvenating powder serum it is a unique serum designed to be quickly and easily mixed with your moisturiser to help protect your skin against free radical damage to help your skin look younger for longer.  The product rejuvenates your skin with fresh anti-ageing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The benefits of using this product is it reduces inflammation and redness you may have in your facial appearance, it improves your skin by brightening, softening, smoothing and hydrating your face and also helps even out your skin tone.

Alongside using the powder serum it is recommended to use one of their best sellers the rich rejuvenating moisturiser to achieve the best results. The moisturiser is suitable for dry skin as it improves the radiance and texture of your facial skin; it also helps repair any damage that may have been caused and protects your skin to avoid any damage in the future.  These natural products are effective as it is fuelled with effective ingredients that are pure and kind to the skin such as omega 3, and 6, it is also extremely high in vitamins. This product is scientifically proven to help slow the rate of ageing down and the mix of using both of these products on a regular basis has delivered outstanding ant-ageing results.

Both products are available on their website the powder serum is £32.00 you can purchase it here and the moisturiser is £27.00 and available to purchase here

PureServe Color Saving - Intelligent Nutrients

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how hard it is to maintain new hair colour. Most of the time our colours fade all too quickly, which is why we were very excited when we discovered the new PureServe line from Intelligent Nutrients, designed specifically for colour treated hair.

Their PureServe Color Saving line offers a Shampoo, a Conditioner, and a Shield. The sulphate-free, plant-based formula Shampoo helps to remove build-up without damaging the hair. The Plant Bioactives also clean while protecting the hair and the colour, meaning you can use it just like you would a normal shampoo. The Conditioner keeps the bounce while still leaving the hair feeling smooth thanks to the Plant Bioactives and nutrient-rich formula. In addition, the lightweight conditioning lotion protects hair from daily damage and UV. For an extended treatment, you can leave it on for 3-5 minutes. To complete the process, the Shield protects hair from environmental toxins that can oxidise your colour while leaving your hair shinier, smoother and stronger. To use, it is recommended that you spray on it dry hair before washing and spray again onto clean, damp hair.

Make your hair soft, shiny and vibrant with the PureServe Color Saving for £32 (Shampoo 444ml) here£21 (Conditioner 200ml) here, and £28 (Shield 200ml) here

Face Tan Water & Personal Outdoor Spray, Insect Repellent – Eco by Sonya

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Despite the mildness of summer experienced here in England, at The Amazing Blog, we are still always looking for useful, trendy summer products. That’s why we are really happy to present our latest find, the Face Tan Water & Personal Outdoor Spray from Eco by Sonya.

If you’re tired of annoying mosquitos, we found the perfect solution: an Insect repellent personal outdoor spray. This spray is a blend of CitronellaBasil & Lemongrass and is perfect to repel insects. This spray is suitable for the whole family and the entire body, including the face. Therefore, essential oils will hydrate and nourish your skin in the process of also ridding your personal space of insects.

Now that you’re protected from mosquitos you’re ready for face tanning. This Gradual Tanning is suitable for all skin tones and is anti-acne & anti-ageing. In addition to hydrating your skin it also brightens it, reducing the need for foundation. Made with natural and organic ingredients it was voted the Most Innovative Beauty Product of Spring/Summer 2016 by Cosmopolitan Beauty Experts.

Try these two useful summer products here for the Face Tan Water at £22.95 and here for the Insect repellent at £10.95. 

Acai Berry Superfruit Pack Original Blend – Sambazon

Here at TheAmazingBlog, we are all so passionate about health, wellness, and always love discovering the incredible properties that food can bring. So when coming across the Superfruit Packs from Sambazon, we could not wait to give them a try.

Sambazon is a fair-trade brand created in Brazil that aims to preserve and protect the Amazon Rainforest. They recognise it as a great resource, as well as, is where they obtain their main ingredient: the Acai fruit. The company presents the Acai in many different forms for you to choose from, such as Superfruit Packs, Frozen Sorbet, Energy Drinks, and Fresh Juices to Acai Powder. We personally opted for the Original blend Superfruit Pack, but once again, you have the choice to select the most suitable for you: between Pure Unsweetened, Supergreens, and Performance Protein Acai.

The Acai fruit is a super food known for being filled with antioxidants as well as omegas, fibre, and protein. The product is perfect to add into your favourite smoothies, acai bowls or frozen pops and certainly to sip under the sun by the pool! You do not even have to worry about inspiring yourself to make something creative, as you can find a number of different recipes right here.

Go on and grab the Acai Berry Superfruit Pack at your local Whole Foods store, priced £4.99 for a pack of 4 sachets or online at ,priced £48 for a pack of 30 sachets.