Salted Vanoffe Hazelnut and Cacao Powder - The Raw Chocolate Co

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It’s finally time for these winter nights with a hot chocolate sitting on the sofa enjoying late night movies and eating everything out of the treats cupboard. Here at The Amazing Blog we can defiantly imagine ourselfves doing this right now. We have found a brand for all our chocolate lovers, The Raw Chocolate Company which products are addictive and essential.

These products are a must for your kitchen goodie treats as the company specialises in chocolate bars, snacks, and protein shakes. We tried one of their chocolate bars: the Salted Vanoffe Hazelnut which was really delicious and melts into the mouth; it has a generous amount of raw hazelnut. This chocolate bar is organic and is suitable for vegans plus it is gluten free. The bar is made of raw cacao and cacao butter too, all ingredients are organics.

If you like to get creative in the kitchen then you will like the idea of making your own chocolate, smoothies, breakfasts and more with the Cacao Powder . It is perfect to make your own protein shakes or smoothies but you can add this powder into your cakes and desserts They will be healthier but even more important, tastier, as this powder is purely organic too.

Choose a movie, take your sweet treat with you and get ready for a cosy night. You can purchase the Salty Vanoffe Hazelnut Chocolate Bar here for £1.99 and the Cacao Powder here for £4.19.