Alassala - Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Being the curious beauty enthusiasts that we are, we at The Amazing Blog love experimenting with unique beauty products and techniques. Having already fallen for organic UK brand, Alassala in the past, we were eager to try their intriguing new product: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay. Upholding Alassala’s 100% natural ethos, this ethically produced powder may just be the answer to all of our beauty needs.

Rhassoul Clay has been a multi-tasking beauty tool for centuries. Used to treat a multitude of skin and hair dilemmas, we were impressed to discover that the clay mix can be applied as a natural all-in-one detoxifier, cleanser and softener. With this vast collection of uses, it’s a sure-fire way to declutter your bathroom cabinet. All we needed to do was add few drops of Alassala Moroccan Organic Argan Oil and mix with water, and we were left with a silky smooth clay paste, reminiscent of a luxury spa treatment.  The natural oils allow the soft scrub to treat your skin and hair without any irritation, a quality that we can’t get enough of. Providing care for a variety of skin types, the clay gently absorbs impurities and excess oils from skin and hair, leaving us with baby soft skin, and lusciously smooth locks. Enriched with calcium and potassium, among other beauty boosting minerals exclusively sourced from the Atlas mountains, the product improves skin clarity, elasticity and texture as well as reducing dryness, flakiness and blemishes. The benefits of the clay treatment seem to be endless.

Used by the Royal Family of Morocco, we can certainly see how this natural Moroccan treatment is fit for a queen. You can purchase the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay here for £12.99, and you can shop the rest of the Alassala beauty collection here.