Rose Oil Shampoo and Conditioner - Pimps and Pinups

A product that smells dreamy and leaves you hair looking dreamy too? We at The Amazing Blog have found a new shampoo and conditioner combination, which you’ll want to wash your hair with, in the form of Pimps & Pinups Rose Oil range.

These bottles are bold in black, lime green and bright pink, sure to stand out on the bath-top making them a great idea for a last minute present. They are born from the hair experts from Pimps & Pinups salon based in London and New York. The Rose Oil Shampoo is a gel-like substance, thick enough not to make your hair oily after and gives a gentle cleanse ideal for all hair types. The main ingredient for both products is the rose oil. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help promote a healthy scalp, whilst hydrating the hair and being packed with anti-oxidants.  

It works to strengthen hair at the root, protecting against frizz and adds shine. The Rose Oil Conditioner is a thicker version of the shampoo with the signature rose scent. The difference is that the conditioner also includes Shea butter and hydrolysed silk meaning your hair is silky smooth and weightless once dried.

Shake up your hair routine with Pimps and Pinups products available here from £11.99 for the Rose Oil Conditioner or you can get them in Pimps and Pinups London Salon.