Energising Cleanser, Aquabalance Mesoserum and Cream – Toskani Cosmetics Skincare

We at The Amazing Blog are always looking for products to treat our skin the way it deserves as well as we are always willing to add new products to our daily beauty routine that can help that purpose. This time we came across Toskani Cosmetics and we were excited to try part of their skincare range: the Energising Cleanser, the Aquabalance Mesoserum and the Aquabalance Cream.

The Energizing Cleanser with CinnamonGinger and Curcumin, has powerful purifying effects leaving the skin revitalised and improving its appearance. This cleanser is also designed to stimulate the absorption and response of any cosmetic treatment you apply afterwards on the skin. For better results you should use it daily, in the morning and evening on your face and neck. When your skin is clean, it is time to apply the Aquabalance Mesoserum. It contains Pure Hyaluronic Acid providing deep hydration of all layers of the epidermis. Enriched with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C and organically-sourced Silicon, the serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles, leaves the skin renewed and shields it against external aggressors. As a final step for the routine, apply the Aquabalance Cream, paraben free and formulated with RetinolNatural Moisturising FactorVitamin E and Vitamin F. Suitable for all skin types, it deeply moisturises your face and provides all the nutrients you need for a healthy-looking skin.

Treat your skin with these premium home care cosmetics at £78 for the Aquabalance Mesoserum, £48 for the Aquabalance Cream and £48 for the Energizing Cleanser.