Dear Barber

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Vanity Fair is not only a place for women but it also welcomes men. Here at The Amazing Blog we know that very well and that’s why we want to present you with the hair and beard range from Dear Barber. From tip to toes it will take care of you with classy scents and high quality products.

If you’re one of those who thinks it’s all about hair or nothing, prepare yourself for an incredible range of cream and pomades that will help you sculpting, shaping and controlling.
Humidity has never been friendly with curly hair, so if this is your main concern put your head in the safe hands of Pomade. It’s a gel that works as a cover and protect your curls, avoiding frizzy hair. Despite other products with the same texture, Dear Barber created a gel that won’t make your hair feel heavy at all and they’ll look naturally neat and shining.

The Shaping Cream is what you’re looking for if you need hold but with a smooth and flexible final touch. This cream is simply stunning, once on your hair it disappears and doesn’t leave any trace of the product. 

For those who love more definition Dear Barber presents Fibre and Mattifier. They both have a waxy texture and are ideal for deconstructed styles but, where Fibre is more for an elastic sculpting result, the Mattifier will shape and hold the boldest styles.

Hair is very important but a beard and moustache are the business card of your face. And Dear Barber couldn’t let them down. That’s why we can gladly tell you something more about the Shave Oil, Beard Oil and Moustache Wax. The oils will protect your skin, preparing the beard for shaving and giving a final sheen touch, while the wax will guarantee perfect hold and shape whatever is your moustache style.

The entire range has a vague retro style and so does the Gentlemen’s Fragrance with its vintage but contemporary twist.  This is the perfect hair and beard care for you or your partner this Christmas. Go buy yours here at Dennis Williams for £45.95.