Pretty Little Palette - The Sassy One Eyeshadow

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We try to keep upbeat as the cool weather closes in, with the wind getting brisker and grey skies appearing. However, we all agree here at The Amazing Blog that a fantastic way to raise our spirits is by discovering a new seasonal line of make-up to play around with. And what could be better than an affordable eyeshadow palette to help us do so. Pretty Little Palettes is a UK line of globally distributed make-up. They are an environmentally conscious, 100% cruelty-free and a vegan friendly company that strives to inspire their customers with their creative collections of bold colours. They also offer matte liquid lipsticks and lipglosses, as well as eyeshadow palettes and contour palettes, all to help you create your desired look.

They sent us one of their luscious Pretty Little Palettes, which all come in designer illustrated recyclable cardboard containers. We tried the eyeshadow palette ‘The Sassy One’ and found that the mixture of bright, earthy tones was perfect for achieving an autumnal look. The palette contains eight eyeshadow colours: LOL, Nah, Never, Seriously Tho, Bitch, Physically, Bad One, and K. We think you’ll agree; that these are a selection of very unusual of names! We were pleased to find that the eyeshadow applied with ease and lasted throughout the day. We have to say that our favourite colour out of the eight was Seriously Tho because of its glorious auburn and copper shimmer. Seriously Tho, is great applied by itself or we liked to mix it with the colours Never or Nah, to make it even more vibrant!

You can purchase your Pretty Little Palettes, ‘The Sassy One’ for £24.00 here. Plus, you’ll get a free Matte Liquid Lip Kit when you buy any palette from the Pretty Little Palettes range. The lip kit contains a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner. Now there’s no excuse not to make autumn even more colourful.

Predator Adventures with the Seabreacher Experience


We at the Amazing Blog sent Simon to explore...

So here’s a question - do you ever watch David Attenborough’s latest watery adventure, and from the relative safety of the living room sectional, thinking ‘hell yeah, I wish I could dive like that?’ Now is your chance, thanks to last year's launch of Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher. The Amazing Blog just loves the fact that you can literally become an 18-foot long killer whale - or perhaps a dolphin in our case, gliding majestically along the River Thames. It is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and exciting options for the metropolitan adrenaline junkie. 


To see for yourself how fun this adventure can be, check out this video. Who doesn't want to give this one a go? Whilst protected by the elements with the F-16 Fighter Grade glass cockpit, you get to live out that Top Gun fantasy. With speeds up to 60 mph above the water, or 40mph below the surface, you will also get to jump 18-feet or dive to 6-feet, it’s one hell of a way to get your heartbeat racing.


Tickets cost from £89.00 (book here) for 20 minutes or £104 for 30 minutes. They also currently have an offer of two people for £189, for 30 minutes.  You can choose your preferred level of adventure: Dare To Conquer, Weekday Blast, or The Ultimate Thrill. However, children have to be over the age of 8-years-old. The demand for a fantastic way to spend 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the level, is going to be huge. So get in there fast and be ready to experience something unique. If you see a BBC camera crew jostling for a picture on the embankment - SMILE! You could be fronting Blue Planet’s opening titles on the new series!

For more information about Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher experiences they’re going to be offering in 2018, or for any other information, please visit here or email info@predatoradventures.com.


Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse and Spray

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Always dreamed of having that perfect red carpet hair? Mousse and hairspray are the go-to products that hairstylists recommend to achieve that va-va-voom glam hair look.  At The Amazing Blog, we think it’s time for you to try out this new natural mousse and spray that just might change your regular hair routine.

Eco-Cosmetics’ new Hair Mousse is the epitome of luxe for less. It helps to give your hair more volume and make it more manageable. We know how frustrating it is, the knots just won’t come out and the frizz doesn’t go down. However, this product really makes a difference. Its formulas are enriched with only eco-friendly and organic ingredients. It contains Pomegranate and Goji Berries, Punica Granatum Fruit Water, Linalool, and Coco-Glucoside; all these ingredients are sourced from organic farming, without synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives. Regardless of your needs, this natural, quality mousse works on all hair types. We found that it certainly protected, nourished, and strengthen our hair giving it a shiny and silky finish look.  The Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse is available  here for only £9.95

The second product by Eco Cosmetics is the Hair Spray. We also highly recommend this product for gloss and volume. Like the hair mousse, it contains the same organic and natural ingredients. This Hair Spray will give the hair lift and shine without leaving it sticky. What we particularly like are the pomegranate extracts, these add moisture to ensure that the scalp and hair won't dry out. If you’re looking for that shine for your hair, Eco Cosmetics’ Hair Spray is the answer.  Grab this new product here for £9.95.

We think this hair styling duo is a great find particularly for those of you looking for a natural alternative to chemically based styling products. Unlike other hair styling products, the hair will remain flexible and shiny, even when being used daily. 100% of the total ingredients in the product are of natural origin. If you’re looking for products that are going to help you create flawless styles, this is definitely for you!  


Vbites Vegan Food and Cookbook


Vegan food has had a bit of a bad reputation in the past. When people think of vegan food, they only think of salads and tasteless fake meats, but bland vegan food is a thing of the past. Due to the bountiful health and environmental benefits of veganism, we here at The Amazing Blog have put a lot of thought into the idea of starting a vegan diet. When we learned the story behind Vbites founder, Heather Mills, we were inspired to try out veganism for ourselves. After enduring a devastating motorcycle accident, Heather discovered that the best way to heal her body was from the inside out. Which meant using a holistic approach rooted in a vegan diet. This story helps to explain why she was determined to create delicious foods that satisfy every craving, while nourishing the body. After learning her story, we were even more thrilled to receive a sampling of the Meat-Free products from this pioneering and award-winning plant-based brand at Vbites.  

Eating less meat or cutting it out completely can be daunting for many individuals, which is why Vbites products are perfect for anyone who needs a little help getting their foot in the door when it comes to becoming a vegan. Vbites offers a wide array of vegan products including meat-free, dairy-free, and fish-free products. To help with meal preparations, we would suggest using The LoveBites recipe book. This cookbook from Vbites comes with each of their Plant-Based Kits, which offers 60 new easy-to-follow recipes to try out and fall in love with. You can whip up delicious alternatives to some of your favourite meals like shepherd’s pie or asparagus quiche that are all completely vegan. From starters to soups, salads and main dishes, these recipes have definitely inspired us to cook more hearty meals that make us feel good from the inside out.

Our personal favourite of the Vbites selection that we tried was the Meat-Free Duck Hoisin (£2.99 for 150g). We added it to a veggie stir-fry and were licking our plates clean. We had some friends over to it try out and they were amazed to learn what they thought was a duck hoisin stir fry was in fact 100% vegan! Coming in a close second was the Meat-Free Lincolnshire Style Sausages (£2.69 for 295g) which we plated up as Bangers 'n Mash for a quick Sunday night supper (with a dollop of baked beans). They truly did taste like savoury sausages and certainly satisfied one very hungry male guest! 

So whether you are already practising a vegan lifestyle or you are considering starting, these Vbites will help you to incorporate some seriously tasty and healthy meals into your diet. You can check out the wide array of Vbites vegan products on their website here

Butterflies in the Glasshouse


Say goodbye to grey skies and step into a world full of colour— or more than 50 species of free-flying butterflies. Spring is just around the corner, but if you’re anything like us here at The Amazing Blog, you’re always keeping an eye out for anything that makes you feel like you’re on holiday right now, preferably somewhere tropical. Butterflies in the Glasshouse is the perfect place to find refuge from the cold. They’re open from the 13th of January until the 4th of March in Wisley, so you can head on down to get an early taste of spring.


Fun fact: some butterfly species have adult lifespans that are as short as one week, while others, like the Monarch, live an average of nine months. We like this event because it is both family-friendly and educational. But, the beauty of the butterflies and cathedral-like glasshouse are sure to amaze people of all ages, while also providing the perfect photo-op. The Education Zone will turn you into a butterfly expert, as you learn about their lifecycles and even use a microscope to take a closer look at the intricate colour of their wings. Did you know that butterflies have taste receptors on their feet? Once you’ve finished admiring the real butterflies, you can pick up a delicious treat from the Taste of Wisley outlets and take a walk down to the lovely garden of butterfly sculptures.

Entry prices are £15.95 for adults and £8 for children 5-16 years, but if you buy online here you can get 10% off and you can also book a time slot to skip the queues here.