Cookbook Feature - Friday Favourites

At The Amazing Blog we enjoy a variety off delicious food all year round! It can become a routine in the kitchen to cook similar dishes each week when you have a hectic lifestyle that’s why we decided to do a cookbook guide for you. So when you’re at home you can mix it up in the kitchen and refer back to innovative recipes. Here are several essential cookbooks we recommend: Nina Capri, Miso Tasty, Dinner Tonight, Fish and Vegetable Perfection.


Nina Parker dazzled us with her first book exploring St.Tropez after wich; she had her sights sets on the beautiful location of Capri in Italy. Her new cookbook explores the magical part of Italy; through this book you experience the intimate journey Nina went on, exploring the old and the new parts of the city. This book is a representation of Nina’s love and passion for Italian cuisine presenting to us with over 100 original recipes. This is Italian food at its finest this book offers a lighter, healthier approach to cooking also they are gluten free and dairy-free options to choose from in this book including dishes such as breakfast, lunch, appetizers, starters, mains and desserts. Unlike some other cookbooks, this is shot on location of the stunning Amalfi Coast of Carpi alongside the deep blue sea which make the book full of beauty and colour. 

Explore the finest Italian dishes from Nina Parker's book here for £25.00.


The second cookbook we recommend trying is Miso Tasty, for adventurous cooks who would like to explore and expand their repertoire of Japanese dishes. With over 60 recipes to explore there are flavorsome dishes to try from other than just soup. This book shows of versatility of miso, including dips, dressing, marinades and exceptional desserts to discover. This book is an introduction into the history of eating miso regularly and how you take this lifestyle and recipes into your own life, it introduces the heritage and health benefits of Japanese food and focuses on wholesome and nutritious ingredients. The miso expert Bonnie Chung shares his tips and tricks and his expertise's into this book.

If you want to explore the best of Japanese traditional dishes, grab yourself this book here for £14.99.


Dinner can always be a struggle when you’re not sure what you want to eat or bored of eating the same thing. Why not try the book Dinner Tonight by the British food author Lindsey Bareham, this book is a collection of mouth-watering recipes, easy and accessible quick dishes that you can make after a look day at work or a busy day out with the family. This book will become your go to for delicious foods. It is packed with exciting recipes including main dishes and desserts such as polenta with lemon mushrooms, pulled chicken, or a strawberry almond crumble. The book offers a good combination of tasty and imaginative recipes that will be great dishes for your family or your friends to enjoy.

Grab Dinner Tonight for delicious dinners, available here for £20.00.


The last two books have been written by the same author Mat Follas and are exceptional. Mat Follas, winner of UK Masterched show in 2009 wrote Fish which has over 80 inspired dishes sharing his love for fresh fish and seafood. This book is ideal for people who want to explore their cooking skills and learn uncomplicated dishes but taste delicious. Mat touches upon his wealth of experience in cooking down to the basics of preparation whilst enjoying fresh healthy food.


Vegetable Perfection, has over 100 inspired vegetable dishes; Mat shows his passion for vegetarian and vegan recipes. Mat approaches new cooking techniques that modern chefs are embracing adding ingredients to boost texture and flavor, usingvegetables options like kale, cauliflower, humble carrots to cook up a storm.

If you look for sea food and fish made dishes then the book Fish is the one for you, available to purchase here for £16.58. You can also get the Vegetable Perfection here for £14.88.