Victor Rejuvenating Serum - Walker Johnston

Any skincare routine worth its salt will contain at least one product to protect skin against premature ageing. It’s imperative to protect skin from free radicals and UV rays if we want to remain looking youthful and not let our skin betray our years, or worse make us look older than we are. As such, all of us here at The Amazing Blog have a product that we swear by – in fact it has often led to disagreements over which moisturiser, serum or essence is superior, but we can all agree that Victor Rejuvenating Serum can do no wrong for male skin. With no harsh smells, chemicals or animal testing, Walker Johnston has created a male skincare line that matches the standards of women’s products while meeting the specific needs and concerns that male skin has. 

The serum we used is a multi-tasking proprietary complex designed for intense epidermal rejuvenation and reducing visible signs of ageing. By preventing free radical damage, the serum helped guard skin against the development of fine lines, contributed to retaining skin’s firmness and elasticity and left skin looking plumper and feeling firmer.  

Walker Johnston is a British company that makes their products in New Zealand, using the best ingredients that nature of the region offers. With 74% of the serum being made from organic ingredients, including Black Fern ‘Mamaku’ from New Zealand and Hydrolyzed Keratin, the product is full of natural goodies to help skin look and feel its best. 

As Father's day approaches, this serum makes an excellent gift and is one guaranteed to help keep you father's looking his best for as long as possible.  You can purchase the serum here for £44.95

Friday Favourites - Latest Cookbooks

We love nothing more than making a home cooked meal at The Amazing Blog. We find the process of cooking to be an incredibly therapeutic one, as well as being one of the best ways to make small and easy changes in your life. We’ve always thought that mixing things up in the kitchen is an excellent, if not the best, way to lift yourself from a slump. In fact, many of the best evenings we’ve had, have been sitting around a table with friends sharing a bottle of wine and a delicious and carefully prepared home cooked meal. As such, we are always looking for new cookbooks with exciting, delicious and new recipes for us to try! So here is a review of five of our favourites to help you add a bit of extra spice to the kitchen; from five-star restaurant cuisine to Jewish home cooking,  game day favourites and kitchen hacks! We've even included a special book for all you chocoholics out there!

First on our list is The Mountain Café Cookbook: A Kiwi in the Cairngorms, which was written by the brilliant chef at the Mountain Café in Scotland, Kirsten Gilmour. One of the main reasons we love this book is its inclusivity! In the introduction, Gilmour talks about taking a trip with a coeliac friend and realising how hard it was for her friend to eat food and stay healthy. Despite being told food was safe for her it often wasn’t, and she would suffer the horrible effects later. As such, Gilmore vowed to make food that was reliable for everyone. Her book is filled with mouth-wateringly good recipes and using a key, she takes the care and time to let you know which recipes are gluten-free, vegan, egg free, wheat free and dairy free! It can be a daunting task finding a recipe that is safe or reliable when cooking for a friend with dietary restrictions,  and in our experience has led to less than desirable meals, but with this book in your kitchen those days will be a thing of the past. Having this key takes the pressure off, and you know that everyone will be happy and leave the table feeling safe and looked after.

The book is full of exciting flavours including your favourite classic dishes with restaurant quality twists; such as beef, chorizo and mushroom stew, lamb kofta kebabs and sweet potato, spinach and caramelised onion quiche. The salads in the book were definitely among our favourite recipes, and were so much more than your everyday garden variety salad; our two favourites were the seared lamb, halloumi, orange, roasted carrot and almond salad and the sweet potato, red pepper, pine nut and feta salad. These are delicious as light summer dinners as well as healthy lunches to take with you to work.

You can purchase these wonderful recipes and much more here from £20.00

Diana Falk’s cookbook, The Hungry Fan's Game Day Cookbook: 103 Recipes for Fangating, Eating, Drinking & Watching Sports, is the perfect book for those days when everyone comes over to watch a big game or race. The food is not only fun but delicious, and each recipe is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

The book is a mixture of healthy and decadent ideas, that will all help with the festivity and excitement of your next sports event. From Bacon, Cheddar Spud Nachos to panko and coconut crusted prawns to lentil salad – there is a delicious recipe in here for every sports lover you know. What we think is fabulous about these recipes is that, whether your guests know everything there is to know about sports, or are completely uninterested, both will have a fun time – even if your team loses!

You can purchase this cookbook here for £18.22 and be the MVP of the day!


We cannot think of a more appropriate title for a cookbook, as in Yiddish the word Fress means “to eat copiously and without restraint.” This is exactly what you’ll want to do as you peruse the recipes in this book. Emma Spritz was a finalist on BBC1 Masterchef, and her cookbook brings together a melting pot of Middle-Eastern and Eastern European tastes to create big flavours that are happy and sociable dishes to feed to friends and family. 

We love how unfussy Emma’s style is, her food is all about extracting maximum flavour from the simplest ingredients in the easiest way.  Embracing recipes from Poland, Russia, Israel, North Africa and Algeria, there is bound to be a delicious recipe for you in here. Whether the recipe brings back a homely familiarity or an exotic new flavour you cannot go wrong with these meals and are sure to wow your friends. 

you can purchase Fress: Bold, Fresh Flavours from a Jewish Kitchen here for £17.00 to start cooking these delicious Jewish flavours at home

Next, on our list is Mastering Chocolate: Recipes, Tips and Techniques from a Master Chocolatier - we would be monsters if we didn’t give you at least one indulgent dessert-centric cookbook! If you want to wow your chocoholic friends and be revered as the master of all chocolate, then this book is for you. With twenty recipes from simple truffles to awe-inspiring tiered cakes, this book explains the essential equipment and provides complete step-by-step photos of each stage of every recipe to help you make the most perfect desserts possible.

The book was written by award-winning pastry chef and chocolatier Mark Tilling.  In case you don’t know who he is, he is the twice UK chocolate master and winner of the first series of BBC2’s Bake-off: Crème de la Crème. These recipes have been tried, and tested and are easy enough to tempt beginners while having the perfect range and creativity for professional chefs! We are still on the lookout for another excuse to make the utterly divine chocolate berry tart!

If you fancy becoming a master chocolatier, then you can purchase Tilling’s cookbook here for £20.00.

Now, while this final book is not technically a cookbook, we simply had to share it with you as Kitchen Hacks: Uncommon Solution to Common Problems is a definite must have! The book teaches you brilliant and easy ‘kitchen hacks’ such as how to professionally hull of a strawberry using only a straw, how to easily peel a hard boiled egg, and how to preserve herbs by freezing them in oil for easy and quick use the next time you need them. What we loved about this book is how it has completely revolutionised the way we move around in our kitchen and how we prepare the food we make. It’s taught us new, better and more time efficient techniques. So now when we have a dinner party, it’s an effortless occasion, and we get to spend time with our guests! We cannot imagine our lives without this handy book being within reach.

You can purchase your very own kitchen helper here for £7.99

So what are you waiting for? Anyone of these books will spice up your everyday cooking or impress at your next dinner party or family lunch. So whether you are trying to get out of a slump or looking to dazzle someone, you'll be able to do it with these in your kitchen. 

Anti-Ageing Face Serum and Cleansing Foam - Eleni and Chris

Like many of you, the simple beauty of scandi-chic has inspired us here at The Amazing Blog, and we cannot get enough of the pure, natural and simple essence that accompanies the ethos of scandi fashion and beauty. As such, we were thrilled by the opportunity to review Eleni and Chris, a beauty empire created by a mother and daughter duo. Eleni and Chris have developed a unique cosmetic brand, free from chemicals and using only the finest and purest of Scandinavian ingredients. Inspired by their landscape, and the rare resources their homeland offers, they have created some utterly unique and exceptional products. 

We sampled two of their skincare products; the first was a powerful  Anti-Ageing Face Serum and the second, a refreshing Cleansing Foam. Both products contain cloudberry seed oil and Scandinavian glacier water, which are the real magic behind the product's success. Cloudberry is an incredibly rare berry that not only contains vitamins A, B, and E, Magnesium, and Calcium, but a single berry has four times more vitamin C than an entire orange. The glacier water is sourced directly from natural resources near the Arctic Circle. The water is crystal clear and because it's extracted near the source contains higher levels of oxygen. 

Eleni and Chris aim to create visible results, results which are effortlessly achieved with their uniquely Scandinavian ingredients. As such, they have created an Anti-Ageing Face Serum that naturally revitalises skin and enhances complexion, while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. As well as creating a Foam Cleanser that effectively removes impurities and makeup while keeping skin hydrated, fresh and velvety smooth. 

We loved both these of these Eleni and Chris products and cannot wait to try more in the future. If you want to try these brilliant products then you can purchase the face serum here for £95.00 and the cleanser here for £58.00

Swissdermyl - professional skincare

photo blog final.jpg

As you all know, we love brands that create products that are designed to target specific skin concerns. So when all of us at The Amazing Blog discovered the brand Swissdermyl we were more than just a little excited to sample the different ranges they have available. With over 30 years of experience and good old-fashioned research, Swissdermyl has discovered unique formulas and some of the best ingredients to create an advanced professional skincare. With a combination of plant extracts, essential oils and Swiss scientific technology, it is no surprise that Swissdermyl is known as a high-performance skincare brand. 

The first two products we sampled were Swissdermyl's Skin Renewal Cream and the Skin Renewal Serum which have been crafted to alleviate and lift dry and dull skin. Both of these products use AHA as a key ingredient. This is fantastic news for anyone with blemishes from having been a spotty adolescent. AHA acts as an exfoliant to lift and remove scars helping lead to clearer and brighter skin. The unique formulas create long-term results, in part due to the Glycerol acid giving the products a deeper range of actions, in particular regulating and increasing cell growth for firmer, stronger skin. We suggest using the serum before bed allowing the gel-like formula to soak in, then use the cream in the morning to refresh your skin for the day. Alongside these two products, we tried the Firming Serum and Firming Moisturiser. A similar idea to the skin renewal cream, using one before bed and the other in the morning to firm the skin by tightening, smoothing and restoring elasticity.

The second range we tried was the Swissdermyl’s Day Range which includes Radiance Day ProtectionIntense Day Protection, and 1st Wrinkle Day Protection. The Radiance Day Protection effortlessly absorbed into our skin and brought a youthful radiance and glow back that is often lost through ageing. The Intense Day Protection, with a very light texture, is a multifunctional cream which supports and protects the skin’s hydration levels and should be used daily to garner the best results. Due to its particular formula the 1st Wrinkle Day Cream has potent anti-oxidant properties that shields skin from free radical damage. Thankfully this is suitable for all skin types and what we love it for is its instant smoothing effect. Last but not least, we tried the Multi-Vitamin Serum, which is a mix of powerful ingredients. The Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant to aid in neutralising free radical damage, while Vitamins A and F hydrate the epidermis and Vitamins B5 and B6 support cellular metabolism. This Multi-Vitamin Serum is great for brightening the skin, and penetrates the skin’s dermis quickly.

There is a different skincare regime to match every skin type or issue.  We suggest that you contact your nearest salon, which stocks this professional skincare range of Swissdermyl to have the experience and find out which are the best products for your complexion.  To search for your nearest salon click here.

Eye Shadow - Rouge Bunny Rouge

As May creeps by and Summer draws ever near, it’s time to begin thinking about switching makeup palettes from warmer Winter and Spring hues to brighter Summer tones. With this in mind we are turning our attention to Rouge Bunny Rouge, a brand that The Amazing Blog has always loved and have in fact previously reviewed! They very kindly sent over some inspired beauty products, such as their Surprise Eye Shadow PaletteLong-Lasting Duo Cream Eye ShadowLong-Lasting Eye Shadow Refill, and their Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche.”

We loved all of the products, and it’s hard to pick a favourite, but perhaps the most exciting was their Surprise Eye Shadow Palette. This palette comes with five surprise colours. All you know is that you will recieve one highlighter, one shimmer shade, and three neutral tones. The seemingly endless combinations of a stunning collection, make the anticipation of receiving the product part of the fun and made the shopping experience feel more like we were purchasing ourselves a gift rather than shopping. If you like the colours you receive then you will be pleased to know that the palette is refillable; great news if, like us, your favourite base tone runs out faster than the rest. The case is magnetic so holds the shades firmly in place, but allows you to top up when needed. So when the product inevitably runs low you can order one of their Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Refills, available in six colours which last for 8 hours, to replace what you've used.

To achieve a lasting and perfectly smooth eye shadow application, the Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow will become a staple of your makeup in no time at all. Available in two forms: Gossamer Wings and Birdwing Beauteous, you can achieve two different and desired effects. The Gossamer Wings tube, which has a creamy shade on either end, is infused with Para Cress Flower Extract as well as Coffee Extract, to stimulate natural skin lifting, increase collagen production and up the skin’s defences. All of which will give you more youthful, less tired and brighter eyes. The Birdwing Beauteous formula contains a high amount of water which helps to nourish the delicate eyelid skin. The fact that both are free from oil, parabens, alcohol and silicone oil is an added and important plus.

If the surprise palette isn't for you and, you want to know what you're getting, then the Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche” brings together four of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s most stunning shades. Not only will your eyes look incredible, but this eye shadow is blended with natural Argan Oil and Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid which leaves the shadow feeling silky and lightweight rather than powdery and patchy.

Unfortunately all of Rouge Bunny Rouge's prices are in Euro's, but don't worry, you can still purchase them if you live in the UK. You can purchase the Surprise Eye Shadow Palette here for around £50.00, the Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow here for around £42.00, the Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Refill here for around £17.00 and the Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette “Caliche” here for £59.00 or there abouts.