Face Tan Water & Personal Outdoor Spray, Insect Repellent – Eco by Sonya

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Despite the mildness of summer experienced here in England, at The Amazing Blog, we are still always looking for useful, trendy summer products. That’s why we are really happy to present our latest find, the Face Tan Water & Personal Outdoor Spray from Eco by Sonya.

If you’re tired of annoying mosquitos, we found the perfect solution: an Insect repellent personal outdoor spray. This spray is a blend of CitronellaBasil & Lemongrass and is perfect to repel insects. This spray is suitable for the whole family and the entire body, including the face. Therefore, essential oils will hydrate and nourish your skin in the process of also ridding your personal space of insects.

Now that you’re protected from mosquitos you’re ready for face tanning. This Gradual Tanning is suitable for all skin tones and is anti-acne & anti-ageing. In addition to hydrating your skin it also brightens it, reducing the need for foundation. Made with natural and organic ingredients it was voted the Most Innovative Beauty Product of Spring/Summer 2016 by Cosmopolitan Beauty Experts.

Try these two useful summer products here for the Face Tan Water at £22.95 and here for the Insect repellent at £10.95.