Garshan Cell Tonic Cream, Body Scrub, Body Oil and Pitta Rose Cream – Lakshmi

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to try new natural skincare, always seeking for products which put the spotlight on natural ingredients. It is for this reason that we love the Lakshmi ranges made of products developed in line with Ayurvedic principles. This holistic approach of skin care aims to balance a person’s body to achieve optimal skin condition, through plant sources. We were lucky enough to receive a few of their products: the Cell Tonic Cream, Salt-Glow Body Scrub and Garshan Dren, all from the Garshan range, as well as the Rose Cream from the Pitta range

For skin affected by cellulite, the Cell Tonic Cream and Salt-Glow Body Scrub are a perfect match. Thanks to ingredients such as Garcinia Cambodia along with natural sources of caffeine like Yerba Mate and Coffee, these products help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The addition of sea salt and Dandelion extract help to detoxify the skin too. We suggest to use the scrub first to remove dead skin and then, apply the cream to hydrate and moisturise the skin. They both have a nice and strong scent of Eucalyptus. Another problem your skin may be facing is water retention or bad blood circulation, which can leave skin looking dull. In this case, we would suggest to use the Garshan Dren, a blend of different oils, made for your body and to solve its issues. The oil drains all toxins from your skin and sooth damaged areas. So, apply the precious oil gently on your skin and massage the right areas.

Finally in the Pitta range, we tried the Rose Cream, which is a day soothing facial cream. It has been especially designed for sensitive skin and developed to strengthen, protect the skin. The formula includes active ingredients such as Argan oil, Topaz essence and Shea butter which work all together to hydrate and calm the skin. Apply the Rose Cream to your face and neck, only once you've cleansed and toned your skin and then massage. This will help your skin absorb the cream and have the best effect possible.

Use the best natural approach for your skincare routine with Lakshmi products. You can find the Cell Tonic Cream here for £30.50, the Salt-Glow Body Scrub here for £25.50, the Garshan Dren here for £39.90 and the Rose Cream here for £29.50.