Darjeeling Reed Diffuser - T London

Here at The Amazing Blog, we truly believe that a clean and calming environment promotes productivity and general wellbeing. We love to use products that make our homes more welcoming and positive environments. Our office has recently embraced a new room fragrance in the form of a reed diffuser by T London.

T London’s aromatic fragrances are inspired by traditional blends of tea. The one we’ve been loving is a blend called Darjeeling, frequently referred to as the “champagne” of teas. The scent brings optimism into the room with aromatic oils of zesty lemongrass, a twist of citrus and spiced nutmeg that is layered over black tea. The elegant glass bottle also makes for a lovely decorative piece in your home! T London also offers refills for reed diffusers, so when needed, you can easily replenish it.

Spice up your home with the T London Darjeeling reed diffuser here