PureServe Color Saving - Intelligent Nutrients

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how hard it is to maintain new hair colour. Most of the time our colours fade all too quickly, which is why we were very excited when we discovered the new PureServe line from Intelligent Nutrients, designed specifically for colour treated hair.

Their PureServe Color Saving line offers a Shampoo, a Conditioner, and a Shield. The sulphate-free, plant-based formula Shampoo helps to remove build-up without damaging the hair. The Plant Bioactives also clean while protecting the hair and the colour, meaning you can use it just like you would a normal shampoo. The Conditioner keeps the bounce while still leaving the hair feeling smooth thanks to the Plant Bioactives and nutrient-rich formula. In addition, the lightweight conditioning lotion protects hair from daily damage and UV. For an extended treatment, you can leave it on for 3-5 minutes. To complete the process, the Shield protects hair from environmental toxins that can oxidise your colour while leaving your hair shinier, smoother and stronger. To use, it is recommended that you spray on it dry hair before washing and spray again onto clean, damp hair.

Make your hair soft, shiny and vibrant with the PureServe Color Saving for £32 (Shampoo 444ml) here£21 (Conditioner 200ml) here, and £28 (Shield 200ml) here