Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts

Here at the The Amazing Blog, we’ve been looking for a funky alternative to the same old peanuts we’re always snacking on. Thanks to the creators of Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts, our search has finally come to an end.

After two years in the making, what started out just an idea of two brothers was finally cracked and Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts was born. What makes this product so unique is unlike other “wasabi flavour” snacks, (which just use horseradish), Nutsu products are made with real wasabi. Ideal for a quick snack, these crunchy bite-sized treats have perfected the ultimate balance of spicy and salty flavour, which that will always keep us wanting more.

The creators of Nutsu intended for the nuts to be eaten while drinking beer. Because of this, Nutsu is now available in over 400 pubs and bars across London and the UK. Nevertheless, don’t let this fact limit you to enjoying the nuts during all times of the day. We’ve discovered that they are equally as tastey when devoured on their own on any occaisaion. Additionally, Nutsu gives 10% of all of their profits to charity.  Right now they are supporting Action Against Hunger.

If you live in the UK, Nutsu will give you a packet for FREE by simply liking their Facebook page. If you like what you taste and wish to enjoy the snack outside of a pub, contact Nutsu on their website for details.