Millionaire Hair Mist - JKB Argent

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are always look for treatments that can revitalise our hair. Winter can be harsh on us and particularly our hair, making it look tired and dull. Thanks to JKB Argent, we have found a way to make our locks bright and shiny again with the Millionaire Hair Mist.

The Millionaire Hair Mist is a fantastic and natural product; it is pure and organic with 99% natural ingredients. After research, JKB Argent came to the conclusion that oil is a superpower in regard to nourishing hair, therefore they created Millionaire Hair Mist. The only product by the brand, the spray is made out of plant and essential oils. Organic aloe vera, blackcurrant and pomegranate extracts, argan and castor oils, and ginger and sage essential oils are blended together to create a beautiful fragrance and a natural remedy to your hair.

This nourishing oil mist is paraben and sulphate free. The Millionaire Hair Mist is an innovative haircare product which can be used on any type of hair, and can be sprayed onto damp or dry hair. The spray will moisturise, soften, and strengthen the hair cuticle from the inside out. There are no instructions on how often to use, but we recommend to use regularly after washing your hair.  We love that it does not leave your hair greasy but glossy, shiny, and full of life.

Find your light finishing spray Millionaire Hair Mist from JKB Argent here for £35.00.