‘Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon’ at Thorpe Park


Halloween is possibly one of our favourite days of the year. We here at The Amazing Blog love the thrill of all things horror, and so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to seek those thrills.


Get your heart rate rising this Halloween with Thorpe Park’s latest hair-raising experience. New this year, ‘Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of The Demon’ is Thorpe Park’s immersive horror experience. This horrifying journey on the Ghost Train plunges you into the depths of the unknown, with disorienting physical effects and intense live action. The combination of virtual reality goggles, holograms and live action has been independently reviewed as genuinely scary. In fact, it actually has the longest list of safety warnings of any ride in Thorpe Park. With the initial opening, reviews were good but leaning towards mediocre, as people said it wasn’t 10/10 scary. The Thorpe Park team responded to this and made changes to ensure it was a solid 11/10 on the scare scale. They succeeded, and virtual reality melds into actual reality for a truly terrifying experience where people leave stressed, sweaty and shaking. Sign us up!


We will most definitely be boarding this Ghost Train this Halloween. If you believe you’re brave enough to come face to face with the Demon, purchase tickets for general Thorpe Park entry here, where prices start from £47.99 (Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is included in the general ticket).