BEYofi Shaving Gel, Balm and Oil

beyofi temp.jpg

As our desire for ever more intricate and precision shaving styles increases, so does our need for efficient tools with which we can execute our creativity with pinpoint accuracy, whilst still ensuring our skin is as protected as much as possible when the blade descends. We at The Amazing Blog notice that more and more brands are now extending their shaving ranges to include far more user-friendly options, and BEYofi are the perfect example of this - most notably their Mens Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin, formulated with exactly that in mind, whilst also avoiding irritating the skin as far as possible. 

The shaving range is attractively packaged all with pump dispensers. But it is this Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin, that is the one that really caught my eye. Its rich formula is designed not to lather up into an explosion of bubbles, but rather simply provide thorough lubrication of the skin along with effective moisturisation so we can sculpt away to our heart’s content. Similarly, the BEYofi Shaving Balm has also been formulated to ensure it is easily absorbed, soothing the skin to avoid irritation, soreness and reduce the dreaded razor burn. This delight is fragrance-free, allowing your choice of after-shave to remain unhindered as you complete the task in hand.

With an impressive heritage behind him, the creative genius that is Bernard D. Evans, has come up trumps once again with a superb product to add to his already impressive range to help us in our quest. The product however which perhaps exemplifies the versatility of this line is the Mens Shaving Oil, which has a three-in-one functionality, allowing us to use it on it’s own, as a preparation base for a shaving cream, or indeed as a post shave serum, and all with a fresh peppermint and lemon fragrance to engage the nostrils! The Shaving gel retails at £19.75 (100ml), the Shaving Balm for £20.45 (100ml), and the Shaving Oil comes in at £21.45 for 30ml, and all available through here.