Adigym Endurance Exercise Cream

The Amazing Blog staff members love staying healthy and exercising. Adigym respects the desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and sent us samples of their newest body firming cream to give us some extra motivation.

Adigym is a body cream that provides the same body-toning effects as those gained through endurance exercises. The product contains a newly discovered formula called actigym, which contains a Bermudan marine plankton extract that is scientifically proven to regulate the production of type 1 muscle fibres. Type 1 Muscle fibres are often gained from swimming, running or cycling. They assist in reducing fat uptake, which results in a tighter and more toned appearance.

Still feeling skeptical? A trial on 60 women ages 35-50 reaped amazing results. The average participant lost 3 c.m. on the waist, 2.9 c.m. on the upper thighs and 2.4 c.m. on the upper arms. The general body weight loss of the women using the product was 4kg, which we find incredible! Additionally, Fran Newman-Young of “Made in Chelsea” uses the product, and she has time and time again reassured the public that it is effective.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle of moderate exercise and a generally healthy diet, Adigym can act as the perfect finishing touch to helping you get the weight loss look you desire. Thanks to this product, we are feeling more fit than ever! Adigym Endurance Exercise Formula costs £24.95 (150ml) and is available here