Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser


Coming into autumn, you notice that rooms feel stuffy, and the air becomes stale with closed windows and central heating. Luckily, we at The Amazing Blog have found a simple solution with Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser. Fellowstead, founded in 2015 in Peckham, London, began as a modest start-up in a kitchen. This candle company has now since expanded its brand into lifestyle, home fragrance, and beauty. Fellowstead focuses on natural, pure products with a blend of earthy tones as they say: “An ode to all things leafy, herby and green.”

The Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser allows for the tangle of sweet and earthy scents to gently warm a room. The fern and moss fragrances are cooling, reminiscent of a springtime forest walk. These scents also prevent the aroma from becoming overwhelming. What is particularly unusual about this blend is the incorporation of fig. The overtone of the fig brightens the fresh scent and gives the fragrance its delicate fruity aroma. Did we mention that the amber of the glass bottle would look darling on a window sill? Activate the fragrance by sticking the fibre reeds into the bottle. Soon that stale, stagnant air will dissipate. The scent should last up to twelve weeks, but Fellowstead recommends flipping the reeds once a month. Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser comes in a 150ml bottle gift boxed for £24.00. Click here to order yours.