Volcanic Ash Wax- Windle & Moodie

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We at the Amazing Blog know how hair can change a face and most of the time it’s impossible to keep the morning’s hairstyle all day long. The next product that arrived in our office was awarded winner of “Best Grooming Essentials” at Wallpaper Magazine Design Awards for 2015, you can imagine how excited we were when we received Windle & Moodie’s Volcanic Ash Wax.

This Wax is a blend of volcanic ash and three naturally derived waxes perfectly mixed to give a strong gritty, matte, textured finish perfect for short, choppy haircuts. The wax adds an extra edge and volume especially if you are going for a cool edgy look, or any kind of look you wish to achieve without it being too shiny.

The product gives your hair the extra boost to pump up flat, limp or fine hair leaving it with a natural lift instead of a backcombed mess. The wax comes in a sleek black tub of 50ml. We suggest you rub a small amount of the product in your hands to warm the product before applying it throughout dry hair.

Why not grab this wax now; you won’t be disappointed and it’s time to give your hair the lift it needs, the Volcanic Ash Wax from Windle & Moodie is available to purchase here for £22.00.