BLONDME Instant Blush - Schwarzkopf

Are you tired of your ordinary blonde hair colour? Do you want to add some colour to your hair, but don’t want to commit to permanent colour change? Here at the Amazing Blog we think we have found just the thing: Schwarzkopf’s BLONDME Instant Blush!

With the new Blonde Beautifier collection launched by Schwarzkopf you can bring excitement to your blonde hair with a temporary touch of green, blue, ash, or rose tone. The Instant Blush Jade embellishes your hair with a touch of aquatic green while the Instant Blush Strawberry offers a soft rose tint. The Instant Blush Ice neutralises yellow tones on top of giving a subtle ash blonde tone. While the Instant Blush Steel Blue helps to neutralize orange tones and leaves the hair with a steel blue tone. In addition to colouring the hair, these products strengthen strands with acidic pH and vitamin complex.

To apply the product, shampoo and condition your hair before spraying directly onto moist hair and combing in to ensure all hairs have been covered. You can use it for partial or full head application and it lasts up to 3 washes.

Adopt the festival look with the BLONDEME range for £8.95 each here.