Friday Favourites - Mother's Day Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know that we’ll never be able to repay our mum’s for the endless amount of love and support they give us. We may not get to see our mum’s regularly, but we always think about them and how much they have impacted our lives. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to give you a proper gift guide designed to please your mum, since she deserves only the best on this day and every day. 

To help your mum unwind on her special day, treat her with a beautiful quotation candle from Not on the High Street.

You can choose from four different quotations to put on the candle, including “A mother holds her child’s hand for a short while but their hearts forever” and “Mum, I know you’ve loved me as long as I’ve lived, but I’ve loved you my whole life” and two other sweet phrases. After the quotation, you also have the option to customize the signature, which a remark such as “you’re the best,” followed by your name.

In addition to the four different quotations you can choose from, the candles come in four colours to choose from: light stone, medium stone, pale rose and duck egg blue. It’s made from 100% natural soy wax and has an average burn time of 35-40 hours. The gift wrapping is also included with the price, plus you have the option to add a personalized gift tag to the candle to make it extra special.

Order your candle here for £25 and give your mom a long-lasting gift this year.

To give your mum time to reflect this mum’s day, give her this bold “I Love My Mum” notebook from Smythson. She can gather all of her thoughts and record all of her goals and dreams in this stylish notebook.

Featuring a lambskin cover, in a fun hot pink colour with shiny gold text, this notebook makes a statement and lets the world know how much you love your mum. It’s filled with 96 leaves of lined, pale blue, featherweight paper designed to capture every note or idea written on every page. Just like any quality journal, a sturdy pink ribbon bookmark is attached so your mum can mark her most recent page. It’s portable, easy to carry and will always remind her of you.

Head to the Smythson website here to get this lovely notebook for your mum for £35.

To add a sweet touch to your mum’s bathroom, pick up a few bars of the Lavender Hand Soap from Dr. Harris and Co. for a beautifully scented hand washing experience.

The soap is designed for delicate skin, so it will not cause any irritation if sensitive skin is an issue your mum deals with. It lathers extremely well, so let all of the lavender-scented suds wash away any impurities while deeply moisturising your skin. Hand washing just got a lot more luxurious.

Get a three-bar pack of these adorable soaps here for £17.50.

For a gift your mum can display for all to see, we recommended a Mother’s Day inspired flower bouquet from The Flower Stand Chelsea. With all of the vibrant colours and varieties to choose from, you can choose an arrangement that suits your mom and her personality perfectly.

The Flower Stand shop can be found near Fulham Road and Old Church Street, with clientele ranging from footballers to film stars. The prices of their flowers are some of the most competitive in London and are of very high quality. When you mum receives one of the bouquets, the flowers will be in top-notch condition. They are shipped from Holland overnight, and then are cut and arranged into vases within 24 hours.

The Mother’s Day arrangements come in a variety of colours, ranging from white to yellow to pink to red. Some of the flowers you can choose include lilies, roses, tulips and lilacs, depending on whatever your mum prefers.

Head to the Mother’s Day section of their website here and check out all of the different arrangements you can choose from, starting at £35.


Of course, Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without a special treat. Macarons by Babette will be having a pop up shop just in time for the holiday.

These macarons compare with the best of French macarons. With flavours like pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel and lemon, they are almost impossible to resist! These lovely treats are sold in beautiful gift boxes that your mum will love.

The pop up shop will be on 62 Old Church Street and will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 14th March and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 15th March. Can't make it to the shop? Not to worry, you can order your box of 20 Macarons by Babette here for £23.

Acorelle Perfumes by My Pure

We here at The Amazing Blog love wearing an elegant fragrance regularly to help us smell good and leave a great impression on everyone we see throughout the day. Just like a manicure is a wonderful finishing touch to an outfit, fragrance does the same. Since we love fragrance and organic products, we’ve been loving the Acorelle collection perfumes from My Pure.

The French range Acorelle fragrances are all made with natural ingredients and are certified organic. They’re even said to make you feel good, so the scents act as a healthy mood booster, as the natural fragrance molecules used in the products are said to enhance your mood and feelings of well-being.

The scents in the collection include: Jasmine Allure, Intense Cherry, Brilliant Pepper, Vanilla Gardenia, White Orchid and Essence of Rose. Here at Amazing PR, we’ve decided our favourite scent is Intense Cherry. It’s a rich, robust floral fragrance that makes a statement without being too strong. We still love all of the scents in the collection, since other scents like White Orchid are better suited for an office environment.

If you’re stuck in a scent rut or just looking to try something new, we definitely recommend these fragrances to help you smell as great as you look!

Head here to get your own bottle of Acorelle fragrance for only £15 per bottle. You can also purchase rollerball fragrances or gift sets if you’re hoping to share the gift of fragrance with a loved one.

Majique - Nail Buddy

We here at The Amazing Blog love painting our nails and having fun with new colours. A great manicure is the perfect finishing touch to a stylish outfit and keeps you looking your best. Since sometimes a DIY manicure can lead to spills and messes, we love the Nail Buddy from Majique because it keeps our nail polish bottle safe and steady as we work our manicure magic.

With no spills and no messes to worry about, the Nail Buddy makes painting your nails a really enjoyable experience. It’s great for use at home or on-the-go, since it’s small and portable. We're guilty of painting our nails in bed, and as a result, have been victim to a spillage or two over the years. Thankfully, this convenient little base is the perfect way to keep your sheets clean and your manicure looking perfect. We really like that the Nail Buddy fits snugly between our legs, so that you don't need to have a flat surface to rest it on, and it will fit nail varnish of any shape or size. And with a range of colours to choose from, we were spoiled for choice.

To take all the hassle out of the perfect paint job, head to the Majique website and get your own nail buddy for £7.99.

Label.M - Brunette Texturising Volume Spray

Here at The Amazing Blog, we're constantly looking for ways to give our hair that 'done' look with minimal effort. Recently, we got our hands on the Brunette Texturising Volume Spray from Label.M professional hair care, and have finally found the 'get up and go' product that we've always craved.

As the official haircare sponsor of London Fashion Week 2015, we already knew we were on to a great product. After all, if it's good enough for the catwalk, who are we to say no. The brunette-friendly spray was added to the collection after the brand's original Texturising Volume Spray was a roaring success. Launched last year, it became a popular product so quickly that the founders decided to develop a brunette-specific version to give a lift to darker roots.

Utilising the same concept as a dry shampoo, the spray is the perfect way to give brunette barnets a bit of oomph. I simply sprayed through my roots, and after a bit of finger work, I found that I had the perfect tousled style with a dose of extra volume in no time at all. It also has the same hold as a hairspray, so you don’t have to worry about your hair flying everywhere in the unpredictable London wind. A hairspray/dry shampoo hybrid could potentially have devastating effects on the texture of your hair, but I'm pleased to report that my tresses were neither crispy nor powdery after use. It's a great product for giving you hair and mood a necessary boost when you're feeling a bit deflated.

Each spray costs £12.95, so stock up on the backstage favourite here and say a fond farewell bad hair days.

Kokoa Collection - Hot Chocolate

We here at The Amazing Blog are looking forward to warmer weather. However, as spring hasn't quite yet sprung, we're still happy for the excuse to warm up by indulging in a cup of hot chocolate. That’s why you’ll see us sipping on gourmet hot chocolate from Kokoa Collection, as it provides us with a one of a kind hot chocolate experience.

Once you've given this fabulous luxury drink a try, your old instant hot chocolate powders will be heading straight for the bin. The delicious tablets are perfect for melting into a cup of hot milk, making a silky, creamy drink that will have your mouth watering. Whatever your chocolate of choice, Kokoa makes five different hot chocolate flavours inspired by five different areas of the world. Each product represents the unique characteristics from every country’s original cocoa plant variety. My favourite, the White Hot Chocolate, hails from the Ivory Coast and brings a sweet, creamy and wonderfully indulgent taste to the table. If you're looking for something a little more bitter, the 82% Extra Dark Cocoa blend from Madagascar is a strong, rich blend that gives more of a kick. Whatever your ideal flavour, there's definitely something for you to sip on.

Do your taste buds a favour and pick up your own packet of Kokoa Hot Chocolate here for £4.99 each and enjoy every sip of your indulgent treat.