The Magic Flower Company

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We know you might not want to hear this, but, winter is well and truly coming. Although this resonates with dark early evenings, and dreary and grey days, we at The Amazing Blog try to marry up the cosiness of hygge, and brightness of limited daylight. When we came upon the Magic Flower Company, you can’t imagine our excitement at discovering that their fresh flowers last for up to one year! What better way to brighten up your home than with freshly cut flowers that don’t require water, remaining hassle-free all year round. We were more than rather impressed with their Magic Roses, Magic Foliage and Magic Flower Arrangements.

Based in a small village in Suffolk, The Magic Flower Company was founded by entrepeneur Jack Hinshelwood. His company harvests flowers at their peak, preserving them with a unique biodegradable preservation formula. On the website, there is a plethora of floral arrangements which are regularly updated on a seasonal basis. We received 12 Antique Cream Premium Magic Roses, which were delivered in a stylish black box through the post. As you can see from the photo (above), they are the perfect ‘winter white’ and 9 months on, still have pride of place in our office. We cannot urge you strongly enough to invest in these beautiful long-lasting roses - frankly for us, gone are the days of receiving half dead and wilted flowers from a florist’s delivery van!

The designs come in different sizes and prices, which are adapted to meet popular trends and styles, and we rather like the statement flowers of the Cream Hatbox Design. Furthermore, on their website, they offer different gifting options, such as the Mini Present Box or Presentation Rose, which offer more simplistic arrangements. The flowers are available here in different styles, all of which are updated on a monthly basis. To purchase your own Antique Cream Magic Rose, then click here. A single rose is £8.95, or treat yourself to a magic 12 for £94.95.

Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser


Coming into autumn, you notice that rooms feel stuffy, and the air becomes stale with closed windows and central heating. Luckily, we at The Amazing Blog have found a simple solution with Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser. Fellowstead, founded in 2015 in Peckham, London, began as a modest start-up in a kitchen. This candle company has now since expanded its brand into lifestyle, home fragrance, and beauty. Fellowstead focuses on natural, pure products with a blend of earthy tones as they say: “An ode to all things leafy, herby and green.”

The Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser allows for the tangle of sweet and earthy scents to gently warm a room. The fern and moss fragrances are cooling, reminiscent of a springtime forest walk. These scents also prevent the aroma from becoming overwhelming. What is particularly unusual about this blend is the incorporation of fig. The overtone of the fig brightens the fresh scent and gives the fragrance its delicate fruity aroma. Did we mention that the amber of the glass bottle would look darling on a window sill? Activate the fragrance by sticking the fibre reeds into the bottle. Soon that stale, stagnant air will dissipate. The scent should last up to twelve weeks, but Fellowstead recommends flipping the reeds once a month. Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser comes in a 150ml bottle gift boxed for £24.00. Click here to order yours.


Christmas Candle Feature

As winter envelops us here in the UK, we all at The Amazing Blog, are looking to create that cosy warm hygge atmosphere. There is always something very special about lighting a heady and atmospheric candle. Not only the flickering light casting shadows but the gorgeous evocative aromas that help to create the right ambience. And we can't wait to share with you some of our  favourites candles to get you in the mood .

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Breathing the scent of flowers when arriving home is the ideal way to start the evening. Sloane Home Topiary Garden with its fresh and floral notes help you create the peaceful atmosphere we are all craving for during those cold nights. The Sloane Home candles are all handmade, cooled, labelled and packaged. The Topiary Garden candle is made with mineral wax and beeswax, the top notes include apple and bergamot, the heart notes are juniper berries, patchouli, rose and jasmine and the base notes are vanilla, moss and ambergris. These ingredients make a modern, classic yet wonderfully scented candle. Purchase the Topiary Garden Candle  here for £32.00

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When looking for a more luxurious and relaxing ambiance The Wakefulness candle by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is our favourite. Specially crafted to energise and uplift your spirits this candle instantly install a sense of well-being in your home. The candle is made with a unique blend of oils including rose geranium oil, palmarosa, neroli and ylang-ylang oils. To complement the floral notes, the brand added grapefruit and mandarin to bring a fruity and fresher scent to the candle. The combination of these most relaxing and revitalising oils instantly put you in a peaceful and relaxing mindset. The candle is made from natural wax and is contained in an elegant ceramic vessel that perfectly complements your room décor.

Purchase the Wakefulness candle here for £55.


Strawberry Thief scented candle is a rich, earthy grounding candle made by Morris & Co’s. The candle is a rich and luxurious blend of scents including amber, sandalwood, patchouli, incense and vanilla, the heart notes include rose and violet, and the base notes are red berries, mandarin and bergamot. More than the delightful scent, what make us love this candle is the wintery and festive packaging it sports. The candle is contained in a colourful and printed glass with Morris & Co signature design and it  burns for up to 50 hours. Purchase the Strawberry and Thief candle here for £25.


In our opinion, Skandinavisk makes some of the most beautifully scented candles you can buy. We sampled their SKOG  candle which instantly transported us to a Scandinavian forest – in fact, Skog is Norwegian for forest.The Boreal forests cover half of Scandinavia. Unbroken, the forests stretch right from the far south to the arctic circle. The rich and natural scent of the pine candle is complemented by notes of subtle leather and lily of the valley. SKOG candle is hand-poured and made with 100% cotton wick. This candle is the perfect way to add a sophisticated festive and scandi feel to your home. Welcoming and warm, the mini candle will instantly transport you to somewhere a little more beautiful and peaceful. Purchase the Skandinavisk SKOG candles from Cotswold Trading here £15 for the mini candle (16 hours burning time) or here £29.99 for the regular candle (50 hours burning time) there is also a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 10% at the time of publishing this feature - enter code CANDLE10 at checkout. 

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Is there anything better than having a nice beauty sleep and a peaceful night after a long working day? Scentered candle after a year of research and creation created a therapeutic and most relaxing candle that they named Sleep Well. The name says it all; the candle is specially crafted to help you relax, calm your mind and uplift your spirit, thus helping you to have a good night sleep. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients including lavender, chamomile, palmarosa, Ho Wood, Geranium and Ylang Ylang this sophisticated candle combines all the soothing and therapeutic benefits of its components. Fragrance your room with these calming scent, relax and have a good night.You can purchase the Sleep Well candle here for £32.95.


Last but not least, and probably the most glamorous candle of all is the delicious new ‘Bacca’ scented candle from Ancienne Ambiance . This is a must-have when it comes to Christmas candles. ‘Bacca’ which is Latin for small ‘small round fruit’ perfectly describes the vibrant and fruity scent of redcurrants, blackcurrants and an array of freshly picked bursting berries in the candle. This candle is truly 'berrylicious' and has an excellent burning time or 60-65 hours, which from our experience has a scent lasts throughout. The beautiful and sophisticated scents of bursting berries were loved by the Romans, Etruscans and Greeks as they were thought to have medicinal properties. We just love the added bonus of this feel-good factor.

The candle comes beautifully packaged in hand-crafted luxurious gift boxes made in the UK, making them a perfect gift or a gorgeous mantelpiece. Each candle is hand poured in the UK using a unique slow burning natural wax blend and a lead free wick. We want one of these candles burning on our Christmas Day! Purchase the Ancienne Ambience ‘Bacca’ Candle here for £40.

Whether you are looking for just a gently scented relaxing candle, or a rich and luxurious fragrance to set the party scene; we certainly think you'll that find one of these here. 

Room Diffusers by Lilou et Loic London

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Is there anything better than a beautifully scented room? We at The Amazing Blog can’t think of much that rivals the feeling you have after a long day and arriving to a home bursting with comforting, delightful and perfect smells. A room filled with a beautiful aroma can be more than just comforting but can completely relax you, and in our opinion, our friends over at Lilou et Loic London have mastered this art. 

Having a room diffuser in your home is an excellent way to be welcomed as you enter a room. Unlike other room diffusers which can be somewhat unsightly, the diffuser that Lilou et Loic sell makes for great décor as it is a stunning glass decanter. With six different scents that you can choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. They are perfect for any room in the house.  Whether you like a lighter Wild Neroli and Water Jasmine bouquet in your bedroom or a Moroccan Wood & Fine Leather fragrance in your living room, you are bound to find a unique scent that meets your style. With products as wonderful as this it is not surprising that they won an award at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards. 

Clear out all the negative outside vibes and make room for a room diffuser from Lilou et Loic here, now for £45.

Posh Tart - Filthy Velvet

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love nothing more than lighting some candles and unwinding with a few close friends, so when Filthy Velvet sent us one of their fun candles to try, we couldn't wait to use it.

There is a cheeky element to Filthy Velvet that we love, and while they make fabulous candles with beautiful scents, they don't take themselves too seriously. The candles, or "Scented Scandals" as they call them, are chic and set in a circular metal tin, looking at home on any counter, table or mantelpiece. The fun begins as you watch a shocked friend reading one of Filthy Velvet's unexpected names, such as "Big Pants" or "Busty Blonde" or "Pot Head." The provocative product names are original, odd and hilarious, making a superb gift for your sassiest friend.

We were sent the apple pie candle "Posh Tart" which had a sweet apple aroma, with notes of rich, spicy cinnamon and hints of nutmeg, vanilla and sugar pastry. The scent was noticeable but subtle, so you don't have to worry about it overpowering your home. Filthy Velvet's products are all hand poured in Northern Ireland, and are made from the finest fragrance oilsnatural wax and cotton wicks. With a burn life of up to 50 hours, these "filthy little scandals" are sure to leave you smiling for a long time.  

If you want the perfect quirky candle for your home, or a fun gift to give to a loved one, you can purchase a candle from their website here from £10.50.