Irish Cream Liqueur - Coole Swan

The holiday season may be over but here at the Amazing Blog we are carrying on the festivities with a few glasses of Coole Swan. It is a unique cream liqueur that blends Irish Single Malt Whiskey, Fresh Irish Cream and White Belgian Chocolate. This is a very special combination indeed and certainly not just your run-of-the-mill whisky and cream liqueur. The result is a luxuriously smooth and original taste that frankly we cannot get enough of.

Coming from a long line of farmers, the founders of Coole Swan set out to create the finest tasting liqueur using fresh cream produced on their own farm at Tatestown, County Meath. The brand pride themselves on gathering the highest quality ingredients from the most trusted of sources. Coole Swan draws a line between traditional Irish drinks and a modern twist - producing a flavour that is silky, smooth and delicious.

We highly recommend visiting their website to try out some of the suggested recipes that they have created. We made the dessert Coole Swan Tiramisu and a few of the cocktails like the Perfect White Russian and minty The Green Avenue both guaranteed to get the party started!

We loved the elegant and beautiful trademark packaging that comes with the product, and it would make a fantastic gift or party staple. Served best in a frosted glass of ice, you will love the experience of Coole Swan's rich scent and nutty tones, enhanced by the triple distilled Irish Malt Whiskey.

 Coole Swan is just too good to be missed - buy it here from £6.73 to £29.00.