Midnight Blue Calming Cream - Dear, Klairs

Here at The Amazing Blog we know that stress can have adverse effects on our skin. When you're working all day, it's impossible to avoid stress that may damage your complexion. That's why we were glad when Dear, Klairs, a brand from Korea, sent us their Midnight Blue Calming Cream. 

The cream is as blue as its name suggests. The main ingredients are Guaiazulene, Ceramide 3 and Centella Asiatica extract and that’s what's so special about this cream. Guaiazulene’s goal is to calm your skin from inflammation by regenerating damaged tissues and cells. It works with Eczema, sunburn or ulcerative skin disease. This herbal ingredients gives its blue colour to the cream while the Centella Asiatica extract is a major ingredient in ointments, working to prevent scarring.

The Midnight Blue Calming Cream is great for sensitive skin and we suggest using it regularly. Apply a small amount of cream on the damaged areas every morning and evening after your usual skincare routine. Following this, you are sure to be intensively hydrated and to have stimulated your cells. The cream leaves you with a delicate floral smell and a really soft skin. It does not feel greasy and absorbs fast.

Use a “little blue with a big impact” for your skin problems. Get the Midnight Blue Calming Cream from Dear, Klairs here for £ 21.90.