Eyelash Feature - Friday Favourites

At the Amazing Blog, we all agree that the one makeup staple that gives us the biggest transformation is mascara. The products we can use on our lashes can make a huge difference in how our eyes and overall makeup looks. We decided to gather our favourite products that can make our eyes pop and stand out from the crowd.

FOLTENE Eyelash Treatment_16 BOX [2].png

First up is Foltène’s Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment. This little wonder is a treatment which is designed to strengthen and restructure fragile and damaged lashes. Regular use of makeup, external aggressors, and stress can all contribute to a weakening of eyelashes. Foltène created this treatment using their patented active ingredient Tricossacaride, which has growth stimulating and strengthening properties that help to provide hydration and elasticity to unhappy lashes.

There are no parabens, mineral oil, silicones or paraffin wax, which is a huge bonus for us. Additionally, the Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment is ideal for sensitive eyes and for those wearing contact lenses, as it has been ophthalmologically tested.

The product is simple to use, you need to apply the treatment to the lashes in the morning and evening at the end of your routine. Take care to use it on the thinnest and smallest lashes that are hard to reach, as these are the ones that need the most assistance. Another brilliant aspect of this product is that you can also use it on your brows, resulting in healthier and fuller eyebrows. This treatment from Foltène will leave you with longer, stronger, and more beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows.

If your eyelashes have been damaged by products in the past then this is the ideal treatment to get those beautiful fluttery lashes back. Buy Foltène’s Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment here for £14.95.

Up next is Eye of Horus’ newest product, the Bio Lash Lifting Mascara. We were excited to try this new offering from the brand, as it boasts to be 100% vegan and 98% organic. We were initially skeptical about how effective such a natural product could be but the results are fantastic. The formula is made with botanicals such as marine algae and plant-derived collagen. The mascara also contains Omega 9, Vitamin E, and Castor Seed Oil, resulting in healthy and nourished lashes. The natural ingredients mean that this product is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and can be enjoyed by all.

This mascara from Eye of Horus has been designed to add length, volume, and nourishment to lashes – the ultimate trio for great looking lashes. The double-sided comb brush is easy to use and combs with ease through the lashes, providing lift and volume.

If you are looking for a new mascara made with organic and vegan ingredients, but won’t compromise on quality then try Eye of Horus’ Bio Mascara. You can buy it here for £19.00



False lashes taking too much time in your beauty routine? We at The Amazing Blog know the struggle, which is why we were so excited to try the Nuvega Lash Revitalisation Serum.

Eyelash revitalising serums have been around for a while, however most use controversial ingredients which are not vegan or environmentally friendly. Nuvega is a German company that uses vegan ingredients, combining the science behind lash growth with vegan and natural production, allowing the vegan market to try this new beauty revolution. 
The product claims to stimulate the eyelash hair follicles as well as nourishing the hair follicles at the same time. When we tried the serum we were impressed with how easy it is to apply. We used the thin wand within the package to sweep the serum over like an eyeliner. Only a thin amount is needed, and the product should be applied over all the hairs on both the top and bottom lashes. The product is easy enough to add into a daily beauty routine, and we found the price is reasonable due to its high quality and solid results. The box has clear instructions on how to use the product, making the whole process very easy and fool-proof.
Grow your lashes and banish the need for falsies - the Nuvega Lash Revitalising Serum can be purchased online here for £71.75.




No eyelash feature would be complete without adding some fake eyelashes. These are a sure-fire way to add some glamour and oomph to any look. We love the selection from Pinky Goat - they are a unique brand with a large range of false lashes for both makeup artists and anyone with a love for voluminous eyes. Don’t just take it from us – Pure Beauty voted them Best New Brand of the Year.

We tried many different and exciting falsies from the brand, however our favourites were from the Deluxe 3D Silk Collection. The lashes in this collection are cruelty free and light-weight, with a thin cotton band for a luxurious feel. These lashes add intense volume and lengthen the look of your eyelashes, and can last an amazing 15 uses. You can use Pinky Goat’s exclusive GLUEME Lash Adhesive and Gold Lash Applicator as well for perfect results.

This range alone has 9 styles to choose from, so there are many options for whatever look you’re going for. We loved Mayar from the collection, the lashes were voluminous but understated enough to look elegant and life-like.

To take your lashes to the next level, try Pinky Goat’s 3D Silk Collection False Lashes. You can purchase them here for £21.00.