Argania - Hair & Skin Products

Though the members of The Amazing Blog staff each have a mutual love for all things beauty, we also embrace the unique and wide array of skin and hair types we have in the office. As soon as Argania sent us their entire hair and skin collection, we were enthusiastic to experiment with each and every product.

The samples we received included the Desert Defence Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, the Cashmere Hair Leave-in Conditioner Spray, the Perfect Texture Salt Spray and the Conditioning Body Oil. Such a bounty for our sun drenched tresses and skin!

We were pleased to find out that each product does in fact treat all kinds of different types of hair and skin. The Desert Defence Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner worked wonders on our co-worker with afro-caribbean hair, for it both restored her natural curl pattern and softened her hair. The Perfect Texture Salt Spray was able to give a lot of body to staff members with thinner locks, along with making it smell sweet and delicious. Finally, we all loved the Conditioning Body Oil for its wonderful vanilla scent and ability to be absorbed so quickly. Overall, the entire collection of Argania products was appreciated in our office, because they worked so well across a large spectrum of hair and skin.

The Argania Collection is made using 100% organic Argan Oil with no added parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate. You can pick up these amazing products here, starting at £7.99.