Deep Repair Masque – Macadamia Natural Oil

At The Amazing Blog, a frequent complaint in the office is that of dry scalps and lifeless tresses. So it was with great pleasure that we received the Deep Repair Masque from Macadamia Natural Oil, the perfect fix for our hair troubles.

A moisture-rich hair treatment to care for all hair types, the Deep Repair Masque is designed to imitate the hair’s natural oils to nourish dry, coloured or unruly hair. This means women, whether they have thin, thick, straight, curly, coloured or treated hair, to experience their hair in its best condition! The mask conditions the hair with macadamia and argan oils, whilst enriching with aloe, algae extract and chamomile and tea tree oils. Just apply the product liberally to damp, clean hair and leave in for 7 minutes to make hair more voluminous, lustrous and easier to style and manage.

Treat your hair to some natural macadamia loving here from £3.75 for a 30mL single use sachet to £39.95 for a 500mL tub.