Boozy Berries – Pinkster Gin

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At The Amazing Blog we can be a little bit cheeky at times. So, we love it when we come across products that entertain our sense of humour and are a little bit cheeky themselves. That is why we are so happy to present to you Pinkster Gin’s Boozy Berries, because who said you couldn’t have a tot of gin when you are getting your five a day?

These tipsy treasures are the heavenly result of making Pinkster Gin and offer a multitude of glorious uses; however we wouldn’t blame you if you decide to just eat them straight from the jar! Toppled over vanilla ice cream, dipped into dark, molten chocolate or stirred into puddings, these raspberries are destined to deliver.

Head over to Pinkster Gin’s website to order a jar for £6 and enjoy (not too) responsibly.