Friday Favourites - Tanning Feature

Warmer seasons are slowly starting to creep up on us, which only means one thing: serious tanning prep! Here at The Amazing Blog, we are big fans of fake tanning and believe that everyone should be a little bit bronzed. So, we have come up with a few products to get you looking tip top in time for the summer.

It’s essential to prep your skin before applying your tanning lotion, and Kissed by Mii has got you covered. By using Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator and Moisturiser, you will be prepped and ready for a streak free and even glow. Prepare your skin by first using the exfoliator. Getting rid of dead skin helps create a smooth and flawless tan while also removing any tan left over from a previous time.

After using the exfoliator, the Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser will hydrate and prime your skin for a longer lasting glow. Paying particular attention to moisturise dry areas such as elbows and knees will help you avoid uneven spots.

Your skin is now ready to receive the Effortlessly Easy Tanning Mousse - Delicately Light. This blend of red seaweed, green algae and coral seaweed, will be perfect for the first-timers. With a light and airy texture, easy to apply and very fast to dry, the mousse will give you the perfect flawless tan in 6-8 hours. We particularly love its fresh marine scent which remind us our long walk along the seafront.

To get ready for the maximum glow, check out the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator here for £12.95, the Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser here for £13.95 and the Effortlessly Easy Tanning Mousse - Delicately Light here for £23.95.

Benefit has just created a great range to give you that enviable summer glow, and we were excited when they sent us the newest members of their bronzing line, Hoola Zero Tanlines and Dew The Hoola, launching tomorrow (March 12th)! The Hoola Zero Tanlines will give you bronzed skin for up to 12 hours, streak free! Apply all over the body for instant colour with the hands free sponge applicator. It gives you an even tan while avoiding orange hands. We also adore the subtle beachy fragrance that lightly sticks on the skin.

Once we have tanned our bodies, we can use Dew The Hoola liquid bronzer for a lightweight, natural, and shimmerless glow on the face. The liquid bronzer is perfect for year-round because of its soft-matte finish and seamless blending ability. You’ll look and smell like you’ve just returned from paradise.

 ‘Hoola your way to a beachin bod!’ Get Hoola Zero Tanlines here for only £19.50, and Dew The Hoola here for £22.50!

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning after carefully applying your tan to find that most of it has come off on your bedsheets. With Bronzie to save the day, that can now be a thing of the past. The onesie is designed to keep and protect your fake tan; you can say goodbye to streaky legs and a stained bedsheet.

Here is how the Bronzie system works: the fabric is made from a lightweight versatile material which has been specially designed to glide over just-tanned skin. It features underarm mesh knit panels to ensure that your skin can breathe. There is a velour hood for added comfort as well as an asymmetrical zip to allow you to ease your body in and out, so you have minimal contact post tan. The Bronzie is designed to be worn everywhere: the salon, the shops, around the home, and to bed—making it the ultimate lounge wear.

Available in Gold label or Classic; look gorgeous and have a streak free tan by getting your Bronzie here for £34.99.