Lozano Skincare – SkinTea Active Renewal Masque

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I think we can all agree that finding your idea skincare can be a bit of a challenge. At The Amazing Blog we’re always looking for newly launched brands and today we’d like to introduce you to Lozano, who have launched their first product SkinTea Active Renewal Masque which is not meant to replace your other products, but to properly prepare your skin to help boost them.

Lozano Skincare launched last year by Matthew Kelly, whose aim is to produce a range of scientifically researched, naturally derived and cruelty-free products that work. Matthew explained, “Most skincare regimens seek to cleanse, tone, and moisturise. It can be difficult to find just the right combination of products to achieve those goals, and awfully easy to overuse one or more of them. We’ve solved that problem with a masque that raises the skin’s overall baseline health, allowing users to get better results from skincare routines they’ve grown comfortable with.”

Their hero product is SkinTea Active Renewal Masque, which is packed with antioxidants from white tea, hydrating agents from hyaluronic acid; collagen stimulants from glycolic acid; and exfoliating and cell turnover properties from the lactic acid. One of the things we liked the most about this product is the multiple benefits of the ingredients. White tea aka Camellia Sinensis, is a plant rich in antioxidants, in fact, it is more effective than vitamin C in preventing ageing due to its properties which encourage collagen growth and anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities making it ideal for acne prone skins too. Secondly, 3% hyaluronic acid allows your skin to hold water which means it keeps it hydrated and reduces wrinkles. This component is naturally found in your body, so your skin will identify it and enhance its effects such as skin healing and repair, elasticity, and cell division. Thirdly, the 3% glycolic acid encourages collagen production and cell renewal. It also cleanses and exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells, blackheads and dirt that are blocking pores. All this means that the effects of the rest of your products in your skincare routine, will be more effective as they’ll be able to penetrate the skin more efficiently. Lastly, the SkinTea Active Renewal Masque contains 1% lactic acid, this ingredient acts as an exfoliant, solving any uneven skin tone issues while hydrating it, removing pollutants, balancing your pH and giving you a healthy glow.

It’s unusual to find a product that is fits in perfectly with your other skincare products – a bonus find in our view, and one that won’t be gathering dust in our beauty drawer. To use this Masque start by cleansing your face, to make sure it is free from pollutants. Then apply 3-5 pumps of SkinTea Active Renewal Masque onto your damp face, throat and décolletage. Apply it gently and evenly, do not rub it in! Wait up to 15 minutes then splash warm water using a cloth to remove it, then gently pat dry your skin. They recommend you repeat this process up to 3 times a week – we each used it twice. Our skin felt soft and what was interesting that despite all our differing skin types we all got good results. This is a great product to use taking skin from the summer and preparing it for autumn, particularly if like us your skincare routine changes with the seasons. Get your natural radiance boost with Lozano’s SkinTea Active Renewal Masque with their 50ml bottle here for £32.00 and use the code AMAZINGPR15 to get 15% off your first purchase.