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Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir by SoapNSkin

At The Amazing Blog, we think that everyone needs a go-to product. For us, our number one go-to beauty product is the handmade Argan and Orange Blossom Elixir from SoapNSkin, which is as versatile as it is effective. We cannot live without this product, it is 100% natural, effective on all skin types and can be used on your face, body and hair. Before we discuss the many ways you can use this product and the reasons behind its versatility, we have to tell you a little about SoapNSkin, which is one of our favourite brands. Founded by two mothers, SoapNSkin aims to empower women in any way they can, so not only is their Argan Oil Soil Association Certified, but it is also sourced from a supplier that is dedicated to looking after 600 Berber women that it has employed at its mill. This supplier only employs women and pays them a fair wage as they are often the sole supporters of their families, as well as providing free crèche facilities and education programmes.

Made with ethically sourced organic Argan Oil and Orange Blossom Oil, this beautifully fragranced elixir has a multitude of uses. This is because the Argan Oil moisturises, heals and renews lost vitality in skin and hair, while the Orange Blossom Oil helps to create an enviable glow. The ingredients are packed full of Vitamins A and E, Omega Fatty Acids and anti-oxidants which mean that your skin doesn’t just look better but is actually healthier on a cellular level.

To use this on your face, we would recommend gently massaging a few drops into freshly cleansed skin. The Argan oil is non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog up pores but will leave skin looking more radiant than ever. If you want to heal dry or damaged skin on your body – which can especially occur in the winter months – then we suggest applying the elixir directly to areas of concern and watch skin heal within days. Otherwise merely apply after showering for softer skin. Our favourite use for the elixir has to be when it’s used on hair.  If applied like a serum it will help to control frizz and leave hair glossy, but it also will soften hair and treat an unruly scalp if used as a leave-in conditioning treatment before showering.

We love this product and brand and hope you do too. The product only costs £42.00 and can be purchased here. All profits made from selling the elixir are given back to the communities who help mill the Argan Oil. 

24/7 Balm by Face Matters

A beautiful face balm is a big weakness of ours at The Amazing Blog, and in our expert opinion Face Matters make one of the best anti-ageing and restorative balms on the market. The Face Matters 24/7 Balm is an award-winning multi-functioning balm that won an editor’s choice award at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards

The 24/7 Balm uses the same base ingredient, pure organic silicon, as all of Face Matters other products. This ingredient helps to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, which is an essential part of the formation of connective tissue and helps hair, skin and nails grow and appear youthful. Collagen is effectively the glue that holds us together and keeps us looking, healthier, younger and beautiful.

The balm itself is nourishing and luxurious when applied, acting as a super restorative treatment or an exfoliator. The solid balm melts effortlessly between your fingers into a rich and buttery feel that soaks into the skin. The quickest way to use the product is to massage it into skin before removing the excess product with a muslin cloth.  Our favourite way to use it, however, is to apply it as an overnight treatment.  Simply massage it into skin before bed and wake up to younger, more hydrated and glowing skin. The balm doesn’t sit on the face and is slowly absorbed as your skin regenerates itself overnight, so you don't have to worry about it rubbing off on to your pillow. This is an excellent way to keep skin looking healthy as we approach the colder winter months, especially if your skin dries out in the cold weather like ours does. 

This is a beautiful product that leaves you feeling pampered all day long. You can purchase the 24/7 balm here for £55.00

Face and Body Salvation by Dr Bragi

There are many different skin care routines out there, but no matter which you subscribe to The Amazing Blog believes you should always include the necessary three; cleanse, tone and moisturise. As such we are always looking for innovative new brands that can join this trio and act as a base for our routines. While searching for a new product we came across Dr Bragi and their Face and Body Salvation. The brilliant toning effects of this mist means it works brilliantly as a toner as part of a routine or on its own as a quick pick me up, as it left our skin looking hydrated and healthy all day long.

The Icelandic brand is inspired by the countries unique marine life and the enzymes that inhabit the islands surrounding ocean.  Dr Bragi discovered the benefits of marine enzymes when researching their effects at healing wounds, and decided their healing abilities would be incredibly efficient when applied to skincare.  In the case of the mist, the enzymes help to leave skin looking supple and bright all day. The enzyme’s exfoliating action works to target any pesky patches of dry skin, it targets any hyper-pigmentation and leaves skin deeply hydrated.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, just spray the mist evenly over the face and body and massage in. We can’t imagine our mornings without this mist; it has left us looking younger, brighter and suppler.

This is a must have mist and can be purchased here for £80.00

Excellent Exfoliators - Friday Favourites

Exfoliation is a necessity in any facial skincare routine, but with so many options to choose from it can be slightly daunting. We at The Amazing Blog are here to share some of our favourite methods. No doubt you'll be left with a glowing, baby-soft, smooth face; the perfect canvas for makeup to glide over.

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We started off with the first of our handy helpers, The Konjac Facial Puff Sponge. Made with 100% natural products this palm-sized sponge is the answer to all of your exfoliation prayers. The Konjac Sponge Co. graciously sent us two of their signature sponges: the Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Facial Puff Sponge and the Chamomile Konjac Facial Puff Sponge. Each with specific healing properties, both of these sponges will balance your skin’s pH levels while gently exfoliating and deeply cleansing your skin. They stimulate blood circulation and cell turnover, so you'll be left with supple and vibrant skin. The best part is it is safe to use on your eye area and is entirely suitable for sensitive skin.

The Bamboo Charcoal Sponge is specifically designed for oily and spot prone skin. The activated charcoal in this sponge works to eliminate excess oils, clear blackheads and kill acne-causing bacteria. This sponge even removes water-based make-up. The Chamomile Sponge is ideal for those with hypersensitive skin. The Chamomile is hypoallergenic and calms the skin while purifying, soothing, and plumping the skin.  All of their sponges are vegan, animal cruelty-free and made with 100% natural materials.

These sponges are the original Konjac Sponges and are multi award winning. Purchase The Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Puff Sponge here for £8.99 and the Konjac Camomile Facial Puff Sponge here for £8.99.  


Our next little wonder product is the Exfolia Microexfoliation Beauty Cloth. This cloth is safe to use for all ages and on all skin types and will, in a few minutes,  leave your skin feeling smoother and looking radiant. Made without any chemicals or additives, the hypoallergenic cloth removes the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. This allows following serums and moisturisers to soak deeper into the skin and work more efficiently. 

This cloth is very soft to the touch and is gentle enough to use on baby skin. The Exfolia Beauty Cloth aids in repairing sun damage through skin regeneration and increases the elasticity of the skin for younger looking and healthier skin. This beauty cloth is washable and reusable and can be used 60-80 times before it needs to be replaced. To use just run under warm water and use with your facial cleanser for softer, cleaner and more radiant looking skin. It is our ideal product for a quick face wash in the morning.

Purchase your own Exfolia Microexfoliation Beauty Cloth here for £10.35


Next up, we have one of our favourite exfoliation cleansers, Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator. This creamy cleanser is perfect for all skin types but works particularly well for oily and combination skin. This cleanser is formulated with 97% all natural products and is filled with micro-grains, derived from corn, to gently scrub away dead skin cells without being too abrasive or irritating. Infused with grapefruit, mint and sweet orange to give the skin a burst of freshness and clarity while exfoliating, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Caudalie recommends only using this cleanser 1-2 times a week for a truly deep clean. When using the product, wet your face and neck with water before gently working the cleanser into your skin. As it scrubs away the skin’s impurities, the fresh scent of citrus and mint awaken your senses, transporting you to your own little spa in the comfort of your home.

Purchase the Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator here for £20.00

Our final exfoliator is a chemical exfoliant, but don't let the word 'chemical' scare you. Chemical exfoliants are a staple in any skincare guru's stash, and we never skip this in our routine. Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser contains Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic acids which work to dissolve dead skin cells that are just sitting on the skin's surface. The result is skin claritybrightness and improved cell turnover, unveiling a radiant complexion. This cleanser also incorporates physical exfoliants, and the Jojoba Beads gently polish, exfoliate and nourish the skin. A weekly beauty rendezvous with Murad’s exfoliating cleanser will result in unblemished smooth skin, making common issues like pores and uneven skin tone history. Murad is a pioneer in chemical exfoliants and was actually the first brand to use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in topical skincare, and this little gem is still one of the best.

Purchase Murad’s award winning exfoliating cleanser is here for £34 with free UK delivery.

We hope we've inspired you to get on the exfoliating bandwagon, or perhaps inspired you exfoliating experts for your next venture. If you haven't been able to tell, we are very into exfoliating and this concoction of methods keeps our complexions smooth and radiant.

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Peptide Eye Serum - Bea Skincare

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It's important to have an effective skin care routine, not just to help make our skin as bright and soft as possible, but because our skin first and foremost works as a barrier to unwanted infections. That’s why at The Amazing Blog we constantly like to remind ourselves and our audience to find a good skincare routine that suits them. We were excited when the brand Bea Skincare sent us two of their products.

The first product we received was a Gentle exfoliating cleanser. Cleansing your face is an essential step in any skin care regime as it helps prevent a buildup of unwanted dead skin cells. Not cleansing your face leaves skin more prone to oiliness, dryness and dullness.  Bea’s new skincare range focuses on an efficient, high-quality beauty range that is non-irritating to the skin and simple to use.  It is recommended that you cleanse your skin daily, once in the morning and evening. Doing so will eliminate dead skin cells and dirt, without over-drying your face. This product uses beneficial ingredients such as green tea to treat your skin.

The next step is the Peptide Eye Serum. If you're self-conscious about your under eyes, then this is the product for you. Once your skin is cleansed, you can apply this product gently under your eyes to reduce puffiness and remove dark circles. Similar to the cleanser, it's recommended that you use this product twice a day for best results. This product's key ingredients include vitamin B and hyaluronic acid.

These products are available to purchase you can get the cleanser here for £29.00 and the serum is also available here for £39.00.