Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Peptide Eye Serum - Bea Skincare

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It's important to have an effective skin care routine, not just to help make our skin as bright and soft as possible, but because our skin first and foremost works as a barrier to unwanted infections. That’s why at The Amazing Blog we constantly like to remind ourselves and our audience to find a good skincare routine that suits them. We were excited when the brand Bea Skincare sent us two of their products.

The first product we received was a Gentle exfoliating cleanser. Cleansing your face is an essential step in any skin care regime as it helps prevent a buildup of unwanted dead skin cells. Not cleansing your face leaves skin more prone to oiliness, dryness and dullness.  Bea’s new skincare range focuses on an efficient, high-quality beauty range that is non-irritating to the skin and simple to use.  It is recommended that you cleanse your skin daily, once in the morning and evening. Doing so will eliminate dead skin cells and dirt, without over-drying your face. This product uses beneficial ingredients such as green tea to treat your skin.

The next step is the Peptide Eye Serum. If you're self-conscious about your under eyes, then this is the product for you. Once your skin is cleansed, you can apply this product gently under your eyes to reduce puffiness and remove dark circles. Similar to the cleanser, it's recommended that you use this product twice a day for best results. This product's key ingredients include vitamin B and hyaluronic acid.

These products are available to purchase you can get the cleanser here for £29.00 and the serum is also available here for £39.00.